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How to clean a bottom loading water cooler

How to clean a bottom loading water cooler. Water Cooler Dispensers are convenient appliances that provide purified water directly at the point of use.

If yours is a bottom loading model, it’s constantly receiving filtered water delivered through the cooler tank at the top.

As water sits in this reservoir, sediment can settle out, leading to an unpleasant taste and odor when the dispenser is in use.

Cleaning your dispenser regularly is an easy task that can keep your home up and running with fresh-tasting drinking water for you and your family!

You shouldn’t be worried as we have discussed how to clean a bottom-loading water cooler in detail below.

How to clean a bottom loading water cooler

6 primary steps to clean a bottom loading water cooler

Here is our guide to clean a bottom loading water cooler:

1. Unplug the Water Cooler

Before you begin cleaning, make sure to unplug your water cooler.

This will ensure that no electric currents are present while handling the product, and there is no risk of getting shocked.

2. Remove the Bottles

Any bottles that are currently on the dispenser should be obliterated before beginning to clean.

If they aren’t removed, it becomes much harder to clean since the electrical components underneath need to be accessed for proper cleaning.

3. Clean Water & Bleach Solutions

Clean Water Bleach Solutions

Fill a bucket with equal parts of warm water and bleach solution (a capped total or two of bleach) and use this mixture to fill up your reservoir tank after removing it from your more excellent dispenser.

Allow this solution to sit in the tank for approximately 30 minutes. Then, remove the solution by dumping it back into the bucket and refilling it with clean water.

4. Empty & Rinse Your Reservoir Tank

After allowing your solution to sit in the reservoir tank for 30 minutes, empty this mixture by pouring it into your sink, then refill your tank with fresh water to rinse.

5. Clean Your Dispenser Outlets

Using a small brush or damp cloth, carefully scrub away any residue that may be present around the outlets of your dispenser where you insert each bottle.

If necessary, use a needle attached to an air compressor for hard-to-reach places. Be aware that compressed air can cause bacteria to disperse, so avoid blowing directly into or onto any ports that dispense water.

6. Replace the Reservoir Tank

Replace the Reservoir Tank

Once you have adequately rinsed your reservoir tank, replace it on your more excellent dispenser. Reattach all of the bottles to their proper places and plug them in your unit.

If desired, top off all bottles with water after cleaning to ensure that nothing has been left behind inside, which could alter the taste or quality of your drinking water.

Repeat as Needed

Depending on how often you use your dispenser will depend on how often you need to clean it. Generally speaking, you should at least rinse out the reservoir daily then follow these same steps every 2-4 weeks depending on use.

Also, be aware that areas with hard water may require more frequent maintenance than soft water since there is a higher concentration of minerals present that could build up over time.

Viola! You’re all finished and ready to enjoy fresh, clean, filtered water from your bottom loading water cooler dispenser again.

This is a relatively quick and easy job that can be completed in just a few minutes weekly. Repeat these steps after each use of your machine to keep it in excellent working order.

The Self-Cleaning Feature in Water Cooler

self cleaning feature in water dispenser

A bottom loading water cooler dispenser has another cleaning function built right in for your convenience.

Self-Cleaning is an optional feature that many people do not think to use, but it can help keep the water flow free and clear of obstructions. To use this feature:

Step 1: Turn off the Water Supply to your Water Cooler Dispenser and empty all remaining water from the reservoir tanks.

Step 2: Press and hold down the Self Cleaning Function Button for between 10-15 seconds.

Step 3: If you have used this feature before, press and release the same button until only cool air comes out

Step 4: Refill your machine with fresh, filtered water as soon as possible

This process will clean out the internal components of your cooling tank and help keep your water tasting fresh, cool and great!

The Bottom Line: Regular cleaning a bottom loading water cooler dispenser is an easy task that can be done once a week with minimal effort.

You will see better-tasting drinking water and longer machine life when you follow these simple steps! Stay tuned for our next post, where we’ll be discussing how to give your top-loading water cooler appliance a deep clean.

Possible Contaminants in a Dirty Water Dispenser

Possible Contaminants in a Dirty Water Dispenser

If you perform your weekly cleaning job and notice that your water is not as straightforward as before, one of several contaminants has built up in the cooling tank.

Several minerals and other substances can quickly build up inside a water cooler dispenser, such as calcium carbonate (lime), iron, manganese, and rust particles.

These contaminants will give the water an unpleasant taste and odour and lead to mineral deposits on glasses and around spigots if left sitting for too long without flushing out with fresh filtered water first.

Clean Water means Healthy Life!

Keeping your water dispenser clean is not only an aesthetic choice but one that will keep your family healthy by ensuring the safety of drinking water. By thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing your watercooler appliance regularly, you will help prevent any health issues related to drinking impure or unsanitary H2O.

Why It’s Important to Clean Your Water Cooler?

Cleaning your water cooler dispenser is not only an essential part of general maintenance, but it’s also a requirement by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) and various other government agencies to ensure that you are getting safe drinking water.

To accomplish this, establishments such as restaurants, cafeterias and office buildings must meet specific criteria for cleanliness.

Regular cleaning will help keep your drinking water tasting tremendous and eliminate odours from your dispenser for consumers at home.

Besides the taste and odour benefits, regular cleaning ensures that bacteria doesn’t build up in the reservoir, which may be harmful if consumed over time.


How to clean a bottom loading water cooler. Regularly cleaning a water dispenser is an easy task that only takes a few minutes of your time.

It will ensure you have clean, safe drinking water and can also help extend the life of your appliance. Cleaning products made specifically for these types of appliances are widely available at most retailers selling home goods or hardware supplies.

Just follow all manufacturer’s instructions first before using any chemical cleaners, as this could damage the unit.

The last thing you want is for others in your household to become sick from contaminated water. Choosing to purchase a countertop unit with a large capacity reservoir.

Automatic shut off safety function, and the self-cleaning feature ensures that it will last the test of time and produce only clean, refreshing drinking water for years to come.

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