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Why does my microwave spark

Why does my microwave spark. It’s normal for your oven to spark inside. When an oven sparks, most people conclude that there is something wrong with their oven and call for a repairer or throw it away altogether.

However, this doesn’t usually do any good or help you. You’re better off inspecting what happened and spending some time figuring out ways to prevent this from happening again in the future rather than making crucial decisions that will seriously impact your ability to cook food with your device!

Why Does My Microwave Spark

Why does my microwave spark 2022 fix

We will discuss here the causes of sparking the microwave.

Metal in the Microwave

Always remember never to put metal in the microwave. This can be quite a peculiar statement, but it is true. Metal and electromagnetic waves aren’t good partners as they don’t like each other.

They are arch nemeses. When metal is in your microwave, sparks appear to be created, turning back into electricity, causing a light show.

The reason why microwave fire is because metal inside the oven and even tiny shavings of steel wool left behind after cleaning can cause sparking in your microwave oven.

Broken Waveguide Cover

As with many other cooking appliances, the microwaves used by your microwave oven are projected from the unit through a waveguide cover at the top of the machine.

This waveguide cover protects your device’s internal circuitry from steam, splatter, and even food particles. The waveguide cover is also there for extra insulation – if you don’t place enough distance between your food and your walls when cooking.

Because this part protects every system within your microwave, it’s important that if you find steam coming out or particles being ejected through the vents in this panel.

It could indicate that a waveguide cover failure has occurred. If any sparking comes into contact with these contaminants, it can cause a fire.

Faulty Diode

Faulty Diode

The least likely reason that your microwave is sparking is faulty diodes.

If you find yourself with a sparking microwave and have no idea why; your first step should be to ensure that it doesn’t have a faulty diode.

Your microwave uses diodes to create the electromagnetic field needed for it to function properly.

If one or more of the diodes no longer produce an electromagnetic field, you should expect sparks. Your microwave will likely stop working altogether too!


Is it bad if your microwave catches fire?

When sparks come out of the microwave, it can be alarming, and you might feel like panicking. Do not worry because this is very common.

Sparking inside the microwave means your appliance’s frequency has overpowered the food, causing a rapid mixture of electrons that are sent back in a flash from inside.

The best thing to do is press stop immediately, then open up your microwave to figure out why your machine decided to turn into a light bulb bomb going off at a moment’s notice.

Why is my microwave sparking when there is no metal in it?

If there’s no metal inside the microwave, check the waveguide cover. Is a small panel inside the thicker side at the top of your microwave?

If it looks damaged or cracked, that may have been the cause. You’ll need to order a replacement waveguide, then unplug your microwave and replace it carefully.


Although microwaves are usually considered a quick and convenient solution, they can be the source of many complications. Different foods react differently to the energy given off by microwaves, which is why some people sometimes report unusual sparks and sparks in their food. Hopefully, you have found the information above to be insightful!

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