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How To Get Hair Dye Off Wood Cabinet

How to get hair dye off wood cabinet? Dying your hair can be a messy business.

Whether you’re using temporary, semi-permanent, or permanent hair dye, it’s essential to know that most types of this product will stain things like skin, floors, and even kitchen cabinets!

Your best bet is to remove as much as possible quickly before it dries – when wet, this dye comes off much more accessible.

As with many forms of stain removal, the first step is to blot up any excess liquid with paper towels. Once you’ve soaked up what you can with paper towels, you may notice some smudges or stains left behind.

Which can easily be treated by mixing a solution of one part water and three parts vinegar in a bowl which you can then dab onto the affected area with another clean piece of paper towel followed by a damp cloth.

The simplest method to remove hair dye from wooden cabinets is by using a magic cleaning eraser with water. Scrub vigorously stained area repeatedly to remove stains.

Also, you can use nail polish remover, alcohol, olive oil, or Baking soda plus white vinegar/dish soap/lemon juice/detergent/hydrogen peroxide.

How To Get Hair Dye Off Wood Cabinet

guide on how to get hair dye off wood cabinet

Using baking soda and dishwashing detergent is an effective method of removing hair dye stains off wooden surfaces.

Mix together one tablespoon of each in two cups of warm water, then soak a cloth into the solution and rub until the stain is gone.

The dishwashing soap should help strip the color away from your wooden furniture!

1. First things First

First, place newspapers on your floor around the cabinet and open the windows for ventilation. Then, put on disposable plastic gloves and a mask.

2. Remove Stains

Use an electric sander to remove stains off your wooden cabinets.

Be sure to use sandpaper with 220-grit, even strokes, and rub it until the wood shows its natural color when the altered cabinet color starts to lift, but not excessively.

If you’re going to clean the dust off with a brush, remember that excessive rubbing may make more dust than desired.

3. Apply Hydrogen Peroxide

Using a clean brush, apply hydrogen peroxide to the cabinet. Then dip your brush into the relevant can and paint the cabinet with smooth, even strokes.

Cover the entire surface where you remove stains – making sure to leave no streaks or patches – and wait for it to dry before seeing any bubbles form.

4. Replace Handles

Replace all your cabinets and handles. You can do this simply with new paint or antique them to give it a charming look.

Frameworks are usually created out of MDF which tends to warp after some time, so they are easier to break. This happens because the pieces start swelling on one side and get pressed down on the other side.

To avoid such a situation, replace all the screws with longer ones to have enough space for wood movement.

5. Varnish the Wood

Varnish creates an outer layer to a wood product like a pickled fence that seals against moisture and damage.

Use waterproof and insect varnish by applying it to the wood twice with a clean brush, allowing enough time for the first layer to dry before applying another coat.

Do not paint over the sealant; otherwise, it will make stripping the skin easier when you’re ready to improve its look and function.

Stain your wood, and you’re done! Dark stains can enhance the natural color of the wood as it brings out its character, so if your wood is dark in color (black or oak, for example), this tends to add depth to the wood grain.


How can you prevent hair dye on wooden cabinets?

When dying your hair at home, always put an old towel on your workstation and use newspapers or plastic bags to protect its surface.

Lay down a few protective covers so that dirt brushes or gloves used won’t accidentally stain your cabinets with dye.

Keep everything in a bowl near the workstation and in the bathroom to avoid staining the floor.

How can you get the dye off bathroom cabinets?

You can use polish remover or other cleaning products to clean up and remove stains from vertical surfaces like your walls.

They’re both composed of peroxide or acetone as the active ingredients so either one will do the trick. You can rub vigorously on a sponge or with a cotton ball until the stain(s) disappear.

Make sure to wipe it clean afterward so that any chemicals have time to dry in case the surface is painted.

How can you remove hair dye from wood?

If you have a little bit of discoloration on your furniture due to spills, the easiest thing to do is to move it out under the light and look for any dark swirl marks in the grain of the wood.

If you see anything that looks even remotely like hair splashed across your wooden floors, carefully dampen a soft cloth with warm milk – just enough that it’s not dripping – and rub over the affected area.

You could also try lemon juice if you’re desperate! Alcohol will also do but must be applied with care.


How to get hair dye off wood cabinet. In general, it’s best to wipe away any spills of dye as soon as possible to prevent stains from developing on your wooden cabinets.

Sometimes, different methods work well at removing specific hair dye stains depending on the type of stain and the kind of wood your cabinets are made from.

We suggest trying several methods to see which one works the best in your case because ultimately, you’ll get better results harder you try, for example, using a razor blade or towel.

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