Best low flow shower heads for saving water

Best low flow shower heads for saving water. Low flow showerheads are an easy way to save water and energy around the home.

They work by using less water than conventional high-pressure fixtures, which are measured in gallons per minute (GPM).

These showerheads also tend to be more aerated and use a chamber that creates air pockets with water to create a powerful yet gentle flow of water.

They come in several different styles and provide a wide range of spray patterns customized to the user’s specific needs.

13 Best low flow shower heads for saving water

1. Sierra’s Best Shower Head for Low Water Flow

best shower head for low water flow

This high Sierra’s Low Flow Showerhead is a solid investment that will save you money in the long run through conserved water and money on your utility bills.

Low flow showerheads work by using less than 1.5 gallons per minute, which is half of what conventional fixtures use to produce a similar spray pattern with high pressure.

In addition, it fits almost every standard shower arm or pipe you have in your home from ½” to 5/8″.

It comes with a lifetime warranty from High Sierra, which ensures maximum value for this product.

2. Speakman Best Low Flow Rainfall Showerhead

best low flow rainfall showerhead

Speakman’s Low Flow Shower Head is perfect if you want a powerful spray as it comes with 2.0 GPM and a pressure of 80 PSI to create an excellent showering experience.

It also comes with Speakman’s Reaction Spray technology which enhances the water droplets the more you use it; after time, this process will provide a better distribution within the mist for a consistent flow throughout your entire shower.

This best low flow shower heads for saving water has a standard ½” connection on both ends so that it can fit almost every fixture in your bathroom, from showers to bathtubs to sinks.

This model has been tested by three different organizations, including NSF International, The Water Quality Association, and In-Sink-Erator Water Systems Inc., so that you can have confidence in the performance of this product.

3. Speakman Best Off the Grid Showerhead

best off the grid showerhead

If you would like to save money and conserve water, this Speakman Low Flow Showerhead is an excellent choice for you, as it comes with 1.5 gallons per minute (GPM).

It saves money by using less than half of what conventional showerheads use while still providing plenty of water pressure and an excellent spray pattern throughout your entire bathroom.

This model is made from durable ABS plastic and has a maximum flow output of 2.5 gallons per minute (GPM).

It works well even in homes where multiple people will be taking showers simultaneously or in larger bathrooms or facilities such as hotels and resorts.

4. Waterpik Best Fixed Low Flow Showerhead

best fixed low flow showerhead

Waterpik Low Flow Shower Heads have a powerful spray pattern with a gentle flow of water.

This model has a lower flow rate than other high-efficiency models at 1.6 GPM but still provides a pleasant feeling of pressure and an excellent showering experience for those who want to conserve water without sacrificing quality.

This best low flow shower heads for saving water is made of plastic ABS construction for added durability and is designed to fit all standard-size shower arms with an easy-to-use connector.

Unlike most models, this Low Flow Hand Held Shower Head can be used in three different positions: overhead, handheld on the wall, or attached to a traditional arm.

5. Speakman Best Water Saving Shower Head with Hose

best water saving shower head with hose

Speakman Low Flow Shower Heads are designed with your comfort in mind. This showerhead is perfect for the eco-conscious consumer who wants to save water without sacrificing quality.

It has a flow rate of 1.75 GPM, which makes it an excellent choice to conserve resources while still receiving a high output spray pattern.

As its name implies, this Speakman Low Flow showerhead looks excellent too! It comes with Stainless Steel Finish so that it provides long-lasting style in any bathroom décor and won’t corrode or rust over time as other models might do.

6. Aqua Earth Best Fixed High Pressure Showerhead

best fixed high pressure showerhead

Aqua Low Flow Shower Heads are perfect for saving money and conserving resources without sacrificing quality.

This model has a flow rate of 2.5, so it is excellent if you want to save water but still receive plenty of pressure throughout your entire bathroom!

It also comes with Aqua’s Pressure Compensating technology that ensures the same comfort every time you use this Low Flow Shower Head by providing consistent spray pressures throughout your home.

It uses standard ½” size pipe connections on both ends, which makes it compatible with most fixtures in all homes, including low-flow toilets and faucets as well as showers/bathtubs/sinks.

It is made from durable ABS plastic, so it can resist corrosion and rust and provide a durable design that will look great for years to come.

7. Hansgrohe Best Budget Low Flow Shower Heads

best budget low flow shower head

Hansgrohe Low Flow Shower Heads are designed with your comfort in mind.

This showerhead is perfect for the eco-conscious consumer who wants to save water without sacrificing quality.

It has a flow rate of 1.8 GPM, which makes it an excellent choice to conserve resources while still receiving a high output spray pattern.

This best low flow shower heads for saving water comes 7 inches in size and uses a unique technology that allows you to adjust both sprays through its button controls simultaneously.

