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How To Stop Dogs From Digging Under Fence

How to stop dogs from digging under fence? A digging dog can be a real nuisance, especially if they’re digging into your neighbor’s backyard or, worse, digging their way out onto the street.

It may be tempting to fence off the problem area as a solution to keeping your dog from getting into some trouble, but sometimes that solution may not work for all needs.

Sometimes putting up a fence is like building a wall around you, and sometimes you need more answers than just wholly stopping them from doing the thing that is causing you trouble.

You might think it’s a losing battle trying to motivate your dog to stop digging under the fence or in the backyard, but there are plenty of ways that might help solve this problem.

How To Stop Dogs From Digging Under Fence

different ways to stop dogs from digging under fence

You might think your dog is acting out because he’s mad at you or defying you, but really what’s happening is that he’s bored! Dogs like to dig in sandy soil, but not just any sand will do.

It has to be soft enough so they can lie on their backs and get their bellies rubbed by the owner , which is something they love.

To help prevent boredom from occurring in the first place, try training your dog to fetch instead of allowing him to dig up your yard and risk ingesting dirt and other contaminants into his body.

And above all else, remember that it’s not about how cute it looks when Fido does it! It’s about keeping him safe.

1. Check Why Your Dog’s Digging

Before you even think about trying to stop your dog from digging, it’s essential that you first get a better understanding of his reasons for doing so.

After all, not every dog digs because he’s bored or lacks an outlet for his energy; some do so due to their natural tendencies as hunting dogs.

So before jumping directly into the nitty-gritty and trying out any of the methods in this guide, make sure you understand the why behind your dog’s behavior – otherwise, your efforts may be futile or only temporary.

2. Make a Digging Zone

Dogs are tough to handle, especially when they have a knack for digging up different parts of your home or garden. This problem may need an extreme mode to be fixed effectively.

With this strategy, you’re making him an area where he can dig but still understand that he’s not allowed out of there.

There are times when it is inevitable, and you will come across stray holes on your lawn or garden beds.

You can teach your dog how to do his chores by just providing him with loose dirt so that you don’t have to worry about any home repairs at the same time.

Make sure, though, that the earth does not get easily washed away because dogs are known for their strong sniffer, which may make them dig even more than usual.

Once your pet finds his hiding spot due to digging, praise him immediately when he does what he was asked for.

3. Give Plenty of Exercise to Dog

If you have a dog, you’ll know how much they love to keep themselves, and their owners entertained. There are many ways to do just that, and we would like to take some time to share with you some of our personal favorites.

We walk with Fido at least twice a day, maybe 3 or 4 times during the weekends if we feel like it.

We love playing with Fido using active toys such as Frisbee’s because they are not only fun but allow us both to exercise too.

So really, any activity that is played out in the open has the potential of keeping everyone physically active as well!

Another great idea might be consulting with a dog trainer on making their friend do cool things like tricks and shows, which will expend some of their ‘puppy’ energy.

4. Humanely Fence Burrowing Animals Out of Your Yard

If you feel like your dog is digging, then you might want to take some steps that keep burrowing animals from getting into your yard.

As a dog owner, you don’t want to use anything toxic because of the likelihood that it could poison your pet.

You can try something like a mixture of pepper and garlic to get rid of the rodents in your yard, and it can help keep them away from digging in your yard and curb their behavior.

To prevent burrowing animals from getting into your property, you can also try using something like chain-link fencing or bury the chicken wire at least six inches down around the perimeter of your flowerbeds.

5. Ignore the Bad and Praise the Good

If your dog is digging at you to get your attention, then maybe you should consider giving them more of it! Start by walking them twice a day rather than just once.

If it seems like they’re getting enough attention from you, then you can start looking into other methods for curbing this problem.

Ignore their attempt to get you to pay any negative attention and give them effusive praise when they do something good.

Also, make sure they have plenty of fun toys to play with so that they stay entertained and busy and learn that only positive behavior will be rewarded with the undivided attention of their owner.

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