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LG washer leaking from soap dispenser

LG washer leaking from soap dispenser. LG washers are well known for their reliability and efficient performance. However, like any other appliance, LG washers may experience issues over time.

One common problem that some users face is a leak from the soap dispenser. This issue can lead to water damage to the surrounding area and may cause potential hazards such as electrical shock or even fire.

If you’re facing this issue with your LG washer, it’s essential to take immediate action to prevent further damage and resolve the problem.

We’ll explore the possible reasons why your LG washer is leaking from the soap dispenser and offer some solutions to fix the problem.

LG washer leaking from soap dispenser

LG washer leaking from soap dispenser 2022 fix

You need to follow the following steps to prevent your LG washer from leaking from the soap dispenser.

Step 1: Unplug the LG washer

If you face any leakage problem in your LG washer, your first step is to unplug the LG washer as it is an electrical appliance and works with electricity, so the first thing is to unplug it.

Doing work while electricity is on can be dangerous to you. Flip the circuit breaker to the washer and unplug it from all the power supplies. Also, wear safety googles and work gloves while opening the appliance.

Step 2: Remove the screws

The next step is to remove the screws. To do this process, you need the help of a screwdriver. Using a screwdriver will do your work in very less time. Make sure to remove the screws that run down the door seal.

Step 3: Remove the Dispenser drawer

After removing the screws then, you have to remove the dispenser drawer. Push the tab and unlock it while removing the dispenser drawer.

After removing this, you will see two Philips screws. Unthread these screws and remove them from the washer.

Step 4: Remove the housing

Remove the housing

The next step is to remove the control panel and the front panel of the washer.

Do this process carefully and cautiously remove the control panel to access the inside of the machine. In this, completely remove the front panel.

Step 5: Remove the crack dispenser

Now, remove the crack dispenser from the washer that is damaged and is causing the LG washer to leak.

Very cautiously and carefully remove the damaged dispenser so that you can place a new dispenser that has no leakage problem.

Step 6: Install the new dispenser

Now, finally, install the brand new dispenser in the washer. This is the final and last step. Reassemble the appliance and put the screws back.

Also, reconnect the wiring. Put the screws tightly and ensure no screws are loose because most of the time, loose screws can also leak the LG washer.


Can I replace the soap dispenser of my LG washer myself?

Yes, you can easily remove the damaged part of the LG washer. Now, you can also replace the dispenser of the LG washer all by yourself.

By following these steps, you can easily perform this work. Following the steps mentioned above, one can fix their LG washer without help from any professional.

Why is my LG washer leaking from the soap dispenser?

There can be many reasons why the dispenser of the LG washer is leaking. Sometimes, due to loose screws, the washer starts to leak.

So, sometimes due to overloading, the washer gets cracked, and due to these cracks, water starts to leak from the LG washer, which can cause problems.


A leak from the soap dispenser of your LG washer can be a frustrating and potentially dangerous issue. Ignoring the problem can lead to further damage and hazards such as water damage, electrical shock, or fire. We’ve discussed some of the possible reasons why your LG washer may be leaking from the soap dispenser and provided some solutions to fix the problem.

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