How Much Weight Can Drywall Hold

How much weight can drywall hold. Have you just finished building your new house and can’t wait to decorate? So you get all your tools ready, but before you go on your overhauling mission.

It’s critical to first use some proper techniques for prepping the surface so that its walls can hold up heavy wall hangings and other household decorations.

Typical drywall can typically hold up to 1.6 pounds per square foot without any extra support, and thicker drywall can often hold upwards of 2 pounds per square foot without additional reinforcement needed.

If you do use the correct screws and backing, though, your drywall might be able to support as much as 100 pounds!

How Much Weight Can Drywall Hold

guide in how much weight can drywall hold

Here are the factors which determine the weight of drywall:

Drywall Thickness

Drywall is one of the cheapest methods for separating a room into individual spaces. It comes in many different thicknesses, so you have to know what consistency you need before purchasing drywall.

Thicker drywall can support more weight, and it’sit’s likely to last longer than thinner drywall, although the price is typically higher.

Luckily, some factors that you should consider are load capacity, cracks or holes in your wall, and how the materials will be mounted.

Drywall is made from recycled paper, additives, and gypsum, which is pressed together to make a panel before it’sit’s covered with multiple layers of other paper types to create paneling for covering walls or ceilings.

Weight Capacity of Nails on Drywall

The most robust nails can hold up to 20 pounds in weight, but there is no guarantee on how long the pins will remain between drywall lining and studs.

After all, drywall lining isn’tisn’t nearly as durable or structurally sound as plaster or concrete when it comes to carrying various loads.

For this reason, even small objects you hang with nails may eventually fall sooner than you’d expect! As such, using a stud to support your pin is the best long-term solution for most wall hangings.

In vertical drywall lining and studs, an anchor-supported nail can easily hold up to 100 pounds!

Weight Capacity of Drywall Ceiling

weight capacity of drywall ceiling

When you need to hang things on your ceilings, such as a large chandelier or ceiling fan, be sure that the drywall can hold the amount of weight that’s added.

You will have to reinforce the ceiling before hanging big objects on it. When you use joists to support the extra weight, you can hang up to 30 pounds on drywall.

However, this isn’t a good idea for anything heavier than 50 pounds. Instead, you will need to double-up your ceiling joists when the weight exceeds 50 pounds — this is essential for safety reasons.

How can I Hang Heavy Objects on Drywall?

Larger and heavier items typically require evenly spaced hangers. For example, a 2-foot wide mirror weighing 80 pounds will require three self-drilling screws one foot apart to hold the heavy object.

Alternatively, if you cannot find a stud, you can use one toggle bolt on each end of the mirror. Commonly toggle bolts like this would be used with anchors instead, as when applying them to drywall, they are not as secure.

But we want people to save money here, so feel free to alter it for your own needs if that isn’t an issue for your situation.


How much weight can drywall hold. Drywall might look delicate, but it’sit’s quite strong. When you need to hang something heavy, and it can’tcan’t go directly on your walls.

You can use drywall anchors (molly bolts) as a safety measure to attach the object securely on the wall. There are different kinds of drywall anchors, like those with wings and those without wings.

But regardless of the type you decide to utilize, it is best to use a 1/2 inch thick anchor in conjunction. Place one at either end of what needs anchoring.

This will ensure that your item will be held securely without making any puncture marks or causing any damage or cracks on the wall.

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