Best Spray Paint For Glass

Best spray paint for glass. Paint probably isn’t the first thing to mind when covering up scratches on your coffee table.

However, while spray paint is often reduced to its capacity to cover up a wall quickly, that image doesn’t quite do the ability of this product justice.

You can use several brands and variations of this material to add that special finishing touch to your furniture pieces at home.

This guide will assist you in making the right decision as we explore different products and offer pointers in securing quality brand spray paints for plastic and other materials like wood, water glasses, and car windows.

8 Best Spray Paint For Glass

1. Krylon Stained Glass Spray Paint

krylon stained glass spray paint

If you’re looking for a coating to give your glass project that stained glass look, Krylon Stained Glass has the reputation and range of products you need to get the job done.

However, if the air temperature is above 85 degrees Fahrenheit, we strongly recommend using different spray paint.

Above this temperature, Krylon’s Stained Glass spray paint might be more challenging to use, and you might find yourself applying more coats than intended.

So it’s best not to take these risks. When used as directed, though, Krylon’s Stained Glass spray paints can be applied quickly and allow good layering of color, which may even give your design a frosted rather than a solid-color appearance, if desired.

2. Design Master Metallic Spray Paint

design master metallic spray paint

If you use Design Master’s DM241 Premium Metallic Spray Paint, Rose Gold on a glass surface, it will be everything you had hoped for!

It is a rose gold paint that can also work on other characters. This product works perfectly as a great way to restore old glass containers or freshly purchased ones so that you can create painted art and different designs.

Unfortunately, if dribbles or smears get in the way of your plan, they may show up when it dries, so make sure you are careful during application.

If applied correctly, your piece should look like flower petals were delicately “sprayed” onto your chosen surface.

3. Rust-Oleum Spray Paint

rust-oleum spray paint

This metallic-spray paint is number two on my list doesn’t mean it’s second best. If you fancy a metallic finish, then this product is arguably one of the most exciting products for spray painting glass and other materials that you can try.

The advantage of a small-scale DIY project, this best spray paint for glass covers over 12 feet – ideal for a handful of glass mason jars that I can use in my home or even for craft projects!

It’s safe to use on non-porous surfaces such as glass or metal, wood, and even drywall, making home improvement and scrapbooking projects possible.





minwax water-based clear spray

Although not commonly used for glass, this clear water-based spray can work on glass and plastic ornaments. Boasting ultra-fast drying time – the product is formulated to make your projects more efficient.

I like how I can use this for home decorations, DIY costumes, and scrapbooking! One thing to note is that because it’s less gloopy than other paints, you’ll need to keep moving your hand as you apply it.

Otherwise, you’ll end up with an uneven finish. Otherwise, don’t be afraid to try out this paint with any project.

The Minwax Wood Finish is an ideal protective gloss for indoor and outdoor wooden surfaces; it is formulated to penetrate the wood pores and hardens through a chemical reaction that adheres and seals the cellulose of the wood surface.

This best spray paint for glass protects, beautifies, preserves, offers superior UV light protection, and dries quickly. This product includes a safrole-free balsam turpentine substitute made by FMC or yet another trademark holder in this product category to help reduce VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

5. Seymour MRO Spray Paint

seymour mro spray paint

One of the best paint sprays I have used is this industrial-strength product. It provides solid coverage with a single coat. It provides reliable coverage and thus saves me money.

In terms of versatility, this spray paint has many uses. It can be used in home, industrial, marine, and construction applications and is also suited for indoor and outdoor work with walls, doors, boats, and even roofs.

The fact that it can withstand the weather makes it ideal for all kinds of surfaces, including plastic or household items, so long as you protect them when painting begins.

Seymour of Sycamore is an award-winning company that develops high-performance industrial coatings. As a leader in the industry, Seymour’s specialty is using advanced technologies to build one of the most advanced spray-on polyurethane coatings on the market, an alternative to standard aerosol spray paint.

This maintenance coating provides three to six times more coverage than individual metal or plastic pieces. It will protect your materials from rust and other abrasions even under harsh weather conditions.

Seymour has been recognized for our products’ innovations and our corporate responsibility initiatives – such as greening our industrial coatings with waterborne resins instead of conventional solvent-based pigments.

6. Krylon Stained Glass Aerosol Paint

krylon stained glass aerosol paint

This is an adhesive spray that is formulated specifically for glass. This can be used on any surface that’s made of glass.

By utilizing a translucent formula, tiles can maintain the same aesthetic appearance but at the same time provide a little bit of color and interest to the surface as well. It also helps to provide privacy, unlike when you use paint on it.

This best spray paint for glass can be used outdoors, too, if you are willing to purchase an additional protective coating that will seal the sprayed glass or have this applied indoors only!

You can apply more than one layer of this to attain your desired color, depending on how deep you want your shade of tinting to be.

Follow instructions well because each layer must dry before another coat can be applied. It cannot be used on lightbulbs, though, nor should it come into contact with heat sources as it would melt quickly.

7. Krylon Sea Glass Spray Paint

krylon sea glass spray paint

This semi-translucent paint can provide you with the perfect tumbled ocean wave appearance for any piece of blemished furniture or household item you’d like to animate.

Just paint it on and watch your ordinary piece of glass or ceramic become a work of art. Apply carefully in several thin layers until the desired color appears, whatever that may be!

There will typically be some waiting time between each application—typically around 20 to 30 minutes unless appropriate modifications are made.

These paints are intended for interior use only and may take more effort to apply appropriately if used outside.

