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Microwave Wont Turn Off

Microwave wont turn off. Microwaves are a necessity in the kitchen. They help so many people who have busy schedules cook healthier and faster.

When microwaves stop functioning properly, it can be quite annoying and costly if you cannot repair or replace them as they work.

One way this can happen is when they won’t turn off at any given time. This problem happens less frequently, but it’s still key to determine what may be causing microwave failure and how to fix it before certain safety mechanisms are triggered.

Microwave Wont Turn Off

microwave wont turn off 2022 solution

We will discuss here the causes of why the microwave won’t turn off.

1. Faulty Control Board

If your microwave does not turn off when you open the door but does turn off when you push the power or stop buttons on the control panel, there may be a problem with your control board or control panel.

To help you troubleshoot potential issues, you can find a handbook for your model here. Unplug your oven and remove the faceplate to test the control board.

On the control board, some relays should turn off automatically when an action completes on its own.

Check the terminals of each relay with a multimeter for continuity; if one of them is not working properly, there should be no continuity at all. If they are all in good working order, your circuit board may need replacement.

2. Faulty Door Switch

If you open the microwave door and it continues to run, there is a problem with the microwave door switch. The microwave door switch provides electricity to the microwave when it is closed but has broken connectivity when it is open.

To determine if this is the case, use a multimeter to verify the continuity of the wires leading to your microwave door switch.

When the door switch on your microwave is damaged, there will be no continuity in “Cook” mode and open, but it should stay on when closed.

Some of these multimeters will display connect regardless of how it is tested; therefore, ensure each wire pair is tested for continuity independently to avoid an incorrect reading for all teams.


How do you fix a microwave that won’t turn off?

Remove the cabinet and unplug the unit. Check for continuity between the relay output terminals if the relays are not on the control board.

As long as you don’t have a relay that doesn’t operate when it’s not powered, regardless of whether there’s a problem with the control or power board, it would help if you didn’t have a relay that doesn’t work when it’s not powered.

Both parts must be verified to ensure they are not damaged; typically, if one part is discovered to be problematic, the other part will be as well!

Why does the microwave keep running when the door is closed?

Unplug your microwave if it is operational with the door closed for safety reasons. A defective control unit on the microwave board is the most common cause of a microwave that functions without an open door.

A faulty interlock switch will disrupt this operation and cause other electrical issues by stopping you from using the controls.


Microwave ovens have a unique feature many do not realize is there. Microwaves move very fast and will vibrate in any metal they come into contact with, causing friction. This causes incredibly hot air to circulate your food when it is heating up, making most people think the appliance is on fire when it’s just the microwave doing its job! Interestingly, some models come with an auto-shutoff feature after 10 minutes. Still, it’s always best practice to double-check with your instruction manual before operating your appliance for the first time.

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