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Pill Bugs In House

Pill bugs in house. In this guide, you’ll learn why there are pill bugs in your home. You’ll discover how they can get into your house and what steps you can take to keep them out.

Best of all, there’s no pest control required for the methods we suggest! Keep reading to find out how to get rid of pill bugs in your house and yard fast.

Pill Bugs In House

pill bugs in home

Pillbugs aren’t native to the US. Settlers from Europe brought them to the US. Pillbugs are common in the Northern and Central United States.

They’re usually found in other subtropical climates, including the coastal areas and Southern states. To survive, pillbugs prefer to live in damp and moist places without direct sunlight.

So, they live on the west banks of the rivers, lakes, and streams in forests. They’d hide underneath damp foliage or mulch, rotting leaves, or firewood like detritus.

In your yard or garden, pill bugs could be found underneath wet mulch or vegetation, decaying leaves, compost piles, organic wastes, or even damp soil beds that have been dug on purpose for them to reside in by their human owner!

Pillbugs are attracted to this environment because it helps supply them with more food. These organisms are moisture-seeking creatures who will consume just about anything moisture-laden OR rotting.

Why do pill bugs enter your home?

Pillbugs are a type of arthropod. Because the kinds of homes people grow up in aren’t ideal for them, you’re unlikely to see an infestation indoors.

Why do pill bugs sneak into our homes? The answer is relatively straightforward: it was a result of a hot and dry summer that made their normal habitat feel like a furnace!

Since they live in moist areas under rocks and logs, their moist layer gets dry easily because of the lack of humidity outdoors. So, to evade this circumstance, they head inside our home so that their texture doesn’t get in danger.

What food do pill bugs consume?

Most of the time, pillbugs eat decaying plant matter. They don’t eat live plants, but they are still a huge problem for seedlings and root systems that can be so vital to getting strong and healthy produce or plants.

If you catch them early enough, they cannot do significant damage, but once they latch on to your plants, it will take some effort to figure out how to get them off without doing major damage or uprooting the whole thing.

And that’s not even mentioning weeding out the eggs to stop them from multiplying! They’ll feast on tomatoes and radishes, beans, peas, and lettuce.

The best way to stop this pill bug is with a spray of water that will either drown them or temporarily scare them off.

What Are Pill Bugs Good For?

Pillbugs are a lot like bakers. They have to work quickly, and often they don’t get the time for all of their ingredients to come together just right before presenting them in front of an audience.

One way that pill bug welfare groups can help relieve some pressure is by working with other people who either specialize or happen to be experts in specific areas related specifically when it comes down to making decisions about what flavors go into your project’s recipe book.

Is it possible to eat pill bugs?

Yes, pillbugs are edible. You can make a meal of pill bugs by roasting them or preparing them as you would with any other seafood, like prawns.

People have been able to consume and enjoy eating insects for hundreds of years now, especially in the Asian region.

Some places eat pill bugs with soups and sauces, while others treat them as sushi and add their style to eating insect sushi or adding it on top of sushi rolls.

Can pill bugs harm you?

Just like pill bugs aren’t harmful to humans, they aren’t dangerous to our pets. Pillbugs don’t bite, and they aren’t known to carry any diseases. If you ever find them inside your home, don’t worry.

Ways of Getting Rid Of Pill Bugs

  1. Keep your home’s walls, doorframes, and window sills free of cracks and gaps.
  2. Fix water leaks in your home to reduce moisture and dampness.
  3. Gardeners and lawns shouldn’t be overwatered.
  4. Make sure the vegetation in your yard is trimmed, especially the ones near your home.
  5. A dehumidifier should be installed inside your home if you live in a humid climate.


Pill bugs in house. Get rid of pill bugs that invade your home by following these tips. Pillbugs or woodlice are a kind of insects that like to inhabit damp places such as basements, bathrooms, and thick trees where they easily hide. Their preference for dark, moist environments makes them hard to spot as they keep their rigid flat bodies close to the ground surface whenever possible. Commonly known as ‘rolly pollies,’ pill bugs in the house can be difficult to eradicate from various parts of your home if steps are not taken to handle them immediately.

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