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Best Salt Water Pool System

Best salt water pool system. Having a private swimming pool in your house is quite gratifying, but there’s much more to it than basic cleaning.

You will also need to invest in various items such as pool covers, automatic pool cleaners and salt water pools for your pool.

The latter are incredibly expensive pieces of equipment which provide automatic upkeep to your pool compared with traditional pools which demand more of your time and attention.

A salt water system will ensure that you’re not constantly having to add chlorine by hand like with a traditional pool – they come as an automatic installation on specialised salt-water pools.

Unlike regular pools, these require you fill the water with extra large quantities of salt (also very expensive) and install a functioning salt-water cell which converts this into chlorine.

6 Best Salt Water Pool System

1. Pentair Salt Chlorine Generator Cell

pentair salt chlorine generator cell

The Pentair salt chlorine generators are reasonably priced and reliable, as well as easy to use.

An added feature allows you to monitor the pool’s water chemistry with a remote display and this particular model has an easy-to read digital LCD that lets you check electrolysis levels, see if it’s time to clean the cell and check on flow rate as well.

Maintenance is made simple too with a few buttons that allow you to quickly adjust chlorine production while ensuring the cell performs properly.

As well as being able to adjust cells yourself, by setting up a cleaning cycle, you can make sure your cell is both cleaned regularly and when necessary.

With this Intellichlor model from Pentair, you also get real-time measurements wired directly into your water chemistry system; enabling precise monitoring of key water chemistry parameters.

This design allows constant wicking of salt onto the cell surface, which means that no additional time is needed to distribute and dissolve salt into solution.

IntelliChlor automatically adds more salt at just the right rate without wasting any or over feeding the cells.

A convenient and easy to use up/down controller is located on top of system pump house inlet hose reel to easily adjust flow of solution while swimming in pool.

IntelliChlor salt chlorinators feature a unique floating cell design that allows for simple serviceability of cell cleaning whenever desired and always when needed! Cleaning can occur during pool operation for continuous sanitation.

2. Solaxx Saltron Salt Chlorine Generator

solaxx saltron salt chlorine generator

The Solaxx CLG10A is the ideal salt water generator for those of you with a pool that’s up to 20,000 gallons. It has a range of 3,000-3,500 ppm and generates 0.4 pounds per day.

If your pool measures around this size, you have probably already noticed that chlorine takes its toll on your eyes and smells terrible without fail.

This system will solve both of these problems as the amount of chlorine it produces is virtually undetectable while you swim!

Eye irritation will be practically nonexistent if you take advantage of this unit’s ability to produce hypoallergenic natural minerals which are much softer on human skin and eyes than chlorine.

This technology also effectively chlorinates big swarms of bacteria so your hair and skin will never be greasy again! The Solaxx CLG10A salt chlorinator is definitely built to last.

Its robust design features a commercial-grade titanium cell plate and a sturdy power supply that works flawlessly to produce pool water that’s completely smooth and totally risk-free of eye or skin irritation even when you go diving into the pool in your bathing suit.

Installation of this chlorinator is very simple, since it doesn’t require plumbing, which means you could have it up and running within an hour from the moment it arrives at your doorstep.

This chlorinator comes with a programmable digital timer and an option for self-cleaning operations.

3. INTEX Krystal Clear Saltwater System

intex crystal clear saltwater system

The Intex Krystal Clear is a great choice for anyone who cares about the environment and their own health and comfort when it comes to bathing.

It produces clean, smooth water for those who want something that’s good for their skin without having to compromise on convenience or affordability.

This model is powered by ECO technology, which cleans your pool in a very gentle manner by adding none of the nasty side effects linked to other methods of treating water.

The process of oxidation transforms ordinary H2O into potent oxidants, creating a fresh smelling ambiance while allowing you and your fellow bathers to enjoy crystal clear water every swim.

It’s an excellent alternative to more traditional options. The pool cleaner is made to be very compact and attractive with a sleek profile.

In addition, it comes with a simple-to-use control panel and indicator lights that provide information about any problems with the device like low salt or high pressure.

There is even an additional mode called “boost” when you really need to deep clean the pool, and there is a timer option for automatic functionality so you can let the cleaner do the work by itself.

The product comes with a 2-year warranty for reassurance too! It’s tempting to try to get as much out of your Intex swimming pool as possible, especially if you’ve invested in some expensive equipment like the Krystal Clear Saltwater System Model 26669EG!

4. Hayward AquaRite Salt Chlorination System

hayward aquarite salt chlorination system

Hayward spas feature a stunning array of shapes and sizes. There are spas to fit any taste or budget! The Hayward Retro plus spa whirlpool tub is ideal for those wanting to purchase their first spa.

It comes standard with 4 jets, chlorine tablet dispenser, plumbing system, therapeutic blower and pre-plumbed for water line hookup!

Installation can be easy in just about any backyard space including your existing concrete patio or hot tub deck or placed vertically on a simple paver stone pad.