They cannot withstand high humidity levels or water, so it’s crucial to maintain them accordingly under these specific conditions.

8. Montana Cans Crackle Effects Spray

best spray paint for glass in 2022

Sometimes, flat colors can look dull, especially when you want to bring a room together into something that pops. If you’re enjoying your house to bring out more life, one solution is texture.

The good news is, though. For example, you don’t have to rely on other tools to add texture, like, a different kind of tool or an application.

Montana Cans has crackle effects spray that will work for you to get the surface that makes this product stand out from all the rest!

You won’t even have to worry about what application is being used with sandpaper getting expensive either when it comes down to getting a specific look just right.

This best spray paint for glass can give even professional textures a run for their money. It lets people who are amateur at such things achieve something highly polished and neat glancing.

Which is always helpful when people need their projects to be done in a timely fashion.

Buying Guide – Best Spray Paint For Glass

Choosing the best spray paint for glass can be very tricky. The cans are usually just sitting there on shelves like packages of toilet paper, but their colors and patterns don’t always match the kinds of things you want to color!

Yet, from another angle, you might find it much easier to choose a product that matches the type of item you wish to paint instead of going back and rebuying it later. Below are some tips for anyone looking for the right spray paint for their next project:

1. Color

In projects and art-making, painting is one of the most important aspects because, depending on the color, it can make or break a project piece entirely.

Different kinds of paint offer various pigments, paints, and color palettes. When deciding which paint to get for your projects, you want to make sure your perfect mixture of color pigment and density suits your needs when applying it to your project pieces.

2. Designed for Purpose

Spray paint for glass can be used for many different things, but it is most commonly used on windows. Spray paint will almost always require an additional primer or undercoat to provide a barrier so that the spray does not pull away from the window as it dries and paints over the glass.

This primer coat helps protect your surfaces from damage caused by oil-based paint and ensures that you get a lovely glossy finish every time.

Some spray paints are meant to provide different finishes, such as various tints and levels of glossiness.

3. Types of Paint

There are different paints that you can use for glass projects. One one the most versatile styles of color, is paint spray (or aerosol, if you want to get technical).

It’s easy to apply and comes in various thicknesses – putting it on like a coat of armor over all kinds of surfaces, the glass ones included, and wood.

Liquid paint that comes in quart or gallon cans, however, brings the inconvenience of having to use a swimming pool-sized amount of paint support equipment so as not to need a ladder and a pair of goggles on hands more than two people.

If not used properly, they may contaminate your work environment and require an additional form to include some reflective properties on any surface at all.

4. Drying time

The amount of time it can take for a coat of spray paint to dry will directly correlate to how long the entire project takes.

A color with a shorter drying time will reduce how long you have to wait between coats and polish the final product faster.

Yes, even if you’re okay with waiting a long time between coats because you’ve got many things going on, wet paint will attract and capture dust particles that can leave your work looking just plain dirty at the end of it all. A fast-drying paint means a clean job that you can be proud of.

5. Cost

Having the right tool is half the battle, but it’s essential not to fall into spending your money on devices that don’t cater to your needs.

For many DIY enthusiasts, for whatever reason, spray paint comes to mind when glass etching comes up in conversation; and while masking off areas could be done with tape or paper towels, it’s not a necessity.

A quicker alternative would be a type of acrylic sealant that will protect the surface longer, and in turn, you won’t have to replace it as often.

Make sure that whatever you purchase suits your needs to save yourself time rather than doing all of this again later on.


What is the drying time of paint spray on glass?

The time it takes for paint to dry depends on several factors. If the color is being applied in thin coats at a warm temperature without much humidity, it should take less than an hour to dry.

However, if there’s a large amount of moisture or the temperature is colder, more time will be needed to make sure everything is thoroughly dried.

Is it possible to remove spray paint from glass?

If you’ve made a mistake while painting the windows or want to repaint them, you can easily forget about the old paint. The easiest way to do this is by using a nail polisher.

First, dip your soft cloth in nail polish and then use it to scrub against your sprayed window. The paint should start loosening on its own, and you will be able to remove all of it soon.

Is ordinary paint effective on glass?

It isn’t brilliant to use ordinary paint on glass. Paint is not a good fit for glass surfaces because it will not adhere to the non-porous surface, and its stickiness will quickly diminish once dry.

Though it may look painted, if you touch the glass that has been painted with ordinary paints, you’ll note it peels off easily. Even exposure to humidity or sunlight can cause damage over time.

What is the best way to fix spray paint on glass?

Painting inside the glass of an object is difficult. Often, rougher paints can be difficult to remove as they have a thick edge without actually being fleshy.

Using a razor blade and some nail polish can work wonders. The nail polish helps to get rid of the paint, and in some cases, you will not even have to scrub to get rid of it completely.


Best spray paint for glass. Krylon’s spraying paints are top-notch. Whatever paint job you’re looking to do, Krylon is a great brand to start with. Among the best Krylon spray paints on the market are their Stained Glass Spray Paint and their Sea Glass Spray Paint in our recommendations. If you’re looking for another color that Krylon offers, check out other Krylon stain and color options!

Our personal favorite was the Design Master DM241 Premium Metallic Spray Paint because it offers a gorgeous rose gold shade for glasswork. Rust-Oleum’s 11 Ounce Specialty Spray, Sea Frosted Glass, goes on too thick and leaves drips which is why we rated it last among the spray paints we reviewed.

But if your design requires something more, dense with the texture, you might like this option. Reapply an epoxy finishing clear coat to extend the life of your design.

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