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Best Above Ground Pool Heaters

Best above ground pool heaters. As swimming season approaches, people take the time to inspect and clean out their pools. It’s not just a matter of getting the water ready for use either.

You also have to get rid of the built-up algae layers that are stuck to the walls and floor of your pool. One way to do this is by installing an above ground pool heater so you can enjoy an early swim!

Above-ground heaters effectively make your pool thoroughly heated, from top to bottom, so you can all dive in and enjoy a refreshing dip in your own backyard without having to worry about being chilly or getting burned.

There are many different kinds of heaters available for above ground pools, but we’ve compiled a list of our favorites for you here!

6 Best Above Ground Pool Heaters

1. SunHeater Solar Pool Heater

sunheater solar pool heater

The SunHeater S12OU is an excellent option for heating up an aboveground pool. It’s a cheaper model, so some users with larger pools couldn’t handle the amount of wattage that comes from this device.

When this was the case, many opted for the Smartpool 2XS25GPA-SP 25000 Sqft Fiberglass Pool Heater (which is actually double the price).

The drawback to buying something like this is that it will require more work since it needs to be installed in quite a few places around your pool before you can even use it.

This can seem very difficult if you don’t have any prior experience with installing large appliances or expensive electronics.

It seems as though SunHeater included all of the information to properly install their heater; they just didn’t include a wiring diagram or anything very specific about it.

Thesebest above ground pool heaters are a fast and efficient way to provide your pool with warm water regardless of weather conditions outside.

Liquid Heat Shield technology coats the entire panel, preventing any heat from being lost due to evaporation while locking in more of the sun’s rays. It works well with above ground as well as in ground pools.

Simply follow the steps outlined in our simple how-to guide available on this page and feel free to watch our helpful instructional videos – one for installing the panels, another for removing them quickly and easily.

2. GAME SolarPRO Curve Pool Heater

game solarpro curve pool heater

The GAME SolarPRO Curve has a lot of wonderful features that make it the ideal pool heater to choose over other models including efficient heating tools such as built-in heat traps and heat wraps.

Because this unit utilizes passive heating, you can save a lot of money using this pool heater rather than using a gas-powered or electric heater.

This best above ground pool heaters is designed with manual controls so you can easily adjust its settings without having to go outside on your deck.

The biggest downside to this model is that it’s particularly small for the cost, so if you have a larger pool or an in-ground one, you may need to opt for something bigger.

However, if your only real concern is raising your temperature just five degrees in four days (temperature depends on water volume) to combat cold temperatures and pool cover installation, then GAME SolarPRO Curve will work for youThe GAME solar pool heater helps prolong your swimming season by maintaining your pool’s ideal water temperature.

This efficient product is outfitted with adjustable heat ports to help save space and let you customize the layout.

The clear cover ensures that no area is left unexposed to the sun’s rays and locks in warmth for a more comfortable swimming experience. It is waterproof, relatively lightweight and easy to maintain.

The sturdy structure allows it to be used with most above-ground or inground pools, though some parts must be customized for each pool type.

3. Kokido Above Ground Pool Water Heater

kokido above ground pool water heater

The Kokido Keops Pool Heater with Solar Kit is a great small pool heating system. This heater comes at a very good value price and gets the job done efficiently for those who are on a budget.

The Solar Dome Water Heater is designed to heat water via natural sunlight, and it can also be set up to work in conjunction with your above-ground pool’s existing filtration system.

Like most inexpensive solar heaters, it doesn’t have any way to store its own energy, so don’t expect any instantaneous temperature changes in the pool water.

It has an adjustable mount that can help you get the most out of your sun rays during winter months or overcast summer days as well.

This Solar Dome by Kokido Keops is the ultimate in above ground pool heaters. It is cost effective, environmentally friendly and has an integrated rack to make sure you get the maximum sun exposure to keep your pool warm all year round.

Whether you have a small above ground pool or an enormous one, you can attach additional heaters for larger swimming pools to ensure maximum heating savings.

Integrated into the underside of this heater is a nylon skirt that helps achieve a powerful suction effect when fitting it to any traditional filter pump or foot pump.

As well as providing great sun exposure and getting rid of extra light which usually gets reflected on your water surface.

This durable solar heater enables you to extend your swimming period for weeks longer into the fall and winter seasons than simply using a traditional solar blanket or expensive pool heater system.

4. FlowXtreme Flat-Panel Pool Solar Heater

flowxtreme flat-panel pool solar heater

The FlowXtreme NS 1002 seems like a good product choice for pool owners with basic needs. It’s relatively economical as far as solar heaters go, and it gets the job done.

However, this valve is designed to have water flow into the unit through one pipe then back out into the pool through another.

