How to remove tartar and plaque from teeth at home

How to remove tartar and plaque from teeth at home. Are you tired of tartar and stains on your teeth? Hope so you’ll be looking for a way out to remove tartar and plaque from teeth, which can cause great damage to your teeth.

Healthy teeth are very much important to breathe in the fresh air. Moreover, tartar can cause terrible harm to your teeth as it builds up bacteria that eats the lining of teeth, known as enamel.

You probably have tried many methods to remove tartar and plaque from teeth as the stores out there have the bulk of teeth cleansing products that claim to clean your teeth completely and are also very high in cost. But the reality is that they can do more harm than good as they contain chemicals that can damage your teeth.

Don’t worry! There are always alternative ways. Natural ways are always safe to use and are much more effective.

How to remove tartar and plaque from teeth at home

7 ways to remove tartar and plaque from teeth at home

A mixture of salt and baking soda, if on an entirely superficial level, is an effective home remedy for dental calculus removal.

Brushing your teeth with the mixture loosens the calculus, making removing it easier.

It should be done with a toothbrush in a circular motion and gently pressed so that the fibers don’t snap off.

Brush Regularly with Great Care

Regular brushing is a great way to keep your teeth healthy as it avoids plaque to built up. Do brush your teeth after every meal for 3-5 minutes.

Don’t apply too much pressure on the brush and keep it gentle as much pressure can harm teeth gums. Use dentists recommended toothpaste to keep your health healthy and plaque-free.

Use Orange Peel

Use Orange Peel

Orange Peel contains Vitamin C and Limonene, which can help remove plaque and tartar from your teeth. Either you can mesh the peel or rub it directly on your teeth.

Leave it for some time and apply it for few days. You will sell the eye-opening results.

The best time to apply orange peel is night-time. You may leave it overnight, and it will do deep cleaning of your teeth.

Apply White Vinegar

Mix Two Table Spoons of White vinegar in a cup of warm water and add one tablespoon of salt. Gargle this solution three times a day as this mixture effectively removes bacteria, dirt, and other stains from teeth.

Eat A Lot of Figs

Eat A Lot of Figs

Many fruits out there help remove plaque, and tartar and fig are some of them that can do good for you.

All you have to do is chew it as much as you can as it has anti-bacterial properties, and it helps to sustain tooth gums and remove bacterial particles.

Clean the Teeth with Baking Soda

Baking soda is a great way to clean your teeth and get rid of plaque and tartar.

Take one tablespoon of baking soda and a quarter spoon of salt. Mix them and apply them to the toothbrush. Gently apply the paste to your teeth with a toothbrush and let it rinse.

Clean up your teeth with warm water after some time. You’ll see the results after some applications.

Chew Sesame Seeds

Chew Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds are best to gently remove plaque and tartar from your teeth without causing any damage.

Take 5-7 sesame seeds and chew them slowly. Don’t swallow them.

Take out a toothbrush and apply it gently on your teeth while chewing the seeds. They act as a natural scrub and will cleanse your teeth thoroughly.

Use Aloe Vera Mixture

You’ve heard a lot about aloe vera if you are a hairs lover. In the case of teeth, it can also help you keep away plaque and get rid of it.

You have to take a cup of warm water, one teaspoon of aloe vera and a half cup of baking soda. Add some lemon oil and four spoons of vegetable glycerine.

Apply the mixture to your teeth and leave it overnight. You’ll wake up with shiny and clean teeth.

What Causes Tartar and Plaque Build-up?

Plaque and tartar are often used as the same term, but both differ. Plaque is bacteria that causes tooth decay and cavities. On the other hand, tartar accumulates stains, dust, dirt, food particles and grime.

You can remove the plaque at home within time because it gets harder as it ages, and you will see a dentist remove it.


How to remove tartar and plaque from teeth at home. Tartar and plaque can cause serious infections to your teeth as it destroys tooth gums and adds a layer of bacteria that is very irritating.

Prevention is better than treatment, and it costs you nothing. All you have to do is keep brushing daily after every meal, and you are good to go.

Thank you for giving it a read. Keep visiting Homeforemost for more tips and tricks. Have a nice day.

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