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Dishwasher stuck in auto mode

Dishwasher stuck in auto mode. One of the most annoying things about owning a new house is having to buy new appliances. Buying a new dishwasher is especially painful because the old one broke.

If you didn’t fix it right away, you might have spent weeks (or months) trying to get the same old dishwasher to work again. The Bosch Dishwasher is a fantastic appliance.

It’s easy to use, it cleans dishes well, and it gets great reviews. So what is wrong with it? Well, it has a tendency to stay stuck in auto mode.

If you have a dishwasher that’s running on auto mode, it can be a real pain. But if you do end up forgetting to turn it off, you’ll find yourself stuck on auto mode.

And if you don’t have a backup plan for this problem, you might not know what to do. So, we’ll walk through the steps to resetting the Bosch Dishwasher.

In this blog post, I’ll show you how to fix your dishwasher when it gets stuck on auto mode.

Dishwasher stuck in auto mode

dishwasher stuck in auto mode issue

Auto mode is a setting that will allow the dishwasher to keep running after the cycle has finished. The reason this is such a useful feature is that you don’t have to think about it. It just works.

While the feature is convenient, it does have a side effect. When the dishwasher is on auto mode, you won’t have to stop the cycle to clean the dishes.

However, this feature has a downside. If you forget to turn the machine off, you’ll have to start the cycle all over again.

What to do when your dishwasher stops working

When your dishwasher gets stuck in auto mode, you’ll have to take it to the shop to have it fixed. Otherwise, you’re not going to be able to use it at all.

You don’t want to wait until it’s too late, and then find out that there are some issues with the machine that can’t be fixed without a lot of expense.

We’ll show you how to get your dishwasher repaired and fixed on the cheap. If your dishwasher doesn’t work, there are many reasons why it could be broken.

Some of these reasons include:

Remove the Filter and Drain

removing dishwasher filter and drain

Dishwashers have a filter that catches bits of food and debris. It’s very important that the filter must be cleaned otherwise you will some other problems.

To remove the filter, follow these steps:

  1. Turn off the dishwasher.
  2. Clean the filter area and reattach it to the dishwasher.
  3. Turn the dishwasher on, and let it run for a few minutes.
  4. Close the door.
  5. Turn the dishwasher off, and wait a few minutes before turning it back on.
  6. Start a normal wash cycle.

Power Outage

This usually happens when the power is cut or the dishwasher is turned off accidentally. The drain hose is clogged.

You can clean the drain hose by removing it and shaking it out. Also, you can remove the detergent dispenser and pour out some of the detergents.

Check Power Supply

Before you start looking for solutions, make sure that your power supply is working. If it’s working fine, there’s no reason to spend any time on this. But if it’s not working, you’ll need to replace the power supply.

Check Power Supply’s Voltage

dishwasher power supply

Your power supply should provide at least 12 volts of voltage. But if your power supply can only provide 10 volts or less, you might want to consider replacing it.

Make sure that the voltage is stable, which means that you shouldn’t see fluctuations.

Replace the Water Pump

The Bosch dishwasher has a water pump that controls the flow of water. If this pump stops working, the dishwasher will stay in auto mode.

Here’s how to replace the water pump:

Step 1: Turn off the dishwasher.

Step 2: Remove the two screws on the bottom of the dishwasher.

Step 3: Lift the front panel and remove the bolts holding the panel to the rest of the dishwasher.

Step 4: Using a Phillips screwdriver, unscrew the four screws holding the water pump to the side of the dishwasher.

Step 5: Slide the pump out of the dishwasher and put it on a flat surface.

Step 6: Unscrew the two retaining bolts that hold the new pump to the dishwasher.

Step 7: Reattach the two retaining bolts and slide the new pump into the dishwasher.

Step 8: Reinstall the dishwasher’s front panel and tighten the screws.


Dishwasher stuck in auto mode. In this case, the user tried to power on the dishwasher using the button and then went to try to manually cycle the dishwasher. However, after three attempts at manually cycling the dishwasher, the user was unable to do so. When this happens, the user needs to reset the dishwasher. After removing the screws, the user should remove the top panel by pulling it up.

This should reveal the reset switch. The user should then place their finger on the reset switch and turn it clockwise until it stops moving. Finally, the user should press and hold the reset switch for 30 seconds and then release it

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