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Stove Igniter Keeps Clicking

Stove igniter keeps clicking. Gas stoves are an incredibly convenient way to cook a meal, especially when it comes down to something as simple as boiling water.

One of the downsides of cooking with gas is that you might notice a clicking sound coming from your stove sometimes.

When this happens, it signals that the electrode on the top of the burner has been activated, even though there isn’t anything placed on top of it.

The most common reason for this happening is if your stove is dirty. Here’s how you can clean off the burner heads and dispose of any residue build-up so that you’re no longer getting that annoying clicking or beeping sound whenever one of your burners doesn’t appear to be in use.

Stove Igniter Keeps Clicking

stove igniter keeps clicking 2022 guide

We will discuss here how we can stop the clicking.

Clean the Stove

A clicking gas stove can often be solved by removing grease and grime accumulated around the burner heads.

Of course, it is advisable to shut off the burner and ensure you are using a well-ventilated area during this process, as cleaning around the pilot light or other potentially harmful appliances might require.

To solve this issue, you must remove any corrosion or dirt built up over time around these areas and thoroughly wipe down all surfaces.

Igniters Click Due to Moisture

Like food particles, liquid spills can cause problems for the gas stove. When a pot boils over, you can face a clicking sound when you turn on the gas.

If this happens, turn off the power and clean up as best as possible. However, it can take some time to dry out all of the moisture from the igniters, which is one common cause of a shorted ignition switch.

Bad Spark Module

A spark module is located behind or between the burner control knobs when an electric ignition system is used. When the module fails, a high-pitched clicking noise is produced, and the burner fails to ignite.

The spark modules are offered separately, but you’ll need to replace them in most situations because they’re linked into the same wiring.

If you don’t want to risk getting shocked or burning yourself, you’ll have to unscrew the knobs and lift off the top with two hands.

It’s unnecessary to repair both lines if neither is damaged because it doesn’t matter if they’re connected or not – so read product descriptions carefully before purchasing new ones!

Burner Cap Misalignment

Every time you use your stove, the burner cap can get stuck to the burners because of how fast it heats up. Sometimes, this oil is left behind from cooking and will build up over time if you don’t clean it off adequately.

To get rid of the gunk, use a cleaning agent like dish soap or baking soda mixed with water and scrub around the area. Also, make sure that you check for food particles that might be stuck on!


Why does the stove igniter keep clicking?

Knowing how to identify the problem is one of the quickest and most effective remedies to a gas cooktop that is continually clicking despite being lit.

This can be as easy as removing the grate beneath the cooktop and looking for the cap. All you will need is a tool that can remove it to assess it with your naked eye better, then realign it properly for future use.

Why is my gas stove clicking and sparking?

The click is usually just caused by the spark electrode creating small sparks. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the gas is ignited at that instant.

It’s probably just releasing sparks to preheat itself. And it will start igniting when enough gas is combined with the right temperature and oxygen to produce a flame.

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