How To Light A Pilot Light

How to light a pilot light. If you are experiencing heating issues in your home, there’s a chance that your furnace has experienced problems with its pilot light.

A pilot light is responsible for providing the ignition source to ignite the gas to heat your home. Much like a fireplace, it serves as the main source of warmth and allows various other appliances in your home (such as ovens) to do so on their own.

Relighting a furnace may be simple or complicated, depending on which type of maintenance the unit requires, but all homeowners need to know how to deal with this issue.

How To Light A Pilot Light

guide to light a pilot light

We will discuss here the steps of relighting a pilot light.

Step 1: Find the Instructions Label on Your Furnace

Every fireplace must have a label stating how best to light the fireplace. This is critical for the safety of anyone in your household who decides to participate.

Sometimes, however, you may have difficulty reading it either because the print is too small from a distance or because it’s dark.

Keeping these simple instructions near your fireplace or in another safe spot where they can be located will make lighting it up clear and easy.

Step 2: Locate Pilot Lights and Components

A dial is near the bottom of your furnace (acetylene in this case). Make sure to move it to the “Off” position.

Wait five minutes before turning it back on again, as this will give it time to cool down and eliminate any possibility of explosion when you turn it on again.

We want you to know the location of the reset button because if this button needs pressing, there’s a possibility that something could blow up, which would result in injury for anyone in the vicinity or put a dent in your favorite device!

Step 3: Re-Light the Pilot Light

You can relight a pilot light by ensuring that all gas sources are turned off and then, using a lighter or match, light the tip of the pink tubing.

The tubing is connected to an “idle” fuel supply easily accessible at the bottom of your furnace. This will start to feed a flame into your furnace’s burn chamber, where it should be large enough to ignite whatever type of fuel you use.

Always remember that while there is risk involved with relighting a pilot light, having natural gas leaks poses a greater risk!

Please do not turn on any appliances after lighting the pilot light until you are sure it is working properly.


Can you manually light a pilot light?

Some gas water heaters have a red button or switch near the regulator valve, and if your heater has such a button, it’s labeled with something like “Igniter” or Pilot Ignition.”

If your heater includes an ignition device, do not use a lighter. Press the button to light or start the pilot light.

What happens if the pilot light goes out?

Your pilot light relies on your natural gas to stay lit, so if your gas is shut off or runs out, your pilot light will go out.

If a gas leak is suspected and you have no idea how to turn it back on (or if you suspect something has damaged your pilot light), then it’s best to call a professional for help.


The pilot light is the first thing you need to check on a furnace; by doing so, you can ensure your system is operating safely.

If you’re worried about safety, contact a professional HVAC technician to inspect the furnace and ensure it works properly.

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