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How Much Does a Kitchen Cabinet Weigh

How much does a kitchen cabinet weigh Kitchen cabinets are the best way to organize things efficiently and smartly. Every kitchen has cabinets to store cooking utensils, dishes, dry food items, etc.

Cabinets can be designed to suit contemporary or traditional kitchens depending on the choice of the homeowner. So now you must have a question in your mind as to how much does a kitchen cabinet weigh?

The weight of a kitchen cabinet depends on its weight which varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

The weight of a cabinet depends on the size and material that it is made up of. For example, a 12″ wide x 12″ deep x 21″ high base cabinet will weigh around 53 pounds, while an 18″ wide x 18″ deep x 21″ high wall cabinet will weigh around 69 pounds approximately.

How Much Does a Kitchen Cabinet Weigh

Certain Factors that Determine the weight of the kitchen cabinet are given below:

factors determining weight of kitchen cabinet

Material Used

Different materials are used for manufacturing kitchen cabinets, such as wood, metal, glass, MDF, etc.; each material has a different weight associated with it which is added up while determining the final weight of the cabinet.

For example; A metal cabinet weighs around 80lbs, and a wood cabinet weighs around 100lbs.


The size of your kitchen cabinet is another factor that affects its weight. The bigger the size of the cabinet, the higher its weight will be and vice versa.

A standard 12″ deep by 36″ high by 30″ wide kitchen base cabinet has an average weight of 120 lbs, and a standard wall mounted 26″ wide by 34″ high with 15 drawers in the top section and two doors in the bottom section has an average weight of 170 lbs.

Number of Shelves

Different types of cabinets are available, such as roll-outs, corners, pantry, etc.; each type has multiple shelves for storing things that add up their weights to the final total.

For example; A roll-out cabinet having two shelves has an average weight of 65 lbs and a corner cabinet having four shelves has an average weight of 150 lbs.


Different types of cabinets, such as the base, wall, island, etc., also have drawers that may or may not be glided, contributing to their final weight.

For example; A wall cabinet with full extension ball bearing glides and without any shelf on the top drawer will weigh around 100 lbs where as a base cabinet with no glides and three shelves on the bottom section weighs around 125 lbs.

How to Measure Kitchen Size?

how to measure kitchen size

Kitchen size measurement is important before deciding the kitchen design and the number of cabinets or shelves. Moreover, width and length determine how much material is required for manufacturing cabinets, increasing the overall cabinet cost.

You should measure your kitchen area’s width, length, and height before you start drawing plans for the kitchen cabinet.

Once you have decided on how much a kitchen cabinet weighs, it’s time to decide upon its look and structure that commonly comprise two parts; upper cabinets, wall cabinets & lower cabinets, also called base cabinets.

Many people mistake installing too many upper cabinets, which makes the kitchen look small, whereas some others do not install enough base or wall cabinets which results in a lack of storage space.

You should consider where you will be placing your stove, sink & other appliances along with the water source for your faucet before deciding on how much does a kitchen cabinet weigh?

Kitchen Cabinets Standards

Kitchen cabinets are made in different sizes, shapes, and styles. Even though there is no standard size or height of a kitchen cabinet, it should be between 30 to 34 inches in height, which provides easy accessibility to its contents.

According to Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA), the standard height of the upper kitchen cabinet is 34.” For the base cab, it’s 13″, lower wall cabinets should be between 24 and 28″. In contrast, the upper wall cabinet should be 30-34″.

Although there are no specific rules or regulations involved in deciding how much a kitchen cabinet weighs, the countertop should be of standard size that is either 30 inches or 36 inches in length and 24 inches or 30 inches in width.

Things To Look When Buying Kitchen Cabinets

things to look for while buying kitchen cabinets

Storage Capacity

This will determine how much you can store in your cabinets. For example, you require base cabinets for storing plates, while upper wall cabinets are good for dry food items, whereas corner cabinets are best suited for large utensils.


Always lookout for the kitchen style before making any purchase decision because if your choice doesn’t go well with other elements in the room, it would just fail to give that perfect look that you desire.

Time also plays its role in this aspect that is new cabinets usually get maximum preference while older ones get least.


Always compare your budget with the features and specifications of the kitchen cabinets before finalizing any purchase decision because it can be really expensive to break down your financial plan for kitchen renovation.


Kitchen cabinets are available in different materials such as wood, metal, glass, plastic, etc.; each material has good and bad points associated with it, so always look out for them while making your purchase decision.


Measure the space where you want to keep your cabinets so that you buy something matching your size requirement precisely.

You can do this by using measuring tape or yardstick on all four walls of the place where you want to put your cabinets.

This will save you from buying something too small to look odd in the room or something large enough to look out of place.

Cabinet Placement

While placing kitchen cabinets, always center them on the wall rather than putting them close to each other or too far because if yours is a big sized kitchen, then looking at two cabinets together might not be good for your eyes

Having them too far apart will give an unbalanced appearance to your room. Also, try positioning them slightly forward than the walls so that they appear visually appealing and functional at the same time.


Kitchen countertops are available in different materials like marble, granite, stainless steel, etc., but always check what type of cabinets you are purchasing because if they don’t fit in with the countertop, it would be very odd and unusual.

Different kitchen countertops need different kitchen cabinets, so always look for what you want to buy before finalizing your purchase decision.


Drawers can either be wooden or metal but make sure that all drawers open and close smoothly without making any noise; also, make sure that they slide perfectly on their rails and stop when pulled out completely.

This will save them from getting damaged over time and keep your kitchen cabinets looking like new for a longer duration.


Handles are an important element to give your cabinets good looks. If you have bad-looking handles on them, your cabinets might lose their appearance

So always look out for stylish and attractive kitchen cabinet handles before finalizing your purchase decision.

Cabinet Finishes

kitchen cabinet finishes

Your kitchen cabinets can be painted in different colors, either matte finish or glossy finish, but make sure the color matches your kitchen’s countertops because if they don’t go well, then it would be a very odd appearance.

Also, try to use subtle colors that are not too bright or bold because this will change the entire appearance of your room.

Overall Appearance

Kitchen cabinets are an important element when you have just finished renovating your kitchen with new countertops and flooring, so always consider all areas covered above while making your purchase decision.

Try to blend them as well as you can because, without perfect blending, your cabinet selection might look odd and unusual in the room.


Kitchen cabinets are one of the most important things when you renovate your kitchen because they help keep all things in order and give a very pleasant and stylish appearance to any kitchen.

However, people need to do proper research before finalizing their purchase decision because it can make or break your kitchen’s overall look and feel.

Thank you for reading. Have a nice day!

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