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How to Properly Ventilate A Bathroom Without A Window

How to properly ventilate a bathroom without a window. Bathrooms without windows can make you sick.

Not only do they develop dank, musty smells, but they also suffer from many unpleasant health issues that cause people to feel ill and unhappy.

Bathrooms can smell nasty and can often be damp. This is due to the sensitivity of the location it resides in – within our homes, they are prone to absorbing humidity from their surrounding environment.

Windows will not help moisture escape once the moisture has become trapped after all, so what you need are a few essential tools designed to keep your bathroom smelling delightful and clean.

You don’t even have to spend much on these bathroom ventilation tools because many bathtub suppliers carry quality products that will treat your bathroom right without breaking the bank.

How to Properly Ventilate A Bathroom Without A Window

Here are some ways to ventilate a bathroom without a window:

different ways to ventilate a bathroom without a window

1. Dry the Towels

Keeping a damp towel inside your bathroom may seem like a good idea, but it’s actually one of the biggest mistakes you can make in there.

It may seem as though the towel is helping to keep the room humid, but in reality, it is making it more humid, and you can’t tell it’s having this effect unless you have a moisture meter.

And it’s not even that the towel is absorbing water; it’s actually releasing it. Keeping a damp towel inside your bathroom is a surprisingly complex issue, and you need to keep it in mind if you want a humid bathroom.

2. Put Portable Fans

If you want to dry up a bathroom fast, you can buy a portable fan. Portable fans are inexpensive, and they work quickly.

They do not require much work; just plug it in and turn it on. What’s excellent about portable fans is that they’re inexpensive to buy, as well, so you won’t have to break the bank to get one.

You won’t have to worry about investing in a more giant, energy-sucking dryer when all you need is a simple way to get moisture away from your bathroom.

3. Use Exhaust Fan

It is essential to use exhaust fans in bathrooms because it can help to save a lot of energy. A lot of energy is used when people are showering or bathing.

Exhaust fans help to circulate the air throughout the bathroom and into the rest of your home. Fans in bathrooms can help to make your bath more enjoyable.

Plus, bathroom fans can help to reduce the humidity in your home. While fans can be a bit expensive, it’s essential to keep in mind the money you will save by using them!

4. Use a Moisture Absorber

If your bathroom has moisture, you might be looking at purchasing a moisture absorber. Moisture absorbers are the size of a large garbage bag and are filled with silica crystals.

The crystals will suck in moisture and eliminate the dampness, leaving your bathroom pleasant and dry. You should know a few items before you purchase a moisture absorber.

Remember, the larger the absorber, the more damp area it will cover. You should also be aware that the absorber will not absorb all the dampness from the air.

The crystals can only be used a few times before they become saturated and stop drinking.

5. Keep the Bathroom Door Opened

bathroom door opened

Here’s a little tip to make your bathroom smell better. It’s a costless and straightforward method to ventilate your bathroom is to open the door.

The ventilation from the door opening will evaporate the moisture from the air and keep your bathroom smelling fresh!

This will work if you do it every few minutes. It’s important to ventilate bathrooms because you don’t want the moisture to build up, or else you’ll have a big mess, and no one wants that!


How to properly ventilate a bathroom without a window. Good ventilation is essential for your family’s health, especially if there are young children in the house.

It is also a legal requirement for your home to be proper ventilation in the bathroom. This is to avoid the chance of you and your family developing health problems from breathing dirty air.

Unfortunately, not all bathrooms have windows.

If your bathroom does not have windows, you will need to get the air to circulate using a fan. It is best to use an exhaust fan to avoid the air in the bathroom becoming stale.

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