Best Clear Coat Spray Paint For Cars

Best clear coat spray paint for cars. Stylish cars don’t only have to be about the flashy paint job, although it’s important to consider that as well.

To preserve a car’s good looks on the outside over time you should decide whether you want to put a clear coat on your paint job and then proceed accordingly by choosing the right clear coat.

You could choose between different brands, or pick out terms or specific information that describe what you’re looking for (we modeled this content around what an actual buyer might be interested in, facts like the types of cans that are available and how long can a single can last).

In order for this step to be useful we also need to point out that clear coats will not only protect your car from sun damage but it will clean up even small scratches and avoid fading from too much exposure to sunlight.

There are many things to take into consideration when purchasing a new can of clear coat so read our buyers’ guide in case you’d like more details!

7 Best Clear Coat Spray Paint For Cars

1. USC SprayMax Aerosol Clear

usc spraymax aerosol clear

Spraymax 2K Clear Coat, available in a can from your local auto parts store is just about as good as it gets. It’s easy to apply, sprays on evenly, and dries to a super-hard, high-gloss finish.

Novices can use it, and in the hands of someone with experience, it’ll make sure your car will look new for years to come.

Usually with coatings like this one, you have to pay a premium for exceptional performance but not the case here.

The cost difference between Spraymax 2K clear coat and the lower tier products is very slight and the cost per can comes out to be less than a family meal at your favorite burger joint.

Seldom do price and quality go hand-in-hand but they both are excellent when it comes to using Spraymax 2K clear coat on your car or truck!

Spray paint can be a great way to quickly and easily change the look of different surfaces, especially if you’re on a budget.

Use caution though because some brands may contain toxic chemicals and can lead to harm if used improperly.

Spraymax is one such brand and should only be used in well-ventilated areas while wearing proper protective equipment.

2. Dupli-Color Automotive Top Coat

dupli-color automotive top coat

Dupli-Color Perfect Match is the fast and easy way to touch up paint on your vehicle. It comes in a range of colors so you can get an exact-match from your current factory colour.

If you’re looking for something completely different simply pick one in a range of basic colours including Red, Yellow, Blue or Black.

The fast drying time makes it ideal for repairing minor scratches and dents that might have punctured through the old color.

Perfect Match paints work both indoors and outdoors making it suitable for painting anything from auto accessories like spoilers, grills or bumpers to restoring damaged panels without having to repaint the entire car.

This best clear coat spray paint for cars best bet if you don’t want to jump right into a paint job on your ride. Small detailed jobs that require an upgrade in color or finish can be easily addressed with the perfection offered by Dupli Color.

This line of products is meant for smaller touchups and spot jobs, but the results are impressive nonetheless – especially when considering what you get in return for their price point!

The nozzle system was designed for professionals (or cost effect hobbyist) and could use some improvment to make it more user friendly than it already is.

3. Rust-Oleum American Spray Paint

rust-oleum american spray paint

The product is a brilliant clear coat. It can compete with any other brand, including the top names in the industry such as Rust-Oleum, and that is why it features such advanced paint and prime technology to deliver the best formula for maximum coverage.

The product will be your best option if you want to give your vehicle a beautiful, shiny finish that also guarantees superior protection from the harmful elements.

Not only does this mask deliver flawless application but it also dries fairly quickly for an easy, fast finish on each project of yours.

For those in a rush to complete projects faster than ever before because they have far too much competition in the market, this product hits two birds with one stone.

This is a durable clear coat which provides long lasting protection while also having amazing UV resistance so that you don’t have to worry about your car losing its gloss after several months of using the spray paint.

The paint comes in a handy aerosol can with a comfort grip trigger that makes spraying even easier. In addition, you can spray the can at any angle, including upside down, to help you reach even the hardest-to-reach areas of your vehicle.

4. Eastwood Durable Clear Spray

eastwood durable clear spray

Eastwood 2K High-Gloss Aerosol is made out of the best ingredients that go into every clear coat. Marketed as a spray paint specifically formulated for cars and vehicles of all types.

You can use this to create great finish with the durability and precision of a two-component system without using a paint gun.

A clear coat paint made out of Eastwood’s proprietary 2-component catalyzed technology, it will retain its fabulous sheen for years to come.

Combining this recipe with the innovative nozzle and valve technology acting in tandem with the internal chambers has allowed Eastwood to make sure they produce the absolute best clear coat on the market.

Now you can enjoy quicker spraying and more precise application, along with professional results! If your vehicle has been simply been needing a new luster, Eastwood has exactly what you need: their high gloss clear color!

Eastwood 2K High Gloss Aerosol lets you paint with the durability and precision of a two-component coating, without the paint gun!

