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Different types of closet doors

Different types of closet doors. When it comes to closet doors, there are numerous options to choose from that could make all the difference when it comes to determining how you will want to use your bedroom.

It is also vital that you determine what types of doors would be best for your home. Some doors are ideal for smaller spaces, while others would look better in spacious dorm rooms or guest bedrooms.

In order to maximize functionality and make the most out of your bedroom interior design project, you should determine how some different styles of doors could affect how you use the space and what sorts of doors would work best with your unique home style.

Different types of closet doors

accordion closet doors

If you’re trying to remold your home or find a new style for a space, changing its doors can be the perfect place to start.

Doors can change the visual aesthetic of any space, and they often have functional purposes as well. Here are some types of closet doors:

Accordion Doors

These sliding wardrobe doors are great for rooms like lofts or apartments where space is at a premium!

They open in a very similar fashion to an accordion, with multiple narrow folding panels moving together at once when pushed open.

These operate similarly to panel doors – they are essentially hanging from the top portion of the frame and slide along a single track which runs permanently across the width of your room when opened and closed.

These tend to be less expensive than panel doors and do not always ship with hardware that can be used to secure them in place.

Bi-Fold Doors

bi fold closet doors

Bi-fold doors are considered an upgrade to traditional sliding closet doors. Bi-fold closet doors can be two or four separate panels which fold in on each other as you slide them open.

The unique advantage to these is that when the door is slid all the way open, you’ll be able to see the entire contents of your closet all at once (no opening and closing individual doors).

The disadvantage to this, though, is that they do open out into the bedroom slightly, therefore making them not such a good space saving option as sliding doors.

Sliding Doors

sliding closet doors

Sliding closet doors are still a popular design option for home closets, but they have evolved over the years.

They typically have vertical sliding or folding parts and can be very affordable, especially when compared to hinged options.

These panels slide into channels in the walls of the closet, allowing you to either open one door or both depending on your preference.

These doors also typically provide better security than regular closets because they cannot be opened from the outside of the room unless you first remove them completely.

Barn Doors

barn closet doors

The barn door is a type of door that offers an interesting focal point to a space in addition to its use as a closet.

Perfect for rustic, industrial or eclectic styles, the barn door will become exposed if it’s left open which works especially well if you want your home to be seen as having a sense of transparency and accessibility.

As sliding doors are installed on tracks, the barn door tends to run on one track with regularly spaced horizontal slats so as to hang vertically when open.

The horizontals, such as this style with vertical slats vs. horizontal ones as is often seen in regular doors, makes them perfect for sliding between shorter spaces like walls .

Pocket Doors

pocket closet doors

Pocket closet doors work just like sliding doors, but instead of one door sliding behind the other, with pocket doors, one door will slide into the wall.

These are great space-saving solutions to the problem of sliding doors which prevent users from being able to see all contents inside their closet at once because they only have room for one door.

With pocket doors installed in your home you’ll also be able to fit more things inside your closet.

Pocket doors are very high-quality and require less effort to install than other types of closet doors do.

Pocket doors get their name from their ability to fold into the walls; by folding away into the walls it works as a space saver and doesn’t take up any floor space when opened.

These types of closet doors aren’t usually found in low-end homes; usually high house prices mean more rooms and features are included within them meaning that there is more money available for products.

French Doors

french closet doors

French doors can be used for a lot of things. We particularly like them as closet doors because they’re just too gorgeous!

They come in a lot of different styles, but we really recommend getting one that has a double door which makes it easier to find and put on the clothes you want quickly before running out the door.

French doors are great because they make your walk-in closet feel more spacious than it already is by allowing additional light in.

Also by showing off everything inside of your closet at once, making it easier for those of us who need more time to get dressed in the mornings.

Pivot Doors

pivot closet doors

Sometimes a little extra clearance is needed when it comes to doors in existing settings.

In homes where space is not an issue, pivot doors just might work well and they are a much simpler option.

A pivot door consists of a single fitting that connects the top and bottom of the side swinging entry door.

This can make them feel very easy to swing open like there is hardly any hardware at all involved even though they are more complicated to install.

Now unfortunately all that craftily engineered, super advanced hardware costs more than simple kinds of closet doors so these kinds of opening mechanisms tend to cost more than other style closet doors too but we think with some prettifying that’s almost to be expected.

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