This won’t really provide you with any substantial swimming pool heating, but it’s still better than not using a heater at all!

With its unique design however, there are some things that must be kept in mind during installation so as to ensure proper working performance.

You will want to set up the valve so that water flows in and then straight back out without suffering any losses in between.

It also wouldn’t hurt to set up a pump on your return trail because otherwise water will actually be flowing away from your pump at times which can cause overheating issues if you don’t monitor the temperature over time.

This high-powered best above ground pool heaters captures the sun using solar energy that is magnified and streamed via a network of tubes, that when connected to your pool’s filtration system will warm up an estimated 30% more water for you to swim in.

The process is simple, with everything needed included in the set-up kit, so anyone can install it themselves within minutes.

It connects readily with 1.25 – 1.5-inch plumbing connections, which means it can be fitted to one’s current setup fairly easily.

5. Hayward Universal Gas Pool Heater

hayward universal gas pool heater

Hayward’s H-Series is the best heater for pools and spas. The H-Series pool heaters offer exceptional protection from corrosion & premature failure caused by unbalanced water chemistry, providing premium heating performance season after season.

Hayward’s H-Series boasts industry leading hydraulic performance coupled with lightning fast speed to heat capability.

In fact, you’ll spend less time waiting and more time swimming because it heats up quickly! The H-Series pool heaters meet air quality standards in all low NOx areas so your family can swim with peace of mind knowing they’re having a minimal effect on the environment.

Hayward manufactures a range of high performance heaters that are designed to be effective year round so that you can control the length of your swim season.

They also help deliver greater comfort than other standard electric heaters by radiating consistent warmth throughout your pool or spa, and if you ever think about upgrading to a new unit, Hayward’s Universal H-Series heaters have all of their vital parts made from corrosion resistant.

These best above ground pool heaters deliver reliable, fast heating performance, providing enough warmth to heat up your room in no time. It works efficiently and lasts a lot longer than many other types of portable space heaters.

6. Goplus Pool Heater Above Ground

best above ground pool heaters in 2022

This water heater boasts a unique dome design that is better equipped for heat transfer than conventional solar systems.

By eliminating the need to leave yard space for solar panels, families are now able to enjoy hot showers and baths in this waterproof unit.

Its easy installation allows each family to sit back and relax once it’s hooked up without having to worry about how it works.

When using, please prop up the two legs to align with the sun in order to maximize efficiency as well as save up some space when not being used as the legs can be folded on the bottom of the system.

These best above ground pool heaters are specially designed to heat your pool on a day-to-day basis. It’s equipped with a domed cover which works alongside the Metal Strip Heating element in order to keep Floridians cool and warm when one isn’t shaved.

This solar dome heater is made of water proof material to keep small children and animals safe from harm, in addition to its ability to resist heat at temperatures up to 200°F as well as impact from falling objects such as hail or rock based.

This special Solar Pool Heater in 12 different sizes to suit all swimming pools here in Jacksonville. Anywhere that’s outdoors and sunny is where you can be certain our product will shine!

This product is a water heater which uses the heat from the sun to provide an endless supply of warm water; it works by using a magnifying glass dome-shaped lens to concentrate the rays and capture them with black coils. These coils then circulate the pool water through themselves.


Is an above ground pool heater worth it?

These are a little pricier than other types of heaters and they can be unwieldy as well. But they heat the water so quickly and efficiently that many people choose to buy them because it doesn’t matter how cold it is outside – your pool will be warm and inviting!

These are some of the most energy-efficient pool heaters since they can operate completely on chemicals.

Which is better for a pool: a heat pump or a gas heater?

Heat pump pool heaters are more expensive than gas pool heaters, but they have lower operating expenses on average due to their higher energy efficiency.

Heat pump units survive longer than gas systems when properly maintained and used. As a result, you will be able to save more money in less time!

What is the quickest method for heating a pool?

In order to speed up the heating process of your swimming pool you can either use a gas pool heater or a solar cover- but be sure to get liquid solar cover so your water doesn’t get heated too fast!

You can still use both if you want even faster heating. On a final note, try to avoid the microwave because it will severely damage the taste of your coffee.

Will black plastic heat my pool?

Warm water absorbs more heat than cold water which is why in colder climates people typically use black pipes and black garbage bags to keep their pools warm.

This can be a good solution, but the preferred method is to place large sheets of thick black plastic over your pool. The thicker the better as they will provide warmth as they absorb heat from the sun’s rays.


We hope this blog post has helped you find an above ground pool heater to get you prepared for the start of the swimming season. Check out our other blogs for more information on swimming pool equipment, cleaning supplies, and more!

Thank you for reading and we hope you have a great day!

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