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How To Store Blankets In Living Room

How to store blankets in living room. Blankets are necessary during the winter months – they keep you warm and add comfort to your living space.

But in the spring, summer, and autumn months, blankets tend to sit around a lot – they aren’t as important. And that can create clutter when you don’t have an inventory system for your blankets.

You don’t have a designated place to store them! To avoid this all-too-common problem, I’ve decided to share with you some helpful blanket storage ideas and other resources.

That will help keep your blankets safe during the “overflow season,” so you don’t have to worry about your blankets piling on top of each other every time it’s not chilly outside anymore.

How To Store Blankets In Living Room

guide to store blankets in living room

Compared to storing blankets in your linen closet, which can be difficult and expensive, the advantages of storing blankets at a blanket storage facility are apparent.

Keeping with a service means you have total control over when your items are picked up or delivered; it’s environmentally friendly compared to having new sofas and beds taking up space in the house.

You save time searching for what you need, and linen closets typically tend to look more unsightly than blanket storage facilities.

1. Place them in an antique trunk or chest

A wooden storage chest may not be your first choice as a viable option for storing folded blankets, but you should consider it for various reasons.

For example, it could go well with other pieces of furniture, or you could use it to store items that add aesthetic appeal to your home, like blankets.

But the main reason, along with being just a little pricey, is because it provides adequate protection against dust and moisture, which are two things you don’t want our blankets exposed to over an extended period.

2. Storage Built into a Dual-Purpose Table

Beds are made for sleeping, but did you know that storage beds can be utilized in so many different ways?

If you own a glass-top coffee table with wooden legs, place your bedding underneath the table and use it at night as an ottoman or store kids’ toys.

I guess the best thing about these beds is that they can make your living room cozier without having to spend too much on them.

3. Place them in Under-Bed Storage

under-bed storage for blankets

Under-bed storage has been an excellent way for individuals to store their blankets. Like queen and king-size beds, many beds now include a large compartment underneath the bed frame.

Which is used to store your linens when not in use. This saves you plenty of space while providing easy access to your linens.

4. Place them in Vacuum Storage Bags and Cotton Bags

Woven baskets are one of the most practical yet straightforward storage ideas. Almost every household has a basket in the corner of their rooms.

You can throw your blankets into these baskets without folding them, keep them next to the sofa and use the throw blanket whenever you want. Lidded Wicker baskets are portable and can quickly be taken from one room to another.

5. Use Woven Baskets

Woven baskets are an excellent way to store your blankets. They’re like portable dressers — you can use them in any room of your house, and they’re instrumental when it comes to storing specific items.

Just grab one out of the basket on top of the sofa whenever you want a blanket. These baskets are also great if you throw away your old notes or want to throw anything else away that may be lying around in a clutter.

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