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Get Rid Of Fleas Without Bombing

Get rid of fleas without bombing. Sprays, bombs, and fumigators are useless. They don’t work. You’re better off spending your money on something that helps you get rid of fleas.

Instead of using these ineffective products, we recommend deep cleaning carpets and furniture with a natural powder.

Plus, an infestation can also be transferred from one place to another if it’s not taken care of promptly because fleas’ eggs can lay dormant for several months before emerging as new adults in warm shelters after being spread by adults fleas.

So here’s a guide for getting your apartment flea-free without having to resort to those pesky sprays, foggers, and bombs that may prove too dangerous for you and your little ones.

Get Rid Of Fleas Without Bombing

how to get rid of fleas without bombing

1. Treat Your Pets For Fleas

Pets are the primary carriers of fleas that sneak into your home daily. This can be problematic as they tend to spread disease and ticks throughout your house and garden if you don’t treat them quickly.

If your pet has come into contact with fleas, you should immediately consult a vet. In the case of finding yourself suddenly with an infestation despite having no pets, wildlife like opossum and raccoons may have taken up residence in your attic or garden, leaving fleas behind when they move on.

However, suppose you live in an apartment building. In that case, this problem is unlikely to occur due to increased security measures such as regular checks for animal nests or signs of entry through windows by our pest control team, so you won’t need to worry about this problem occurring too often.

2. Wash Your Pet’s Beds

Wash all of your pet accessories in hot water. The chances are that fleas and larvae might be making a home for themselves in them. Washing your pet accessories will get rid of unwanted guests.

3. Soft Furnishings Should Be Steam Cleaned

Vacuum cleaning doesn’t solve the problem of fleas inside a home. It can remove a few adult fleas, but it doesn’t get to the root of the issue: their eggs, pupa, and larvae.

A steam cleaner is better at combating flea infestations than a vacuum because the heat produced by steam cleaners breaks down the flea eggs, larvae, and pupae into jelly.

This makes it easier to vacuum up! Next, take your vacuum cleaner and go over spots on rugs and carpets cleaned with the steam cleaner to ensure they are free of anything left behind by the steam cleaner you just used.

Afterward, if you see any remaining debris following vacuuming after using a steam cleaner, repeat this step as many times as necessary until all of your floors are clear of any flea remains!

Finally, remember to wash all bedding that comes in contact with pets in hot water (120 degrees).

4. Clean Your Floors And Furniture

Fleas love your floor. Fleas will live on the floor and wait to get onto a host. If there are cracks in your feet, fleas will stay hidden in the gaps until they can latch onto a host.

Fleas can lay eggs there too! One of eleven ways to kill those pesky critters is with soapy water or dish soap and white vinegar mixed, as some call it, “Flea Tea!”

Be sure to clean all surfaces thoroughly, such as behind furniture and inside them. Take things apart if you have to as well because flea eggs could be hiding anywhere!

Seal up any gaps in your flooring so fleas cannot get back into your apartment year after year.

5. Diatomaceous Earth Can Be Spread

Diatomaceous earth is an insecticidal powder that exteriorly penetrates the hard outer shells of insects like fleas.

Diatomaceous earth will absorb the moisture and oils that keep them alive until they eventually die from dehydration.

Sprinkle diatomaceous earth around your house, and let it sit for 30 minutes to an hour. It’ll instantly kill any fleas in the area that happen to be on your furniture or elsewhere.

Then you can use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of any particles left behind by the diatomaceous earth.

6. Flea traps should be kept inside your home

Even one lone flea left inside your apartment could cause a massive infestation in the coming weeks. To avoid this, you’ll need to use specific traps like indoor flea traps designed to catch crawling fleas.

One should place these traps throughout your home, especially in your bedroom. The sticky traps will attract any fleas still hiding nearby, and they’ll get stuck on command when they make contact with it.

How Long Does It Take To Get Rid Of Fleas?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it’s essential to get rid of fleas more than once to keep them away.

The fleas need another two or three treatments and around five or more days between each to make their way out of your apartment.

Remember, an apartment isn’t like a house – apartments usually don’t have yards, which most of the flea problems come from.

As long as you pick up after your pets or use specifically labeled medications for them, you’ll find that this will help you naturally get rid of any infestations that might happen.

To help keep yourself safe when dealing with animals and pets, be sure to stick to the steps mentioned above twice a month so that you’ll have everything covered.

Remember – Always follow your doctor’s instructions.

When Is It Time To Call A Pest Control Expert For Flea Removal?

Tiny biting bugs like fleas can be hard to get rid of because small surprises like these can add up quickly, especially if you overlook the signs of the invasion.

Therefore, it’s crucial for any homeowner who has a recurring flea infestation problem to reach out and find a professional pest controller sooner than later.

With today’s busy schedule, it may seem like your time is better spent elsewhere but at this point, keeping your home or apartment free from fleas is more critical.

No matter what needs to take priority in your life, especially if it’s going to save you a headache in the long run.

Can Flea Sprays Be Used To Get Rid Of Fleas In Your Apartment?

Flea spray can only be 100% effective when they make physical contact with the fleas. Because most of us don’t know how to tell when a flea’s been killed by looking, we have no way of knowing whether our flea spray is alive or dead.

Sometimes, these fleas can get very good at evading these sprays altogether. Ironically, it sometimes causes more problems than it solves, so we would not suggest using them.

You might accidentally alert other fleas nearby, which leads to more hiding and, therefore, more bug problems overall.


Get rid of fleas without bombing. When it comes to getting rid of fleas in apartment buildings, flea bombs are risky. They can make the infestation worse; plus, they aren’t likely to destroy all of the pesky insects entirely or keep them from crawling back into your home and invading again.

In this guide, you’ve learned the best and most efficient ways to eradicate a flea infestation from your apartment using natural items around the house! Remember that it may take two or more tries before all fleas are entirely gone, but if you stay persistent, your efforts will eventually pay off as ours did.

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