Its high gloss finish protects for years, giving your project that same luster it had when you first applied the finish.

5. Maxima High Gloss Coating

maxima high gloss coating

Proudly produced by a USA based manufacturer, this coating from Maxima is specially formulated to adhere well and offer great protection against the toughest conditions.

This best clear coat spray paint for cars works well on parts such as bodywork, plastic and carbon fiber components, meaning it can be used on any car or motorbike.

Its popularity among motorcyclists means it will help keep mud splashed off bike fenders when driving through rugged terrain.

Having been left with a fresh scent, the product forms a dry, durable shine and luster on top of your auto paint to give your car that brand new look you desire!

Since the product’s formula is waterproof, it won’t allow moisture in while protecting the base coat beneath.

You’ll find keeping your car clean is much easier due to its abrasion resistant qualities – that way you won’t have to waste time washing it down so frequently!

Maxima Racing Oils was founded with the intent to fulfill racing teams in every regard. Their extremely high standards for performance literally drives us to seek out new technologies and answer all of their needs as far as lubricant optimization is concerned.

In turn, This has given participants exceptional traction and control so you can perform at your very best!

6. POR-15 Clear Top Coat Spray Paint

por-15 clear top coat spray paint

When it comes to protecting your car’s paint from chipping, your options are limited. One of the solutions that is actually on the market and available for sale is called KBS Clear Coat.

This best clear coat spray paint for cars in particular offers incredible protection and durability for your car’s surface. Many of the vehicle paints sold today, including this one, may flake off over time. Not so with this spray paint.

Its clear coat comes with an extremely strong layer which protects the rest of your car’s surface from damage and makes sure that any new chips you might have don’t spread beyond their borders or cause more extensive damage beneath their surface.

One other huge benefit offered by this spray paint is a long-lasting high gloss shine that helps to keep your car looking newer for longer periods of time.

The durability and Longevity of your vehicle’s paint is dependent on a variety of factors, but the one most commonly overlooked is choosing a paint that is formulated to remain flexible for an extended period of utilized time.

This specially designed formula can endure even the toughest environments or places that car paints have never been able to handle before – without cracks, peeling, or discoloration!

7. PlastiKote Universal Clear Coat

best clear coat spray paint for cars in 2022

This acrylic product can be used to refill a spray paint can, touch up your car or give a makeover to other small objects like cooling systems and replacement panels as long as they’re made from plastic.

However, this isn’t suitable for performing a whole car paint job so be sure not to buy too much per can! It is completely affordable if you are trying to save some money yet at the same time retain excellent functionality for its use.

On the other hand, it isn’t easy to apply clear paint over regular paint that hasn’t been prepped. The problem is that it can change the color of the base coat.

In some instances, base paints don’t stick well to each other which can lead to mishaps in the application process. You won’t want this particular problem when you’re trying to achieve your vision for your project.

Maynard Simple product can be painted over faster than any other paint. Its quick-drying formula allows the application of multiple coats in one day.

It can withstand a bump here and there without being damaged or disrupted too much. It’s resistant to scratches and nicks, which is why there’s no need to worry about it tarnishing, weathering, or rusting.

This type of paint dries glassy and hard, so even spills won’t ruin your finish!


Can you use spray paint clear coat on car?

Allow 30 minutes after the base coat has been applied to your nails for you to apply a clear polish, which is typically thinner.

Apply 4-5 wet, but not dripping coats of clear polish and wait 10+ minutes in between coats. Make sure each coat is dry to the touch (not tacky) before moving on to the next.

What is high solid clear coat?

Clear coat is a protective layer for car-related projects to ensure longevity of the product. However, there are some projects that require different kinds of solution based on their material and purpose.

High-Solids Clear Coat is more viscous and has a smaller molecular structure than lower solids clear coats; they have higher resin content.

Lower Solids Clear Coats are easier to clean, offer safer handling and have less volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Can you spray clear coat the next day?

Apply clear coat 24 hours after your base coat is completely dry. Make sure you seal the painted surface after thirty minutes to avoid any dust particles or dirt from getting in while the paint is open and vulnerable.

Film forming paints like ceramic enamels can be sealed after just fifteen minutes, as they are much thicker than acrylics and urethanes.


Best clear coat spray paint for cars. With all the harsh weather conditions and severe use that your car gets year after year, it’s imperative to cover your car in a clear coat to protect its paintwork. But there are too many automotive clear coats out there to wade through – how will you know which one to choose.

We’ve outlined all of the steps you need to take in order to choose a quality product that meets your needs so that you don’t have to waste time trying out different brands. We’ve also listed some of the top brands available today!

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