Add a new dimension to your back yard; relaxing alone, with family, friends or loved ones. If you’re searching for the perfect tropical oasis look no further than your own back yard!

The Hayward W3AQR15 is a top of the line salt chlorination system that many reviewers are claiming to be one of the best.

You get both an excellent product and a review which will give you valuable insight into this product by having access to a variety of important information.

This specific chlorinator is sold as a set and contains three major components : the chlorination cell, the system, and the timer.

The most difficult part about setting up this particular product is apparently the process of loading up all three pieces necessary to use the installation kit.

Hayward offers a comprehensive range of pool automation systems with which this pump is compatible.

These systems enable more reliable control over various features such as chlorine control, constant water circulation and temperature control for healthier swimming conditions without ice-cold spots or too much heat.

6. ControlOMatic Saltwater Generation System

controlomatic saltwater generation system

The ChlorMaker DO is a key component of the ChlorMaker system (or chlorinator) which has three main components: two of the drape-over chlorine generating cells that generate chlorine in your swim spa, and the control panel that can be placed into your spa compartment or connected to the outside fittings.

The ChlorMaker DO will automatically produce chlorine on a 3 hour cycle so as to ensure you could maintain healthy water conditions and regulate ph levels within an acceptable range.

This device is easy to install and use, but it’s important to only use this with a swim spa. Other users have experienced problems when attempting to utilize this with other types of swimming pools or hot tubs.

This is a great option for a smaller pool or spa. It is available in two different sizes, but the cheaper one is a good deal larger than most of the others on this list; it can contain up to 17000 gallons of water!

This ControlOMatic is a little more expensive than some of the standalone units, but it’s still fairly priced. This saltwater chlorinator will keep your water clean while you’re away, and unlike many other models it has ten built-in power levels.

Simply plug in this unit and you’ll have instant access to cleanliness whenever you need it! The ControlOMatic also features built-in cleaning technology so you won’t have to constantly do some annoying maintenance cleaning.

7. BLUE WORKS Saltwater Generator Chlorinator

best salt water pool system in 2022

The BLH20 is very easy to use and will save you time and money on pool maintenance for years to come. This salt chlorine generator works off of small grains of natural salt to keep your swimming area safe from harmful elements.

Because there are no harsher chemicals or impurities involved in the making of this generator, it’s extremely friendly towards eyes and skin when properly used in water.

If a noticeably strong smell occurs when using this product, it is important to adjust your filter system so as not to completely neutralize all available antiseptics.

The installation process is simple but make sure the device is carefully plugged in nearby the filter until ready for use because putting it in an area where children might be able to reach will cause potential drowning hazards.

BLUE WORKS is a premium swimming pool solution for all Australians. Their Saltwater Generator Chlorinator has a maximum range of 1500 gallons of water capacity and comes with additional features that can help anyone maintain a beautiful pool.

In BLUE WORKS’ commitment to its customers, it has developed an astonishing product that comes backed with an impressive 2-year warranty period which is double the length of other brands at this price point.

Operating on the proven BLH20 chlorination system, their generator guarantees you increased longevity for many years to come.

The control panel also offers LED indicators for easy operation and maintenance throughout the year.


What type of inground pool is best for saltwater?

If you’re thinking about getting a saltwater pool, you should consider installing a fiberglass pool. Fiberglass swimming pools are an excellent choice for those looking to install an interactive water filtration system such as one that uses salt.

If you already have a pool and want to convert it into a saltwater pool, the installation of your unit will be made much easier.

Is a salt water pool system worth it?

Instead of spending most of your time working on the chemistry in your swimming pool to make sure it’s balanced and that levels are where they need to be, you have more free time to splashing around!

Many people pick a saltwater pool for it’s low-maintenance properties compared to regular chlorine pools. Saltwater pools don’t require as much chlorine, which makes it better for swimmers’ hair, skin and eyes but it also tends to be less harsh on pool toys and swimsuits.

How much does a salt water pool system cost?

The average cost to build a new salt water pool is $36,400. Saltwater pools typically run between $29,000 and $57,000 depending on the size and shape of the pool.

This price also includes a chlorination system that helps convert a saltwater pool from chlorine-based to saltwater-based – that can be purchased for as low as $600 or as high as $2200 depending on what type you choose.


Best salt water pool system. If you’re wondering what the best salt water pool systems are and which company to purchase them from, look no further. Today we’ve brought together some of the best options on the market that we found after searching through customer reviews and conducting our own research.

All of these systems are coming from well-known brands, so you can buy with confidence knowing that your money is being put towards quality products instead of something that might break mid-way through one season!

When it comes to buying a saltwater system for your auto swimming pool, there are a few things you need to know before making a purchase. The first important factor is the application needed for your pool system, whether it be residential or commercial. If you’re purchasing this system for your RV or boat, then you’ll want something designed specifically for these types of applications.

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