8. Speakman Best Shower Head for High Water Pressure

best shower head for high water pressure

The Speakman S-4000 Low Flow Shower Head has adjustable 2.5 settings giving you the power to conserve resources before they are lost forever.

The Low Flow Showerhead is created for conservation with a 1.75 GPM flow rate that competes with many Low Flow fixtures in most homes.

This sleek design also includes an extra heavy cast brass body construction which ensures years of dependable performance. Streamlined modern styling provides positive visual appeal and compliments any upscale décor environment.

Speakman S-4000 Low Flow Shower Heads are available in Chrome finish, which can be used with all standard U.S. plumbing connections, including low lead compliant models.

9. Moen Best Eco Performance Shower Head

best eco performance shower head

The Moen 6300EP delivers water savings by 25 percent (.5 gallons per minute) with a sleek, high-quality exterior.

Low flow showerheads are an excellent addition to any eco-friendly household, and the Moisten 6300EP is no exception.

This best low flow shower heads for saving water reduces the total cost of ownership with a lifetime warranty and contains fewer parts than traditional showerheads while remaining simple to install.

Low flow showerheads provide better performance for residential or commercial applications while complying with EPA WaterSense regulations that limit maximum GPM in showers.

10. Hansgrohe Best Luxury Low Flow Showerhead

best luxury low flow showerhead

The Hansgrohe Low Flow Raindance Select E120 2.0 GPM Low Flow Hand Shower is a hand shower head manufactured with an Eco button that reduces water usage.

You can control your spray settings with the Select button located at the bottom of the wand. It has three modes; RainAir Spray Mode, Mix Spray Mode, and CaresseAir Spray Mode.

RainAir Spray Mode

A magnificent, broad nozzle sprays a large, comprehensive stream that sends out enormous voluminous drops full of air.

Mix Spray Mode

The purpose of this shower is to provide a pleasant blend of quiet shower drops and invigorating massage spray that creates a balanced shower experience.

CaresseAir Spray Mode

This full spray massages fatigued muscles and washes away the tensions and strains of the day.

The low flow hand shower head features the maximum force of water to clean thoroughly, and a 1-1/2 inches fitting connector swivels up to 360 degrees for a comfortable experience.

11. Niagara Best Low Flow Massage Shower Head

best low flow massage shower head

This Niagara low flow showerhead is a budget-friendly showerhead having a spray with full-body coverage.

The more insufficient flow of water saves your water bill and is easy to install compared to other expensive showerheads.

For 30 years, the Niagara Conservation Earth showerhead has been well regarded and recognized for its efficacy and cost.

The showerhead includes an internal pressure compensator that maintains a constant water output and flows regardless of changing water pressure.

This is a significant feature since Niagara Conservation showerheads are water-saving showerheads, which means that the amount of water used will be lower due to this product.

Niagara Conservation supplies are popular among professionals and customers since they can save energy and water while maintaining quality. Millions of Niagara Conservation showerheads are sold every year due to these advantages.

12. Aqua Best Ultra Low Flow Shower Head

best ultra low flow shower head

The Aqua Elegante shower head is constructed of a thick layer of sturdy abs thermoplastic resin that is BPA-free and does not leak after several showers, as opposed to other showerheads made from low-quality, thin plastic.

This best ultra low flow shower head is corrosion-resistant, impact-resistant, and non-rusting while being lightweight and simple to operate.

This means you’ll get a showerhead that lasts a long time without any internal leaks.

Notably, the self-cleaning nozzles in this Aqua Elegante shower head are constructed of mineral-resistant silicone.

The nozzles are designed to channel water flow, minimizing calcium accumulation inside and around the nozzles. So, you’ll no longer have to worry about clogged spray nozzles because of hard water.

13. Spray Best Low Water Pressure Shower Head

best low flow shower heads for saving water in 2022

This showerhead is a cost-effective, water-saving, and high-quality product that allows you to save both water and power while still providing a nice shower.

It’s a low-cost, high-performance 1.5 GPM showerhead with a Spray Clean fixed spray pattern. As the showerhead is made of thermoplastic rubber, there’s no need for any maintenance.

Clean the showerhead as needed by running your hand over the thermo-plastic rubber jets.

It is corrosion-free because of the durable and hardy white plastic body. The non-removable Neoperl pressure compensating flow controller produces a constant, efficient flow rate regardless of water pressure, and the plastic fitting and screen washers guarantee perfect flow control.

The installation process is straightforward and does not require any tools. It comes with instructions and thread sealant.


Best low flow shower heads for saving water. Put water conservation at the top of your list. The more you know about saving water, the better off both our planet and your wallet will be in the long run.

Low-flow showerheads are a great way to start saving money on utility bills without having to do anything drastic or change what feels like an integral part of one’s morning routine. After all, who doesn’t want their hair clean?

Have a nice day!

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