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Why does my toilet bubbles when showering

Why does my toilet bubbles when showering. Do you ever worry about the toilet bubbles when showering? That is quite normal!

When you release the water from the tub, air enters into the pipe and creates bubbles. The more air there is in a closed space like this, the more likely it will create bubbles.

As these pipes are all interconnected, this happens to any plumbing system. It’s not harmful at all; most of these bubbles go away as soon as they reach their destination (either another fixture or an open vent).

However, if this continues to happen over time and doesn’t stop on its own, this is an indication of the clog, and you should deal with it by time; otherwise, your toilet may start overflowing.

This must be addressed as soon as possible to avoid worsening, but don’t worry – there are a few easy solutions available!

Why does my toilet bubbles when showering

reason why does my toilet bubbles when showering

Toilet bubbles happen when there’s low water pressure. To begin with, make sure all the faucets are closed and the toilet is filled with water.

The more water your house uses at one time, the lower your overall pressure will be (hence why it takes longer to fill up a bucket of water than to take a shower).

Try turning on other fixtures in your home to test this theory while simultaneously running the tub faucet.

If you find that certain fixtures increase or decrease your pressure, you should call for a professional plumber’s help as soon as possible.

Use Plunger

Use Plunger

Toilet bubbles when showering can sometimes be fixed using a plunger. To do this, ensure that the toilet is filled with water and then place the plunger into the bowl.

To get good suction, push all the water out before plunging. Repeat this process until you can let go of it without any resistance.

Maintenance Needed

Your house needs some routine maintenance or installation of new pipes, especially with old houses where a new piping system might not be needed.

It’s still advisable to do so because old pipes tend to develop leaks over time which will cause you more expenses in the long run.

Check If You Have Hard Water

Check If You Have Hard Water

This problem may also occur due to hard water in your house, which is quite similar to using a lot of salt when cooking.

To solve this problem, you should invest in a water softener system to prevent the accumulation of sediments and mineral deposits that can obstruct the flow of water in your pipes.

Your Pipes May Be Corrosive

Toilet bubbles when showering can also be caused by corrosion on the interior lining of plumbing pipes. To solve this, we recommend having a plumber check them to be replaced or do maintenance checkups twice yearly.

Air Trapped Inside Pipes

Bubbles occurring while draining means there’s air trapped inside it, causing it not to function correctly. To get rid of these bubbles, hold down the flush lever until all water has been forced through the overflow pipe.

Broken Flush

Broken Flush

When showering, toilet bubbles may also occur due to broken flush valves causing low water pressure. To solve this, first, check if your tank lever is bent or damaged.

If it isn’t, you might need to replace your flush valve cartridge or do yearly maintenance.

Inadequate Ventilation

Bubbles could also be caused by inadequate ventilation in your pipes, especially if they are old and corroded, causing water to stagnate inside them, leading to a buildup of sediment and mineral deposits that affect their functionality over time.

To prevent clogs from happening, ensure good ventilation for all vents outside your house so moisture can escape appropriately without any hindrance.

Poorly Installed Fixtures

This issue may also occur due to poorly installed or unleveled fixtures. To solve this, check the height of your toilet bowl and adjust it accordingly by lifting or lowering it.

Underground Drainage Is Blocked

Underground Drainage Is Blocked

Toilet bubbles after draining a bathtub could also mean that your home’s underground drainage system is blocked, causing stagnation of rainwater.

To solve this, first, call upon the services of professionals since they are more adept at handling such problems without having to harm landscaping around your house.

Debris Around Tub’s Rim

When showering, toilet bubbles may also be caused by debris around the rim of your toilet. To prevent this, we recommend cleaning the rim regularly.

Poor Flushing

Lastly, toilet bubbles may also be due to poor flushing habits like flushing too much paper or inappropriately sized objects such as toys.

To solve this, use a bent wire to remove them. Else, call a professional Plumber to do this.

How to Troubleshoot Toilet Bubble When Showering?

When showering, toilet bubbles can be annoying, but it doesn’t mean you should call a plumber immediately. To begin with, check your water pressure.

To do this, turn on all the faucets in your home at once and take note of which fixtures increase/decrease your water pressure (and by how much).

If you notice that certain fixtures cause the problem to worsen, try turning them off until further notice or calling for help from a professional plumber.

It would help if you also examined your internal plumbing to ensure there are no clogs or open valves. To do this, turn your sink’s handles so they’re closed, and see if the toilet bubbles when it drains.

If it does, use a plunger to unclog your drain. To avoid this, have a plumber do routine maintenance twice yearly- it’s less expensive than dealing with more severe problems!


Why does my toilet bubbles when showering. Toilet bubbles when showering can be a very annoying problem, and it gets worse time by time. We hope this article has helped you in tracking down the issue of toilet bubbles when showering. Thank you for your time.

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