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Cockroach Smear Marks

Cockroach smear marks. Wall cockroach stains (or, as they’re more commonly called – roach smears) are one of the most disgusting signs of a roach infestation.

Yet many homeowners mistake them for ketchup or other food stains and don’t think much of them. After reading this guide, you’ll know why roaches smear their droppings on your walls.

Also, how it increases the risk of disease, plus the best way to clean them with no chance of attracting any more pests!

Keep reading to learn about this problem and what to do about it.

Cockroach Smear Marks

get rid of cockroach smear marks

Cockroach smear marks are a cockroach that is released in a baser paste form.

German cockroaches, black ants (Blatta orientalis), Dubia roaches, and other roaches can secrete this paste which they feel is more stable than the solid form.

This may be because it’s greasy in content, or it simply allows them to stay active while they squeeze out the most efficient amount of whatever it is they want to eject at any given time.

Smear marks often resemble smeared plasticine clay and might also have a reddish-brown pigment toting some liquid consistency.

The most reliable form for identifying these smear marks is around baseboards and toilets, where these insects tend to like hanging out the most.

Can Cockroach Smear Marks Be Dangerous?

Yes, cockroach smear marks could mean danger to your health. Both cockroach’s skin contain pathogens that cause asthma and breathing disorders.

The last thing you’d want is a roach to walk onto your uncovered food and leave smear marks on it, so we recommend that you not go your food discovered at all times but be sure to keep it covered adequately for safety sake during the night or day.

What does Smear marks left by cockroaches indicate?

If you notice large numbers of cockroaches moving in and around your home, it indicates a problem with pests inside your house.

Most commonly, this would mean a pest infestation or the building has structural problems with fixtures, for example. Cockroaches are easy to deal with, provided you discover their source.

If they are breeding within wall cavities or beneath floorboards, you may call in a pest control expert as they will be able to get rid of the problem much more effectively than DIY control methods.

Pest Control Experts will inject treatment directly into wall cavities or under floorboards via tiny holes drilled by their unique tools and insecticides.

How can you Clean Cockroach Stains?

One of the best ways to get rid of cockroaches is to use an enzyme-based cleaning solution for this particular task.

However, before you apply the cleaning solution, make sure you wash off any excess first by wiping it with stiff surface paper and then washing the visible smeared portion with mild soap water.

The rest of it should just be wiped off using a paper towel. If there are any smear marks left on your fabric after wiping, clean the smeared part.

Apply lemon juice on that specific spot and allow it to sit for some time before washing it using warm water. Warm water combined with bleach 2-3% concentration can also kill germs effectively.

Can cockroach feces or smear marks attract other cockroaches?

Yes, roaches indeed leave a foul smell wherever they walk. Roach saliva has an intense, stinky odor that isn’t pleasant.

This is because it contains an ingredient called cadaverine, which predators use to sense if something nearby is dead or alive.

This pheromone-like scent emitted by roaches attracts other roaches to the area, so failing to clean up after yourself can lead to heavy infestation inside your home.


Cockroach smear marks, or roach stains, are liquefied roaches that live in filthy and damp places discard. Roaches can leave the smear marks randomly on any place they crawl upon. You’ll most often find these stains in moist or humid areas near the cockroaches’ nest. Since roaches eat waste like their own fecal matter in liquid form, these stains occur more frequently than you might imagine in your kitchen or bathroom.

Cockroach smear marks are a clear indication of infestation inside your home. It’s essential to prevent this type of occurrence by thoroughly cleaning your entire household at least once a month with specialized cleaning products like Disinfectant Wipes since they will kill bacteria and keep insects away from entering your dwelling.

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