Refrigerator Making Knocking Noise

Refrigerator making knocking noise. Refrigerators can be a bit loud at times. It’s important to realize that the noises usually do not indicate any serious problems with your fridge overall.

However, you might hear booming or popping every once in a while as if something’s banging inside your machine.

If you hear this knocking noise, check your cooling fan and compressor first because they are most likely the cause of the problem.

Before working on those parts, ensure that whatever’s inside your refrigerator isn’t knocking into walls when it loses its equilibrium due to vibrations from your fan or compressor wheel.

You should also ensure that your fridge sits on a flat floor when doing maintenance work.

Refrigerator Making Knocking Noise

refrigerator making knocking noise issue 2022

We will discuss here the reasons for the knocking noise of the refrigerator.

1. Faulty compressor

As it circulates refrigerant throughout your refrigerator, the compressor is the main part that ensures proper operation.

If it breaks down, you might hear a knocking sound from your compressor, but don’t worry—it can be easily replaced.

However, they should only be repaired by a professional. They aren’t difficult to repair, especially if you take care not to let the device overheat because doing so might badly harm whatever part happens to break.

2. Faulty Condenser Fan

Your refrigerator’s compressor is not cooling correctly if it generates a knocking noise. Refrigerant is converted to a gas by the compressor, which then circulates it through the evaporator coil.

Once again, a liquid absorbs heat from the refrigerator’s inside and uses the fan to create chilly air. The temperature of your refrigerator may alter if loud knocks or thuds are produced by problems with the compressor or other nearby parts.

If the noise continues after you close the door, look around for any blockages created by anything that is kept there.

3. Faulty Evaporator Fan

Though it’s designed to keep food cool, you’ve recently observed that everything in your refrigerator is starting to rot.

There are several potential causes for this problem, but one of the most frequent ones is that the evaporator fan has developed a malfunction or is obstructed.

In turn, this will prevent your fridge from reaching its ideal temperature, aggravating the rotten state of your food across multiple meals.

Fortunately, determining whether a malfunctioning evaporator fan is the source of this problem by observing whether other components are beginning to warm up is usually rather simple (particularly the back wall near said part).

If so, it signifies that the evaporator fan needs to be replaced so that refrigeration may function properly.


Why does the sound of my refrigerator like a jackhammer?

If the banging sounds coming from behind a wall in your home lead you to the source of the disturbance by the water tap, plumbing work has likely been done.

There is a good probability that the materials may become loose if they are not handled or fastened correctly after performing any plumbing work to prevent any strain on them.

This may be what happened with the banging sounds you heard; the pipes loosened up and started moving around, leading to all those issues.

What is the average lifespan of a refrigerator?

There is some disagreement among sources regarding the longevity of home appliances like refrigerators.

According to some sources, they can last between 12 and 25 years, while others claim they can last between 10 and 25 years.

According to the US Department of Energy, household equipment, including refrigerators, typically lasts 12 to 20 years.


It’s vital to understand that the noises often do not signify any major issues with your fridge. But occasionally, you might hear popping or booming sounds as though something is banging within your machine. Check your cooling fan and compressor first if you hear these knocking sounds because they are almost certainly to blame.

Check to see if anything within your refrigerator isn’t crashing into walls when it loses equilibrium due to vibrations from your fan or compressor wheel before you begin working on those components. When performing maintenance on your fridge, you should also ensure that it is positioned on a flat surface. Hopefully, these tips and tricks can help you avoid many common problems associated with refrigerators and make yours last longer.

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