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Whirlpool convection oven fan not working

Whirlpool convection oven fan not working. Convection ovens can be a great asset to any kitchen. The fan helps to cook food more evenly, which is always a positive.

If you have come to rely on your convection oven for all of your cooking needs, it can be very disruptive and frustrating when the fan breaks.

If your convection oven fan is no longer working or is making a lot of noise, you will need to troubleshoot the problem. Fortunately, convection ovens are easy to understand, so it should not be difficult to fix the issue.

Whirlpool convection oven fan not working

whirlpool convection oven fan not working 2022 guide

We will discuss here the causes of not working the convection oven fan.

Faulty Heating Elements

The fan in a convection oven is powered by its own heating element. If this element is faulty, the easiest problem to diagnose is that the oven will circulate cold air rather than warm air.

Your oven may still get warm because there are typically two elements that provide heat. However, you will be able to tell the difference because when the fan is blowing, the air will not be hot.

The convection element is usually located at the top of the oven tub or in the back wall of some models. You can tell where it is by looking for vents leading to the fan area.

Before attempting to remove any panel inside your oven, always remember to shut off the power by unplugging the oven or turning it off at your circuit breaker.

Faulty Motor or Fan

If your oven’s fan isn’t working, it’s probably a problem with the fan itself or the motor that turns it. To check, you need to remove the top panel and look at the fan.

If it’s dirty, it may be obstructed, causing it to not turn. However, to reach the motor, you need to remove the back panel or the panel on the outside behind where the fan is located.

If the fan isn’t dirty or obstructed, the motor is probably the cause of non-function. You can test it for continuity with a multimeter and replace it if necessary.

Dirty Fan filter

dirty fan filter

Oftentimes, the best way to fix a clogged convection oven is by cleaning the fan filter. Your oven’s fan filter is likely a metal mesh that has become backed up with grease, cheese, and dripped sauce over time.

If the filter is clogged, then air can’t circulate properly. As a result, your convection oven won’t work correctly.

The best way to troubleshoot this issue is to remove the filter (by releasing any locking tabs and sliding it out of the tracks), soak it in hot water mixed with dish soap, and scrub it clean with a dish brush. Afterward, dry the filter and put it back in place.


What is the cost of replacing an oven fan?

A fan is a crucial part of an oven, and if it breaks, it can cause a lot of problems. You might see hot spots, the oven getting too hot, or the whole oven breaking down.

Replacing a fan costs between $100 and $275, so it’s important to keep an eye on your fan and to call a repairman if you think there might be something wrong with it.

Should I turn on the oven fan?

When you turn on your oven, you expect the fan and heating element to work together to evenly distribute heat.

But if there’s a problem with either the fan or the heating element, it can interfere with how well your oven heats up.


Whether you have recently purchased a new convection oven or you have had one for a while, it is important to know how to care for it properly. Convection ovens are not that hard to maintain. As long as you clean it regularly and keep an eye on it while it is in use, your convection oven should last a long time. If you have any questions about this topic or anything else, please leave a comment below!

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