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Kitchen Remodeling On A Budget

Kitchen remodeling on a budget. Kitchens can cost a lot of money to redesign and remodel, but there are ways you can do it with a lower budget.

First, if you have some free time and talent, you could always DIY your kitchen. Second, there’s always the option of building on to your home rather than trying to give your existing kitchen a whole new look.

Another big factor that contributes heavily to the overall remodelling cost is the design- and style-related choices. For example, wooden cabinets may be aesthetically more pleasing in one kitchen than another.

Still, they will cost more than simple laminate countertops like Formica or go with plain white walls for simplicity’s sake (which is much cheaper than new paint)

So remember these things when making your decisions. You’ll also want to balance out “must-haves” with “nice to haves” realistically. The following tips will help you reduce the cost of your kitchen remodels.

Kitchen Remodeling On A Budget


1. Refresh Instead of Replacing Cabinets

refresh the cabinets

In general, all tear-out-and-replace projects are more expensive than projects that keep most materials. Kitchen cabinetry is a prime example of this.

New kitchen cabinets can be very expensive, especially if you need custom made pieces to fit your space.

Fortunately, there are ways to refresh your existing cabinets that are both eco friendly (because the old cabinets won’t end up in a dumpster) and cost-effective.

For example, many websites contain DIY tutorials for cabinet refacing, even if it involves tearing out every last bit of your old cabinet doors and replacing them with new ones with added features like additional shelves or modern technology like electrical outlets or USB ports.

Painting: When you’re thinking of how to renovate the kitchen, make sure that you look at what it would take to paint kitchen cabinets.

If you’re able to, given the amount of time in your schedule and other resources, then painting is an excellent way to update your cabinetry.

However, suppose you’re on a project that’s moving too fast to accommodate an extensive paint job or choose not to because it will skew your timeline for this stage of construction.

In that case, there are other options available, including using a vinyl wrap for kitchens.

Refacing: Getting new cabinets is generally more expensive than painting or refinishing the ones you have.

While it might be possible to do it at home (depending on your skill level and the available tools), it generally would be a cheaper option to pay professionals who have access to the proper machinery and materials needed to do this efficiently.

Refacing cabinets is becoming increasingly popular because it allows you to update the look of your kitchen without spending a lot of money.

Hardware: Sometimes, the cabinet doors look dated and need a refresh. However, it doesn’t have to be a full-on remodel – play around with new hardware!

For instance, by painting existing handles in bright colours, you can instantly make your kitchen seem more vibrant, so it doesn’t look so tired and old anymore.

Shelving: Instead of purchasing new cabinets or refinishing those you already have and potentially disrupting your kitchen’s style, consider installing some open shelving.

Shelves are inexpensive, and you can easily create a new display for them with the least effort.

2. Refurbish the Appliances

Many appliances were sent to landfills during a kitchen remodel in the past. Thankfully we now have the option of fixing up these once unwanted appliances and giving them a second chance.

Now municipalities have restrictions against sending devices directly to landfills or setting them out for curbside collection, so information about fixing home appliances is readily available.

There’s a thriving online marketplace for kitchen appliance parts. They are making it possible for many homeowners like you to refurbish your kitchen appliances rather than paying for a professional or spending money on something else new.

3. Maintain the same kitchen layout

maintain the same kitchen layout

Dramatically changing the kitchen layout is one sure way to increase your remodel budget. For instance, moving plumbing for the sink, dishwasher, or refrigerator entails hiring plumbers.

They’ll have to punch holes in your walls to run new pipes, which means additional costs for materials (in addition to the labour).

On the other hand, keeping your kitchen layout essentially the same while updating the elements within that framework is incredibly cost-effective.

You generally won’t have to add any new plumbing or electrical. You also can keep your existing flooring if you wish.

Flooring often doesn’t run under cabinets, so if you change the layout, you’ll have to deal with gaps in flooring and still, achieve a whole new look and feel in the space.

4. Take on some of the work yourself

Do-it-yourself home renovations allow for a massive cost-cutting perspective. As a homeowner, you will be entitled to the materials needed to complete the project without any labour expenses whatsoever.

A few exciting projects to consider: painting, flooring installation, changing outlets and lights, hanging drywall and installing trim.

Home improvement stores and local colleges often offer classes with video demonstrations or live how-to demonstrations that will teach you how to get the most out of your home renovation projects.

If you attend one of these classes, make sure to take notes and bring them home so you can refer to the class material to ensure your remodelling project goes smoothly.

In addition to cost or free courses, here are some other tips for choosing between hiring a professional kitchen remodelling contractor vs doing it yourself.

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