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Ants In Toilet

Ants in toilet. There’s nothing worse than seeing some ants floating around in your toilet bowl. Why do they keep coming into the bathroom?

It can be unnerving to say the least, though thankfully these are most likely the black worker ant species.

Some people have observed strange behaviour even in homes where their bathrooms are kept immaculate so we’re keen to work out why it may happen. Let’s take a look at some possible reasons and how you can keep it from happening to you.

Ants In Toilet

ants in my toilet

The first reason for ants in the toilet tank is that your water supply is infested with them.

Your best bet then is to contact a professional plumber who can help detect this problem and come up with a solution.

However, if you have a well as your source of water, make sure that it’s properly screened to keep bugs out of your system to prevent problems like these from occurring.

If you find there are holes or cracks in the screen, be sure to fix or replace it quickly! You may also want to invest in one of those filters intended for use on pumping wells.

They’ll not only help keep insects out but will also ensure a safer drinking supply for all those who drink from that well.

The second reason is ants hiding behind the toilet tank. If you see ants outside during the summer that means they’re looking for a cool, moist place to survive.

Ants can get inside your home by finding the smallest cracks and holes they can fit through to enter your home.

In order to stop the ants from entering, check behind your toilet tank (where are running water and moisture exist) and check regularly.

As mentioned before if you see ants hiding behind your toilet tank it might indicate there’s a crack or hole on the area of your wall as well (that’s how these hardworking insects get into your bathroom).

It’s quite likely there’s an ant colony on your premises living in the walls – so don’t hesitate to contact pest exterminators in case you find this scenario.

How you can Get Rid Of Ants From Bathroom And Toilet Bowl?

To get rid of ants from your bathroom, first inspect the perimeter of bathroom to find any cracks or openings where these pesky insects may be entering.

If you find any, seal them off with a quality caulk or other sealant. Next, especially if you have noticed smaller gaps in your floor or between tiles, fix your tiles.

If there are any loose ones at all this will attract and feed them as bugs tend to thrive in such conditions. After that spray some kind insect repellent around your pipes under the bathroom sink with a good spraying tool and also near the tap area itself where they could go behind.

By following up these steps you should be able to keep away most ants for good.

Do you know what to do if you find ants behind the toilet tank?

There are two steps to repel ants. First, remove the toilet tank and clean it thoroughly with a disinfectant.

Also, keep an eye out for cracks in your bathroom wall behind the toilet tank as well as other areas in your home that could potentially allow ants access to the interior of your walls and floors.

Secondly, use an insecticide spray like Raid to kill ants if you can’t find their nest yet – especially if you are already infested with a serious ant problem.

However, if you’d prefer a more long-term solution, check for pinholes or gaps in your home’s walls and make sure everything is sealed up tightly.

Which types of ants can get into toilet sinks?

Any ant that has infested the water supply point can get into the toilet sink. However, many people have problems with fire ants climbing in through the gap underneath the door or entering from a dry well around the water joint.

Also, if your bathroom is unclean, has lots of cracks and gaps on the walls or falling tiles for example, ants can live in those crevices.

Regular Ant Solving tasks are important so that you don’t have too many ants running about all over your property not only in your bathrooms but at other points too!

It’s vital to pay attention to where the ants might be getting in from and try to fix those areas quickly.

If you observe any ant-related issues around your property we recommend taking out our Regular Ant Prevention Service as soon as possible so that you can stop worrying about how to get rid of an infestation.


Ants in toilet. The sight of an ant in a toilet bowl can be startling, but there could be a number of reasons from which it might have entered the tank. The most common reason is that the ant might be a scout looking for water or food for the rest of his group in the home’s pipes. Ants will enter any opening where they can find their way into cracks and gaps between your home’s walls, floors and bathroom fixtures like the sink itself or in this case – your toilet tank!

Some people used borax to eliminate ants from their home, but we recommend that you also look for other measures first if you want to prevent an infestation before using such products. Pests can enter through breaches in security so make sure to seal any openings that may serve as nests for pests otherwise they’ll gladly make themselves right at home with you! Overall, don’t forget to check out our guide on how you can prevent ants from entering your home.

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