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How you can stop a door from slamming

How you can stop a door from slamming. Some doors were made with the primary purpose of slamming shut. This adds to privacy and noise.

There is a need to stop the door from closing too fast though, especially if they are heavy or there might be a risk for people around them.

Read on for some DIY tips on how you can stop a door from slamming.

How You Can Stop a Door from Slamming

how to stop door slamming

Here are some DIY tips you can use on how to prevent a door from slamming shut.

You can either choose one that is suitable for your room door or do all of them to ensure maximum safety.

1. Add Some Weight

There are times when people would slam doors because they were not fixed correctly and it is too light. This may cause the machine to shut on its own.

You can add some weight to the door by adding a wire mesh or weights at the bottom of the area where it meets with another object.

2. Use Weather Stripping

Use Weather Stripping

Get large pieces of foam strip found in hardware shops and use it as a barrier between the closed door and the frame.

In doing so, it will reduce movement which minimizes noise when opening and closing them.

3. Add Extra Hinges

If removing paint from your door is not an option then consider adding additional hinges that come with bumpers attached to them. These items will provide enough resistance for the door to stay in place.

4. Add Stops

Get pieces of wood that are cut into small blocks with screw holes. These items will stick out on the interior side of your wall and prevent the door from closing fully when they hit these blocks.

This is great in rooms where there are young children who might get hurt when doors suddenly slam shut.

5. Install Magnetic Catch

Install Magnetic Catch

If you cannot use screws or nails to attach a stop then try using heavy-duty magnets instead which you mold in between your door and its frame.

Simply push them together in order to keep the door in place making it difficult to close fast.

6. Keep the Balance in Check

When adjusting how well your doors fit, also take into consideration their weight, especially if there are many items that you need to store inside.

Try to open them manually first before actually using the hinges or locks that are attached to them. You can also consider putting in new closer mechanisms which will help absorb excess force and allow for easier opening and closing of your doors.

7. Install Self-Adjusting Hinges

Most garage doors use these pieces that counterbalance the weight of their door. This makes them close slowly and softly by themselves, without making too much noise or causing damage when slamming shut unintentionally.

8. Use Magnetic Touchplates

These items fit over metal knobs used on exterior door handles found on many homes. They come with strong magnets that attach firmly on freezer doors, car doors and even the interior side of fridge units where they create a noise-free environment.

9. Replace Knobs with Levers

Replace Knobs with Levers

This is a quick fix for those who want to prevent children from slamming doors by accident. These items have been known to be more effective in preventing small fingers from getting pinched as they provide wider openings that allow people to easily walk through them.

10. Install Door Closers

They are adjustable and easy to install on most types of doors, even glass ones.

A majority of these products come with ¾ inch bars and can be installed without having to drill any holes or make major changes on your doors.

11. Adjust the Way Your House Was Built

If you notice that your current home design has too much space between their frames and the ground then try installing weather strips on these areas to keep your doors from touching when opening or closing them.

In doing so, they will not create a sound when moving along the floor and allow for free movement.

12. Use Door Bumpers

Use Door Bumpers

If you have doors that slam shut randomly then you can use small rubber pieces called bumpers that attach to the face of your doorframe in between both panels.

This is especially true if there are small children in the house who might get hurt when this occurs.

13. Remove Knob When Installing a Lock

Choose between locks with knobs or levers, but always install them when your door has no doorknobs attached to it.

This will prevent you from having to remove handles every time you add new locks which usually creates too much dust and damage where they are installed.

What Are the Main Causes for A Room Door to Slam?

causes behind slamming door

There are a number of possibilities as to why the room door slams shut. It can be either due to mishandling or that the hinge was never made properly.

In the event that it is being abused, you can choose from a variety of ways on how you can stop it from slamming.

There might also be the possibility that there is poor installation and this may result in an accident.

Poor Installation

This is the most common cause of a door slamming shut. It might be due to poor installation or that it was not installed correctly from the start.

In some cases, there are exterior noises and vibrations that can affect its movement. In general, poorly done installations can result in an accident because of machinery nearby or construction work going on outside.

Excessive Force

There are times when people mishandle a room door and this causes it to slam shut with a lot of pressure. People who abuse doors by the use of excessive force may suffer serious consequences later on as a result.

When abused, these types of doors can also break into pieces if they were old or poorly made.

Other Reasons

It can also be due to exterior factors such as wind and heavy machinery that might contribute to the closing of a room door.

There are also times when people slam doors because they were not installed or fixed correctly and this makes them prone to abuse.


Just because a door slam shut, does not mean that you have to accept this annoying sound. There are many quick fixes that can be done in just a few minutes and without breaking the bank. These items might come in different shapes and sizes but they should all match your current home décor and working mechanisms found on other appliances such as cabinet doors or windows.

By having these tips in mind, you can help prevent the slamming of your doors and create a more calming environment inside your home. As long as you follow instructions for their installation and maintenance then all should work well together bringing about simple ways to eliminate those sudden sounds that annoy those living inside.

Thank you for reading. Have a nice day.

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