Dryer Stops Mid Cycle

Dryer stops mid cycle. When you start your dryer, it should finish the cycle. If you’re doing laundry, this doesn’t mean that your clothes will be dry, but that the dryer has run through its course.

If you start a cycle that never finishes, hardware issues with the appliance drive up your energy bills. You shouldn’t have to keep restarting the machine to get it to complete one cycle.

One unexpected side effect of continuing a non-functional dryer is that starting a dryer is the most intensive process it operates on.

It requires more energy than nearly all other functions combined, which can make for a hefty rise in utility bill expenses if you aren’t careful!

Dryer Stops Mid Cycle

dryer stops mid cycle issue

We will discuss here the causes of why the dryer keeps stopping mid-cycle.

1. A thermal fuse tripping

It is usually a cause for concern when your garments have stopped drying midway through the cycle because ignoring the issue could be hazardous.

The most obvious reason is that they overheated while occupying the space with the tumble drier.

Therefore, to prevent that harmful event, the safety measures were activated and completely switched off the power (so things don’t become any worse).

A thermal fuse tripping is the most frequent cause of this to occur. This component is simply a one-time usage that supplies energy to the element.

When it determines that your load is too hot, it shuts off the power, which typically results in no heat reaching your garments.

If this single-use component is not replaced, there will be other problems, such as total power loss or, worse yet, wet and sloppy clothes as usual.

At the risk of seeming condescending, you can find thermal fuses close to where any dryer’s exhaust pipe connects with a washing machine’s exhaust pipe!

2. The fault of the Power Supply

If your dryer stops during the middle of a cycle, it is best to suspect that there is insufficient power or something is wrong with your appliance.

A good first step is to check the power cord for melting, cuts, or scorching around the outlet. Try resetting circuit breakers at your home.

Dryers can also overheat and cut-off power sources in seconds. If your dryer continues to trip circuits during several uses, discontinue use until you’ve pinpointed the cause of this unwanted behavior!

3. Opened Door During the Cycle

dryer door open during cycle

This new dryer has a feature that prevents it from running if the door is left open. Make sure no one opened the door, and if not, make sure the cycle didn’t pause recently in case someone did open it.

If the door was closed and no one had touched the unit, ensure the latch itself isn’t loose or broken. Inspect the switch mechanism to make sure it isn’t faulty.

Make sure you test both sides of the switch contacts; this is especially important for mechanical switches.


Why did my dryer stop all of a sudden?

A broken thermostat can cause a dryer to malfunction. If the fuse is blown or the thermostat has stopped working, replacing those parts will solve the problem.

An overheating thermal fuse indicates an additional problem with ventilation in the room where the dryer is located.

How do you fix a dryer that keeps stopping?

Make sure to center the belt on the pulley. Put the drum, so it is lining up with it correctly. You can tighten any loose tension by adjusting the idler pulley.

Once you put everything back together, flip the switch and ensure no noise or tension issues with your dryer after getting it all setup.


There are many reasons why your dryer might not be working. From bad thermostats to faulty wiring, your dryer can be suffering from almost any problem. A broken dryer is not something that you should have to live with. We know that this article has been a very helpful explanation of a dryer’s function. However, we want to make sure that the information provided is correct.

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