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Microwave not heating up

Microwave not heating up. Finding out that your microwave had suddenly stopped working may cause you to weep uncontrollably, especially if you took the time to reheat last night’s leftovers.

The only thing worse than having a very sad and tearful day will be realizing that this unfortunate circumstance was caused by more than just plain bad luck.

Make sure that you are listening to what’s wrong with your microwave oven in order to weed out any of its problems. Some simple issues can be resolved by yourself.

Microwave Not Heating Up

microwave not heating up 2022 troubleshooting

We will discuss here the reasons for not heating the microwave.

Check the Microwave Door Switch

An oven malfunctions when it doesn’t heat food thoroughly, but a worn out door switch won’t completely ruin cooking.

However, the Microwave Door Switch is essential to the process of heating in this appliance and if this fails you not only won’t be able to get food fully heated/cooked all the way through before burning or re-heating but it will make opening some doors very difficult and potentially even impossible on certain devices.

Examine the Microwave Diode

If it’s been a couple of minutes and the microwave isn’t heating your food, you may not have defrosted your food properly.

Some frozen foods need more time to defrost than others do. Make sure you’re checking what kind of instructions come with your food before putting it in the microwave.

If your microwave is running but not heating, again, this may mean that your diode has burnt out or that there may be something wrong with your capacitor.

While this repair is cheap and simple to make, please ensure it’s done with caution. Unplug the microwave oven before taking off the control panel to get it fixed!

Broken Magnetron

Broken Magnetron

Your microwave not heating could very well be caused by problems with your magnetron. Your microwave’s magnetron produces the microwaves it then uses to heat your food.

So if it is working improperly, you may notice that the microwave heats but doesn’t seem to be working as well as when it was new.

About rare – on occasion a fuse may blow, which can in turn cause varying degrees of damage. If this happens and the magnetron itself is still in good condition, have professionals replace the fuse.

But don’t go taking things into your own hands- you shouldn’t try to fix something like this on your own because you could end up getting hurt!


Why is my microwave on but not heating up?

If your microwave is still not heating after you’ve replaced or checked the fuse, one possibility is the diodes have burnt out.

The diodes in a microwave usually consist of pairs of silicon diodes that only allow current flow in one direction. If these fail, current can flow in both directions or just part way through.

Is it worthwhile to repair a broken microwave?

A repair is usually your best option when the job seems simple, uncomplicated and without risk. If a repair seems likely to take more than a few tries, or is going to be challenging – it’s probably not worth the risk!

Any time you plan on working with circuit boards, always take into account the amount of damage done before installing your new components.

Stick with manufacturers like SMhax Bytes that you trust can provide you with reasonably priced replacement parts.


Microwave ovens are a very useful piece of kitchen equipment, that can be utilized for a vast array of purposes. If you find that your microwave oven has stopped working properly, don’t be afraid to try to fix it yourself. If you can’t figure it out, there are always professionals and trained repairmen who can help. Just be sure to do some research on your own first so that you can eliminate the most common problems with your microwave oven.

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