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Fruit Flies In Refrigerator

Fruit flies in refrigerator. This post will reveal the reasons behind the tiny, dead bugs found in your refrigerator.

Not only do their corpses contaminate and make your foodstuff smell bad, but they can also spread to other food or drinks.

Fruit Flies In Refrigerator

Fruit flies are attracted to overly ripe and sweet smelling items. They can be found near your fruit bowl, in the refrigerator or even in sinks where food particles may have been disposed of.

The key is to remove the source of flies from your home, and then place traps/bait near locations where you find fruit flies congregating.


gnats bugs

Gnats are pesky tiny flying insects that fly everywhere and become a nuisance during certain times of the year.

These minor, black bugs come into your home because there’s food for them in the form of organic waste or dampness, which they use to create more gnats.

Gnats generally hang out near kitchen sinks where they get water and food. Let’s look at what causes gnats to come into your home and some ways to prevent this pest problem from happening again.

Gnats can enter a home through gaps and cracks in the place where the gasket is located. The most common place to find holes that allow bugs, gnats and other unwanted insects are around the seal at the bottom of the refrigerator door.

Gnats will die if they can’t get out of the refrigerator once they enter, so that’s why you may have found dead gnats inside your fridge on more than one occasion.

Freezing food can kill them as well. Although these harmful pests tend to congregate inside refrigerators, they only enter homes when humans do because.

Unlike many other insects that travel from one location to another; gnats are not strong flyers, meaning it’s unlikely for them to enter your home and make their way into your kitchen on their own.

Drain Flies

drain files

Darn flies. Those tiny bugs that fly about in your house, making it almost impossible to enjoy relaxing at home, are pesky.

You know the drill. They’re greyish and moth-like, with no visible wings, and they’ll lay their eggs in the stinky gunk that gets clogged up in your bathroom, kitchen, basement and laundry room drains.

It can be found at the bottom of your fridge just above the compressor too, where there’s a condensation pan (also known as a water drip pan).

The water dripping from a small pipe comes from melting ice inside your freezer. When you take out something like fish or meat to thaw or cook, it smells particularly pungent or rubbery when chilling out in your freezer for any length of time.

That smell, and any water sitting in the drip pan, can attract drain flies. Drain flies love that smells because they’re able to find damp waste where they can lay their eggs.

The drain flies crawl up the fridge hose and into your refrigerator, which phorid flies can also invade through that same route.

When these drain flies lie down flat on their backs and spread out their wings, it’s a signal that they’ve been attracted by all of your tasty food stored in your refrigerators.

Baby Cockroaches

baby cockroaches

Baby roaches are a sure sign of the presence of a roach infestation in your home.

Depending on the size of the gaps where they came inside, the creature may even find its way into a refrigerator or freezer.

Because they can survive in extreme temperature conditions and get inside just about anywhere undetected.

It is recommended that you call pest control professionals if you spot any dead baby roaches to prevent an infestation from happening and to make sure that it’s exterminated correctly.

Fruit Flies

fruit flies

Fruit flies get inside your house when you have fruits and vegetables inside plastic bags or jugs that are processed, rotten or left open for long periods.

Because fruit flies know that these materials offer the worst kind of conditions for living, they also attract other insects to move in.

To be more specific, large populations of insects are directed to live inside our different types of fridges thanks in part to the light and warm air that radiates from them.

As soon as these bugs find a place, they will start multiplying and being very active.

Ways of Preventing Bugs in the Fridge

  1. Clean and unclog drains to kill drain flies and roaches.
  2. Gnats and other bugs can be removed from your yard or garden by cleaning them.
  3. Protect your windows from flying insects by installing window shields.
  4. Make Sure Your Kitchen And Pantry Are Clean.
  5. Place sticky fly traps in different corners of your home.

Are the tiny bugs in the fridge infectious?

Flies can spread and carry infectious diseases such as typhoid or cholera, and it’s because they often travel over decaying and dead organic matter.

If you have a cat litter box in your home, you don’t want these flies swarming around your kitchen. They breed in the cat litter box, which is probably why there is so much of an issue with these bothersome insects being found in the fridges of homes that do have a cat litter box within them.

So yes, if you find any dead bugs on the food stored within your fridge, it’ll be best if you throw those foods out since they might be contaminated with flies that may have been buzzing around them during the night when no one was looking.


Fruit flies in refrigerator. It is not uncommon to see those annoying tiny insects in your refrigerator. You’d know what we are talking about once you see them or maybe even when they fly and fall dead into a pack of veggies you had set aside for dinner tonight. But you shouldn’t be surprised that these flies eventually end up inside your fridge, given how it’s stacked full with delicious food, which is, unfortunately, their favourite snack.

So really, sometimes it’s not the job of just a product manager but also home management. That’s because there are ways to help keep bugs either out of sight or prevent them from entering your living space altogether.

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