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Bugs In Michigan

Bugs in michigan. If you’re moving to Michigan and want to make sure your house isn’t infested with pesky bugs, then take a look at this list.

We will cover the most common bug types found in Michigan homes, what they look like, where they typically nip and have outlined some helpful tips for preventing them from taking up residence in your home.

Bugs In Michigan

There are several different types of assassin bugs in Michigan, but the most commonly encountered are ones in the genus Zelus.

The immature (nymph) stage of these bugs is tiny, green, and spotted.

1. Boxelder Bugs

boxelder bugs

Boxelder bugs emerge around Michigan homes during the autumn months. This bug is approximately half an inch long, black, oval-shaped, and there’s an orange stripe on their thorax and wings.

Boxelder bugs are considered a nuisance pest because they can swiftly enter the openings of your home when there are chances of you not being around to keep them out.

The baby boxelder bugs closely resemble the adults in shape but are bright red and black wings.

Bites from these critters aren’t poisonous or dangerous but may sting a bit or cause minor irritation upon contact with sensitive parts of the skin such as the eyes or nose.

2. Silverfish

silverfish bugs

In Michigan, silverfish do not have a specific season in which they prefer to enter your home. They can be there inside your home all year round if your home attracts them.

Silverfish are black, and their appearance is similar to that of a small shrimp with a scaled body and two antennas on its head. Their bodies are covered in scales, and their antennae have spikes at their end.

High levels of moisture, such as dampness in walls and floors, attract silverfish. These insects tend to prefer dark and humid places, so basements or attics are ideal for hiding.

Silverfish do not bite humans, nor do they live inside our homes out of choice like bed bugs. Instead, these insects, which lay eggs once a week (around 80 eggs per cycle), are food for other creatures, primarily spiders.

Therefore it’s crucial to maintain cleanliness inside your home to get rid of them by reducing dampness by fixing any water leakages, for example.

3. Black Carpenter Ants

black carpenter bees

With mild winters, black carpenter ants build up all over Michigan homes. Black carpenter ants are more significant than termites and have antennas longer than their bodies.

When you find these black ants in your home, you know that the moisture level is high and possibly rotting wood somewhere inside your house.

They use their strong jaws to chew through hardwoods for nest building.

Carpenter ants nest inside timbers and hollow wooden doors, so it is essential to check for water leaks regularly and fix them immediately.

4. Larder Beetles

larder beetles

During late summer and the beginning of fall, larder beetles start to prepare their winter quarters by looking for a tight-fitting place that doesn’t experience much temperature variation.

They usually look for warm homes with good airflow and no direct sunlight.

Several cracks and holes on both the exterior and interior walls of buildings provide an ideal habitat for larder beetles.

Inside your home, larder beetles search for food sources such as animal or dairy products like pet food, cheese, or butter.

Since they live in trees, wood floorings, or woodwork in houses also appeal to them, if you see them passing through your home’s door, they’ve laid eggs in those areas.

5. Tiny Black Flying Bugs

tiny black flying bugs

These tiny flying insects can be a pest in any home, not just those found in Michigan.

Mosquitoes happen to be the most well-known outdoor pest, with infestations appearing in Lansing and Ann Arbor during the summer months.

However, other “pests” can occur in your homes – such as ants or moths, for example.

People often don’tdon’t notice when these tiny creatures get into their homes because they disappear before being seen by the human eye.

People often think of “pests” as just another bug problem, but it is more complicated than that.


What causes Boxelder bugs to infest Michigan homes?

Boxelder bugs get their name from the boxelder tree. They’reThey’re attracted to indoor warmth. They live outdoor and survive near their food sources: boxelder trees, maple, and ash trees.

Feeding on plants’ hollow stems during summer, they gather for indoor shelter during winter. Boxelder bugs suck sap from the leaves, twigs, and new seeds of these plants.

House owners should be aware of this insect when creating a habitable home with no boxelder bug inside it.

What causes larder beetles to infest Michigan homes?

Larder beetle is attracted to your home for several different reasons. They draw these pests by the smell of dead insects, mortal animal remains, and other decaying food products.

Larder beetles can also become a problem if you have an outdoor compost area where you manage to collect left behind food waste that perhaps has been sitting there for some time already.


Bugs in michigan. There are a lot of bugs creeping about Michigan homes, but here are some of the most prevalent ones you should know about. In addition to these common bugs in Michigan, residents have seen centipedes, strawberry root weevils, sowbugs, and no-see-ums inside of their houses as well lately.

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