GE Washer Making Noise

GE washer making noise. Washing machines can make buzzing sounds for a variety of reasons. The most common cause is that something is stuck in the pump and it’s blocking the machine from emptying fully during a cycle.

The sound of the buzz can be woken up as somebody turns on their washer and with every turn, the sound gets louder if there is something causing an obstruction.

However, there are other reasons why your washing machine might make buzzing sounds and we will explain them below with our troubleshooting tips.

If your washing machine isn’t draining or spinning properly then you should follow another troubleshoot guide because this one specifically deals with the troubleshooting steps related to loud buzzing noises made by clothing washers during regular use only.

GE Washer Making Noise

GE washer making noise 2022 fix

We will discuss here the reasons for the noise from GE washer.

1. Worn Tub Bearing

If you’re finding that your washing machine is producing a high pitched squeaking noise every time it turns on and spins, you probably need to replace the bearing inside.

The bearing is responsible for making sure that the drum swivels freely, ensuring that clothes are able to get clean.

A new bearing can be installed at home by first uninstalling the old one from inside the drum, and then installing a new one in its place.

This is a tricky job and shouldn’t be handled without prior knowledge of how washer bearings are replaced.

2. Faulty Drive Belt

When washers squeal, they are often making noise because one of the rubber belts has gone bad. This belt is made up of a loop that hangs on two pulleys – one at the top and one in front.

These pulleys connect the tub to the transmission or drive motor inside a GE washer. Overtime, wear and tear can cause this belt to pop off, loosen up or do all together.

When this happens it can be heard when you run your washing machine as well as affect its ability to work, like making it stop spinning and therefore not clean clothes adequately.

If you notice any type of fraying or breakage on this belt please call a local repair company to come by for your free inspection and estimate for fixing!

3. Broken pulley

Broken pulley

If your drive belt is working normally but feels more loose around the pulley, you might need to replace the pulley. A damaged or broken pulley will make noise when your washer spins.

If the tub doesn’t spin at all, however, but everything else seems to be OK with the onboard computer and related circuits, it’s likely that the transmission may have failed.

If this is the case, a new transmission must be purchased and installed.


Why is my GE washing machine making such a loud noise?

If a spinning washer makes a loud thudding sound and feels unbalanced when it spins, unbalanced laundry inside the washtub can be corrected by balancing heavy items with a few light ones.

Making sure that stacks of clothes are evenly distributed on both sides of the tub is another method for balancing an unbalanced load.

Worn and old washing machines may have improper balance if the drum is worn and tends to tilt toward one end when spinning.

Is it worthwhile to replace washing machine bearings?

If a new machine has faulty parts such as drum bearings, the best decision would be to replace the bearings – especially if you’re able to take advantage of special parts deals for models that are no longer being sold.

On the other hand, if it is an older model, then your best option is to replace all of the drum bearings because you’ll have a much greater chance of receiving more than one year’s worth use out of it as opposed to replacing one bearing at a time on an older model once they fail.

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