9 Smart Ways to Improve Home Indoor Air Quality

9 smart ways to improve home indoor air quality. Clean and fresh air is suitable for a healthy life as the pollutant air is harmful to the health.

According to research, scientists have found that indoor air is much more pollutant than outdoor air if it’s not fresh.

There are certain measures which we can use to improve air quality and we are here to describe 9 smart ways to improve home indoor air quality.

Due to pandemics, people spend most of the time at home, and according to Environmental Protection Agency, the air we breathe is at home for most of the time is much more crucial than the everyday pollution out there.

Unhealthy air quality impacts our health like irritation, fever, headache and many other allergies. It can also cause some severe diseases like respiratory issues, bronchitis and possibly cancer.

Therefore, we’ve researched some of the smart ways to improve home indoor air quality, which will minimize pollutant air particles.

9 Smart Ways to Improve Home Indoor Air Quality

9 smart ways on how to improve home indoor air quality

Here are 9 smart ways through which you can improve indoor air quality:

1. Keep the Windows open for a While

Fresh air is healthy for your lungs. Using the fresh air, you breathe more profound and more air into your lungs.

This helps your cells get more oxygen and allows the lungs to help expel more toxins, allowing your lungs to detoxify from the inside.

AS you know that often when we use different liquids to clean the indoor, these cleaners contain chemicals. Therefore, keeping the windows open can also let out these particles automatically.

In this way, you can quickly get rid of toxins by keeping the windows open often.

2. Buy a Vacuum Cleaner

We often go outside for some work like shopping, office or a daily walk. Dust can come even; it can come from nowhere. Vacuum cleaners are the best way to suck the dust and other particles from the carpets, floors, furniture and upholstery.

We recommend you buy a high-quality vacuum cleaner as it will help you clean in detail and will last longer which makes it one of the smart ways to improve home indoor air quality.

3. Bring the Plants

indoor plants to improve air quality

Plants purify the air and reduce fatigue, stress, anxiety, boost healing, and improve focus. They can absorb the dust and other harmful particles from furniture, carpets and the kitchen.

Some of the recommended air purifying Indoor plants are Bamboo Palm, Pot Mum and Gerbera Daisy.

4. Use Dehumidifier

Purifying the indoor air using a dehumidifier is one of the most acceptable artificial ways. Thanks to dehumidifier, it can automatically maintain humidity level indoors, reduce musty odors and dust, reduces mold occurring in households and reduce the chances of allergies.

5. Reconsider the Paint

Like the other things at home, Paint also has a life after that it should be renewed. Before having new Paint, consider few things:

  • Water-based paints are safe to use.
  • Avoid oil-based paints as they can irritate skin and eyes.
  • Volatile Organic Compounds can cause health issues. Buy the colours having LOW VOC or ZERO VOC.

Some suggested paints are Graphenstone Ecosphere Lime Eco Paint, Natura Interior Paint and i300 Interior Paint.

6. Buy an Air Purifier

Numerous health benefits are associated with the air purifiers depending upon the indoor air. If you are a pet’s lover, an air purifier is a must-buy for you to breathe fresh air as it contains layered filters.

Which absorb the partials such as animals’ fur, allergen particles etc. and give out the fresh air to breathe.

We have discussed Best Air Purifier in detail. Do give it a read for a depth understanding.

7. Use natural ways to clean the internal air

A toxic chemical named formaldehyde is present in daily used items like shampoo, soap, glues and insecticides etc., which can irritate, coughing and even asthma in severe cases. Try to use chemicals free ways to clean indoor things.

We suppose the following natural ways to clean indoor air

  • Buy a crystal salt as it can pull out toxins and neutralize them.
  • Use activated charcoal because it has high absorbing ability, and it is odorless too.
  • Mix essential oils like lemon, grapefruit and thyme in soaps and detergents as they can kill bacteria.

8. Make sure to keep the house smoke free

Smoking harms the people around more than the one who is smoking; that’s why it is banned in public places due to toxic smoke particles. Also, its smell remains on walls, furniture and clothes, which is unethical.

If you are a smoker and can’t live without smoking, make sure to go outside to smoking. Keep others safe around.

9. Have a proper ventilation system

The proper ventilation system is good to go if we know how to utilize it. The best way is to have a balanced ventilation system.

It’s upon us that how to use it. Generally, in balanced ventilation system exhaust the indoor air from the areas where the pollutants are generated, like the bathroom and kitchen.

On the other hand, let the fresh air in from the areas in the home where there is significantly less chance of pollutants like bedrooms, kids room and living room.


The air that we breathe inside of our homes can affect us just as much as the air outside of our homes. Yet, many people don’t realize how much of an impact the air in their homes can have on them.

We hope that this blog post has provided you with some tips to improve your home’s indoor air quality so that you and your family can breathe easier inside your home.

Thank you for reading. Have a nice day!

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