How To Hang A Blanket On The Wall

How to hang a blanket on the wall? Just when you thought you had mastered the art of interior design, your interior decorator delved into the history behind a technique called ‘wall hanging.’

This is frequently seen in homes of creative homeowners who opt to hang blankets around their walls in recent times. Blankets are a popular choice since their size falls between a standard blanket and a quilt.

The word tapestry is used to describe blankets which have been woven but not just in the way you might think. Many blanket manufacturers have made beautiful throw blankets that can be displayed and serve as art pieces.

One of the newest trends is wall-hanging blankets because guess what – having a big blanket on display does make quite a stunning statement!

In this blog, we’ll look at some ways to put your blanket on display by looking at both permanent and removable options for hanging these beautiful blankets up as artwork.

How To Hang A Blanket On The Wall

different ways to hang a blanket on the wall

You should use a curtain rod to hang up your blanket so that you don’t have to stress about putting in hanging eyelets or trying for the best spot to place it.

Create a rod pocket by sewing fabric onto the back of your blanket. Nail hooks onto the wall, and then place your hooks on the bottom of your blanket.

1. Velcro

You need two pieces of velcro tape that are about 2-3 inches wide. The soft side of one will be attached to a muslin fabric, and then the hard side should be sewn onto the back of the blanket before attaching it to the wood board.

To ensure that you get the right size for your wall, use a hammer drill to create holes in your concrete wall and then use screws to hold it into place as you make sure everything is secure so there’s no risk of it falling off.

2. Pant Hangers

If home decorating is not your calling card, you might want to opt for a blanket hanging rod. Rather than drilling into your wall and bringing much of the structure down with you (if you’re renting!)

It’s best to find a way to hang without doing any harm if you don’t have a wood beam or wooden floorboard to sink hooks or nails, clip-on two of your trouser hangers onto the wall.

Where you’ll be hanging from them once the job is done! You can easily swag up these rods by covering them in pretty bedspreads or material from the likes of Joe Fresh.

Make sure that anything hanging isn’t too heavy since these hooks may not hold too much excess weight.

3. A-Rod

Traditional Ways of hanging up a blanket: Elegant and conventional – hang the blanket by sewing in sleeves or tabs at the top and then run the rod through these. Hang back on its brackets, and you’re good to go.

4. Wood with Hooks

It would help if you had a frame that is two inches wide and a little longer than the width of your blanket. Drive nails into the wood using a hammer and make holes for the hooks to be drilled into.

The number of hooks you’ll put on the wood will be determined by the size and weight of the blanket—the heavier the blanket, the more hooks. Now hang the wood on the wall.

To ensure it is lined up correctly, you can draw a line with a pencil using a ruler. Drill nails into the wall and then strap your blanket by its sleeves onto the hooks.

5. Clips and Hanging Nails

This method is easy. Nail your blanket to the wall, using as many nails as you want (based on the size and weight of your blanket).

Use bulldog clips to secure it at even intervals along the top, leaving about 6-8 inches between each clip. Finally, hang them on the nails.

If you want a straight look or a row of loose clips for that messier look, use two on either side and one in the middle.

6. Invisible Wooden Piece

If you want the wood motive hanging behind your blanket to be hidden, try using these eyelet screws. First, get a small piece of wood about 2 inches wide and then attach these eyelet screws on either side of the board.

The length of this board will depend on the size of the blanket you’re going to hang, and then tuck this board at the back of the blanket by stitching a sleeve from which you could hang it onto nails/screws drilled in the wall.

You have done it!

Where can you Hang Your Blanket?

1. Entryway

Some people like to start the interior design of their house with a splash. To ensure that this is exactly what happens, you could hang up your showstopper of a blanket as soon as your guests enter your house.

Make sure you choose an area at the entrance that you’re sure will be visible because, after all, entertainment is what’s hoped for when it comes down to making decorating choices!

2. Bedroom

One of the easiest ways to instantly brighten up your bedroom is by hanging a patterned blanket on the wall above your bed.

Throw some color on that blank canvas, and you’ve got a glimmering focal point in minutes! The zingy colors and patterns you choose for this easy-to-install blanket can set the tone for your bedroom.

Just rely on a clean, minimalist space below (white paint, neutral coverings) and get those pop colors happening – you’ll love it!

3. Living Room

This might not be the first place you’d expect to have a decorative blanket hung up.

But if you are looking to create an eye-catching focal point in your newly decorated living room, why not hang a brightly colored blanket above a sofa placed against a wall?

This instantly creates an eye-catching focal point and makes it look like it’s always been there. Depending on the hue and fabric used, it also diversifies your sense of style, whether it’s decor-related or fashion-related.


How to hang a blanket on the wall. Ensure to hang your blankets on a clean surface area and keep the blanket away from direct sunlight as it will ruin it.

Similarly, you might want to invest in retractable hooks rather than nails or heavy-duty staples so that you don’t damage the blanket over time.

Furthermore, ensure there is someone in the room with you during this process as they can help guide your leveling and make sure the blanket is straight before letting go of it.

Especially if you’re using pins or nails directly into your blanket to attach it to the wall; otherwise, both will be ruined!

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