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Best Variable Speed Pool Pump

Best variable speed pool pump. Pools are essential investments, and you want to keep them looking great. Variable speed pool pumps can help reduce your operating costs to afford to stay in the water longer.

Though they may look complicated at first glance, they’re pretty simple to choose and install, saving you from spending money on professional installation.

However, it’s easy for a pool expert to recommend a pump out of self-interest for a higher fee.

6 Best Variable Speed Pool Pump

1. Pentair Best Pool Pump for Above Ground Pool

best pool pump for above ground pool

A Pentair IntelliFlo Variable Speed Pool Pump is the ideal, high-performing pump for any pool owner. Whether you need a backup, primary, or the absolute best pump on the market.

You’ll find that the IntelliFlo will more than get the job done—especially if you need installing services!

Paced at eight accelerated speeds, it comes with a control that allows users to set different levels of speed and energy usage throughout the day.

The pump runs four times quieter than comparable models, so it can be used in smaller spaces without causing disruption.

Customers rated its efficiency highly because they can save money on their monthly utility costs by pumping water only when it is needed.

It also includes an entry filter, preventing debris from entering the pump and interfering with operations. This feature makes the pump relatively flexible and easy to integrate into most water features, a huge plus.

On the downside, though, this pump has tortuous programming that’s difficult to predict without expert installation, hence the number of people who would benefit from expert installation to get it hooked upright.

2. Hayward Best Budget Variable Speed Pool Pump

best budget variable speed pool pump

The SP3206VSPVR 2.7 HP Variable-Speed Pump from Hayward TriStar VS Pump is an excellent choice for investing in a high-quality variable speed pump.

Its certification for energy efficiency distinguishes it from the competition. The certification means that users can expect to see actual, meaningful savings on their electricity bills every month.

And many electric companies even offer rebates for installing pumps with that certification, which can save you even more money.

It also has innovative technology that prevents suction entrapment even when no additional safety equipment is installed.

This model is easy to install relative to most pumps, and it’s straightforward to program as well, so it’s clear that Hayward focused a lot on consumer value when they created this product.

On the other hand, the PC-4525 is quite loud. Without an enclosure over the pump, it’s especially prominent. This makes it a poor choice for people who want a quiet tank but don’t have one yet.

People with enclosures will barely notice any sound at all, however, and most can hardly tell that a pump is present. If noise were not as much of an issue for some users, this pump definitely wouldn’t be last on this list.

3. XtremepowerUS Best Quality Variable Speed Pool Pump

best quality variable speed pool pump

XtremepowerUS 75035-1 is a well-known brand name that many homeowners immediately recognize. This company has been making quality swimming pool products over the past several years.

They have stuck to their excellent reputation by making products that last a long time. Immense amounts of power are supplied by the XtremepowerUS 75035-1, which allows it to handle any size of the pool.

The fan-cooled motor keeps the engine from overheating for maximum performance and makes sure that it is quiet during your swim in the pool.

The versatility of this variable-speed swimming pool pump can’t be beaten either. You can choose from eight different speeds depending on how much water you’d like to move around in your pool at any given time!

This product saves you money because it lowers the speeds of your pump when the collection is not in use. You will also notice this pump runs more quietly than other products in its class which typically have a sound output of 70db or more.

This is about 4 times quieter than a traditional fixed-speed pump. It can be integrated to work with an intelligent home system such as EasyTouch or Intellitouch so you can control all the water and electrical parts of your pool remotely.

However, you should note that programming a variable speed pool pump may be complicated at first.

4. Harris Best Variable Speed Pump for Small Pool

best variable speed pump for small pool

Harris Pumps are a highly reliable brand of pumps that can be used in any under-ground pool or above-ground pool, especially when you want to regulate your water flow perfectly.

This pump comes with a pre-filter that improves its performance levels and helps keep it clean at the same time. The fact that the pump is made with stainless steel makes it corrosion-resistant.

It does not rust due to exposure to harsh pool conditions such as rain, like most other pumps. The Harris In-Ground Pump VS 72522 also has a muscular build, making it more durable than others and withstand harsh environmental conditions.

This means you won’t need to buy another pump for another five years! This model features an operation panel that lets you easily navigate.

This means you can operate the pump without much effort from start to finish! This control panel offers several valuable features.

It has LED indicators that display helpful information such as water pump speed and the presence or absence of any alarms that may result from very high or low temperatures, voltage, or freezing.

