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How to clean a blender glass jar

How to clean a blender glass jar. Glass is a stain-resistant material that can quickly become damaged with cleaning methods that are too harsh.

In this case, it sounds as though the glass is not stained, but the surface has been scratched by using steel wool while cleaning.

The abrasion from the steel wool leaves tiny scratches that dull the appearance of the surface. The only way to repair it is to have it re-covered – there’s no way to just patch and repair spots on a motor cover.

If you have damaged motor covers, it’s best to have them re-covered or buy new ones altogether.

In the future, avoid using any abrasive materials to clean your blender jar. Over time they will cause scratches and scrapes that will leave it dulled with a filmy appearance.

When cleaning your blender jar, use the steps below for great results every time.

How To Clean A Blender Glass Jar

guide on how to clean a blender glass jar

Things You’ll Need

  • Hot Water
  • Liquid Soap
  • Scrubbing Brush
  • Piece of Cloth

1. Fill out the sink with hot water.

2. Mix some liquid soap in it.

3. Remove the blades from the blender jar.

4. Dip the blender jar in warm water in the sink.

5. Using a piece of cloth, thoroughly clean the inner and outer surface of the blender jar.

6. If there are any additional hard stains, gently rub the scrubbing brush on the jar’s surface. 

Note: Use the brush gently as needed; otherwise, it will leave scratches.

7. Still, if there are stains, pour some bleach in the jar and use a brush to scrub the inner surface.

8. Rinse the jar in clean water.

9. Leave it to fresh air and let it dry.

Tips for Keeping Blenders Clean and Fresh

Tips for Keeping Blenders Clean and Fresh

In addition to the following general tips, you may wish to check your owner’s manual for particular cleaning recommendations.

Blender lids often come apart into two parts. Check your owner’s manual to see if yours does. Take apart both parts of the top and clean them separately.

Use this method to get any stuck-on food out from between the cracks of your blender’s lid so you can avoid clogs when blending for your family later tonight.

Avoid letting it soak in the water for too long when hand-washing your jar blender. Blender jars are often made of glass or plastic and can warp when exposed to warm water for too long.

It’s also not advisable to put your jar blender into a dishwasher as this too exposes it to potentially dangerous detergents and hot water.

A blender can trap smells. To prevent this, do not store smelly items in it. If your blender has developed an odour, you can get rid of the scent by blending a one-to-one ratio of baking soda and water before washing the blender usually.


Is it safe to use a mason jar on a blender?

Many people use mason jars for smoothies or protein shakes and have them sitting in their cupboards wondering why they aren’t being used. Mason jars are usually of decent quality, but you have to make sure the blade fits the pot!

What is the safety precaution of a blender?

Never place the blender cover on when the motor is running. Unplug the blender and remove all covers first before using a utensil or spatula to mix contents.

Never place your hand in a blender unless it has been switched off first, either by unplugging it or waiting for safety features such as a kill switch to kick in. Finally, never use a blender with a frayed cord!

How can we prevent injuries in a blender?

How to clean a blender glass jar. Never submerge the motor from any blender in water or other liquid to reduce the risk of electrical shock.

Unplug when not in use and keep out of reach from young children because some accidents happen when moving a stationary appliance off an edge of a counter, for instance.

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