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Why Does My Tv Turn ON By Itself

Why does my tv turn on by itself? Something terribly irritating that can happen in the middle of the night is to hear the sound of your TV. What now? The TV just powered itself back on and left you frustrated and confused.

This is a fairly common situation, and its cause is common a simple problem and will not be too challenging to resolve.

Please remember that this solution is only applicable if it has happened on precisely one occasion, as you wouldn’t want to do something like unplugging every appliance in your home nightly!

This article will tell you how to solve this problem so it will not happen again.

Why Does My Tv Turn ON By Itself

guide on why does my tv turn on by itself

Sometimes our TVs turn on in the middle of the night, and we wonder why, only to find out when we check it out at a later time that someone simply set a timer to watch TV.

A TV can also power on by itself if the battery is low and has been programmed to do so, or another possibility is that the remote’s power button is stuck.

In other cases, the service provider may have upgraded your TV software without you knowing.

Although these situations may seem scary at first glance, you should rest easy because there are easy solutions for everything!

Reasons why your TV is turning on itself:

1. Software Update

Other factors can make your TV turn on. Sometimes, after a firmware update, the screen will go blank and then begin working again.

This may occur when there’s a failure with the updated firmware it is best to revert back to earlier firmware versions because of this.

We are not responsible for reprogramming your existing operating system if you modify it yourself and encounter problems like random rebooting or unexpected behavior from an otherwise working device.

2. Power Supply Problem

Is your Smart TV failing to carry out what it was initially designed for, turning on at random without you doing anything at all?

Well, rest assured that there’s an excellent reason why this is happening. Based on an investigation carried out by experts across the globe.

They found that one of the main reasons TVs like ones from companies such as Philips or Sony suffer from the above power issues is because there’s not enough power being supplied to the outlet for it to function correctly.

They found that due to misplacing power plugs in or having thin electrical wiring which fails to discharge said power properly, among other factors.

This can lead a Smart TV to power down frequently when there are people nearby who may cause disruptions with its electromagnetic field if taken very close (within 1-2 meters).

3. Inoperative Keys and Remote

There is always a possibility that something you own might break due to some mechanical defect. If this happens, it is necessary to act fast to not cause more harm than good.

It is recommended to replace the damaged part with a new one if it is of mechanical origin. For example, remote control failure may be caused by the expiration of batteries.

First, you need to unscrew the cover and insert new ones with the help of a unique tool that could be bought in any electronic shop or even on any market (if we are talking about infrared).

When we talk about problems with devices containing SIM slots, its connector may be broken off or damaged, and it should be replaced while keeping in mind that there aren’t many tools needed for such check-up.

Expert’s Recommendation

If your TV turns on by itself more than once, the fault could be related to something simple such as incorrectly set settings.

We recommend that you check your television settings to correct any problems and avoid any further inconvenience. Another possible cause is faulty hardware – either a broken wire or power supply.

If you can’t resolve the issue on your end, it may be time to contact specialists for help!


Why does my tv turn on by itself. As a new TV owner, you might experience some problems here and there, which is entirely normal. In particular, whenever you set up a new TV for the first time, it may give you some trouble.

This usually happens because of all the updates that need to be installed. Namely, when your TV starts working with these updates by themselves, they should modify software related to apps on TVs such as Pandora and Netflix.

The product will also update other features on your TV automatically without any assistance from the user.

Which might interfere with performance, so it’s best not to touch or move your product while waiting for it to finish what it needs to do.

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