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How To Make Plastic Tablecloths Look Nice

How to make plastic tablecloths look nice? When deciding where to spend your money on home improvement, the living room and kitchen are classic spaces that homeowners consider renovations to with good reason.

These two rooms have a lot of use, especially when hosting family gatherings or formal dinner parties! That being said, though, if you’re still unsure about tearing out the old linoleum flooring in favor of vinyl tiles.

For example, then there are some advantages and disadvantages of choosing this upgrade that might convince you otherwise.

How To Make Plastic Tablecloths Look Nice

different ways to make plastic tablecloths look nice

Plastic tablecloths are a good alternative to their fabric-based counterparts and can also serve as an economical choice for your restaurant or cafeteria.

They’re easy to clean, inexpensive, and durable. Here are some ways on how to make plastic tablecloths look nice:

1. Wrapping Paper

Next time you’re throwing a birthday party, don’t spend a lot of money on paper or vinyl tablecloths because they probably won’t match the rest of your theme, and anyway, wrapping paper is cheaper, lasts longer, and you can use it over again.

Buying larger rolls will be more efficient in terms of how long they keep and how much they cost but if you are using small rolls, then make sure to measure each one out individually to get the best coverage.

Generally, this method isn’t only effective for saving money, but it’s also a great way to add some color and personality to an otherwise dull-looking table.

2. Kraft Paper

Kraft paper is another affordable option for the tablecloth alternative. Unlike wrapping paper, it doesn’t offer a shiny finish and has a worn-out look to it instead.

Kraft paper can be drawn with crayons or markers. It gives your party guests the autonomy to have some fun and write down any thoughts they might have about the party!

This also makes for great memorabilia since your party guests can add their impression of the gathering onto something that they are often responsible for – a tablecloth.

3. Rustic Wooden Boards

Whether you want to cover the entire surface of your tabletop or place a board under each dish, rustic wooden boards are the most charming way to add casual appeal to your table.

For an instantly painterly finish that doesn’t skimp on anchoring, get creative and paint your wooden boards in bold hues and pair with a bold tablecloth (it’s okay if the lines between the two aren’t always perfect).

To resist heat damage and keep things in place, try Blu Tack at the bottom of each slab to keep it from slipping or sliding around when placed on top of tables.

4. Table Runner

If you don’t want to cover your table with a fitted sheet completely, consider a table runner. This alternative to fitted sheets comes in handy for many occasions, such as weddings and everyday dining.

Runners are highly stylish and add a splash of color to any table. As an added benefit, runners protect the actual table from damage caused by hot plates.

These affordable alternatives will give your dining room or kitchen the added texture and color that it needs for that traditional, elegant look without breaking the bank!

And this helpful product can be found anywhere from home stores like Walmart to local merchants like Target.

5. Fitted Sheets

Fitted sheets are a no-brainer as tablecloth alternatives. A single fitted sheet can cover a vast area. These sheets are not as expensive as tablecloths, plus they come in tons of patterns and colors to match your occasion.

This makes them the ideal alternative for indoor or outdoor parties, especially at significant events where you have hundreds or even thousands of guests attending.

Unlike a tablecloth, fitted sheets don’t slip off the table quickly, plus they can be washed in the washing machine and reused.

6. Curtain

There are so many different uses for draperies. They can easily be made into tablecloths, making it possible to completely change the look and feel of your living room or other rooms in your home.

Beautiful curtains come in all different styles and fabrics. Consider using sheer fabrics if you have a more informal event planned, like a wedding. For more formal dining, thicker drapes in a gorgeous fabric work best.

No matter what style you pick out for your room, the important thing is that whatever you choose goes with the rest of your decor to help create an atmosphere that’s lovely and relaxing.

7. Placemats

Placemats are ideal for events like weddings or family dinners. This kind of tabletop decor can make your dining area more formal, adding polish to your table.

Placemats tend to be more interesting looking than generic table runners, so that you could place those on either end of the rectangular table.

You might have a themed dinner party with decorations that match the placemats you choose, but wood is an excellent option if you’re planning on having multiple colors in each setting.

Plastic also works well if you plan to add candles to your table or want something simple like black and white polka dots when throwing a cocktail party.

8. Rug

Who said rubes are just for the floor? Use them to decorate your dining room table – even the top of it!

Bonus Tip: To ensure that your setting doesn’t resemble something out of the 80s, try sticking with a tight-weave rug or even a large placemat under each plate.

Just don’t use a thick carpet, as things may get noisy underneath everyone’s plates.

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