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GE Refrigerator Smells Like a Dead Animal

GE refrigerator smells like a dead animal. If a strange odor is coming from your GE fridge, it may be caused by rotten food or bacteria. First, as long as you regularly clean out your fridge, the smell shouldn’t last long.

Aromas carry far, so when you notice a foul stench coming from your fridge, immediately clean out the affected area and all surrounding areas.

Make sure to remove any objects in there that could harbor bacteria, like take-out containers. When you attempt to fix the problem, start with fresher-smelling items like fruits and vegetables and move on to meats and fish.

Which can be harder to disinfect without chemical sprays if they have been sitting for a while. Once everything has been cleaned up, replace the items with new ones for even better results.

GE Refrigerator Smells Like a Dead Animal

ge refrigerator smells like a dead animal 2022 guide

Here are some reasons causing your refrigerator to smell bad:

Lower the temperature

It would help if you used a refrigerator thermometer to ensure the temperature of your fridge is set at 36 degrees or below. If the unit is too warm, your groceries could easily spoil and emit an odor.

One theory as to why this occurs is that it may be caused by moisture that gets trapped inside the walls of the fridge, which then causes bacteria, unfortunately!

So to prevent this from happening again, don’t forget to clean up any spills immediately and either replace or clean out any shelves or drawers you may need replacing.

Furthermore, having a refrigerator thermometer will go a long way in helping you establish what needs fixing before anything happens so you can keep your family and pets safe!

Examine the Content

Opening the refrigerator and inspecting the contents is a good way to figure out what may be causing the odor. Start with what you have on the door of your unit.

This is because foods that go bad faster are usually found on the door since it’s closest to the light source, but sometimes food can be spoiled too.

Check all areas of your refrigerator for any foul smells from leftovers, meats, or other strong-smelling foods.

When you notice that the main culprit behind the offensive smell may be your eggs, for example, don’t worry about them going bad anytime soon.

Wrap them up in an air-tight bag or store them in a container with a lid since they are excellent at absorbing odors from other dishes or items in your fridge!

Clean the Refrigerator

clean the refrigerator

The bad odor emanating from the refrigerator is often caused by food items cooking in the unit. First, unplug your refrigerator and remove anything resting inside the branch so you won’t have hurdles to clean around.

Empty the refrigerator and move out everything you can from the unit without causing too much of a hassle for yourself.

Second, ensure that any frozen foods are being kept cold using ice packs or other cooling agents commonly used for refrigeration.

Third, storing all good leftover foods in another refrigerator or cooler would also be advisable as food can easily spoil if left too long in a warm environment like a moist interior of your home appliance.


How can I keep my drip tray from stinking?

If your drip tray isn’t as easy to remove, try vacuuming it first or soaking it in warm water. If that doesn’t work and you can’t get the tray off your fridge because it’s stuck to the bottom.

Use a knife or flat head screwdriver to prise under one of the edges. This will release the seal on the inside, making removal easier.

What’s the deal with my refrigerator smelling like rotten eggs?

When everything in your fridge seems in order, but you still have a bad smell, it’s not necessarily a problem with your fridge, after all.

It could be that you have food underneath your fridge, which may have rotted or decomposed due to spillage from your drip pan over time, or that the seals on the back of it have been broken around the edge, and dust can get in them without you knowing.

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