By investing in this product, customers can enjoy peace of mind knowing their pool’s temperature is controlled correctly, and accidentally freezing will be prevented.

5. Hayward Best Variable Speed Pond Pump

best variable speed pond pump

If you are looking for a pump that will provide reliable service in your pool, this Hayward model is a top choice. Hayward pumps were designed with ease of use and efficiency in mind.

They perform well with large swimming pools and move water at cooler temperatures that reduce the amount of wear and tear on the motor itself.

This pump features an oversized strainer basket, contains up to 110 cubic inches of debris, and comes with a see-through cover.

The ultra-durable design and air conditioning capabilities result in a pump that can withstand years of heavy use. This high-quality product has been built to last!

Whether you choose the single-speed or dual-speed version, you have decided that it will be suitable for your family swimming excursions year after year.

Hayward’s Super Pump Single-Speed 1.5 HP Pool Pump is the standard of excellence among pool pumps across the globe.

The Hayward Super Pump has made waves for its heavy-duty, high-performance motor and airflow ventilation for quieter, more relaxed, more efficient operation for an in-ground pool or spa that you might have.

The Hayward Super Pump also features quicker servicing and maintenance with the 4-bolt access to all of its internal parts, not to mention its extra-large debris basket, particular swing-away knob.

A Noryl impeller – one of Hayward’s exclusive innovations – along with a see-through strainer cover which allows you to keep track of water levels at every moment which helps prevent flooding if left unattended to avoid any problems when backwashing later on down the line.

6. Pentair Best Variable Speed Pump for Large Pool

best variable speed pool pump in 2022

Pentair has a reputation for producing high-quality pool cleaning equipment, and the Pentair Sta-Rite 343001 SuperMax VS Pool Cleaner is no exception.

This powerful cleaner helps keep your pool looking great while saving money on energy costs. In addition, its specially-designed impeller continuously breaks down debris without posing risks of suction entrapment to swimmers like in older pumps.

So if you’re looking for the best way to keep your pool clean and make your money back, the Pentair Sta-Rite 343001 SuperMax VS is an affordable, convenient option that can’t be beaten!

The Pentair Sta-Rite 343001 SuperMax VS Variable Speed Pool Pump has been certified green for its energy-saving Eco Select distinction.

It is one of the most efficient variable speed pumps, rated at 3.2 horsepower. In addition, this product has been tested to use up to 55% less energy than comparable standard pool/spa pumps in an average-sized residential pool application to help conserve water and a whisper-quiet operation thanks to a built sound muffler.


What speed should a variable pool pump?

The gear in single-speed pumps rotates at 3,450 revolutions per minute. Conversely, variable speed pumps can run as low as 600 RPMs.

The reduced RPMs are a far more sanitary solution than a single-speed and much quieter in the process. One pump that has proven to be particularly effective with variable speeds is the Viega Duratherm V Series Cartridge Pump.

While they are affordable, they’re more than capable of getting the job done and are among some of the best that you can find on the market to help keep various clean-outs functioning efficiently for years to come.

Additionally, this option would work very well for tunnels, ponds, and lakes that require high flow rates and low maintenance costs.

How long do variable speed pool pumps last?

A poorly maintained swimming pool pump can sometimes last for just about five to eight years. However, if you’ve missed out on many critical pool services, you can sometimes expect it to fail sooner.

If your pool pump is more than a decade old and becomes more problematic by the day, it might be time to get a new one.


While it was challenging to select the best products from among those we tested, we had to choose our top three. The Pentair 011018 IntelliFlo, comes in first place for several reasons. One reason it is so popular is its simplicity.

This energy-efficient and versatile product can be found in many competitive device comparison charts. It also includes a 60-day warranty (with the option to extend it to a full year) and is compatible with other technological systems due to its 8 different speed settings. We also adored the Hayward TriStar VS W3SP3202VSP variable pool pump because it is so tiny!

Its on-board diagnostics, ENERGY STAR9 certification, and TEFC motor impressed us. This 3 HP variable speed pump can run for hours without making any noises or requiring any maintenance. Finally, the Harris In-Ground VS variable speed pool pump is the best of our value picks for best variable speed pool pumps . . This long-lasting pump is reasonably priced compared to similar products from other brands, and it’s ideal for medium to large swimming pools!

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