Does Heat Treatment Work For Bed Bugs

Does heat treatment work for bed bugs? We’re about to unveil some essential information on heat treatment for bed bugs since you’re bound to find it invaluable.

So you may count on us for that. And we are determined to make sure that even if there’s nothing much more we can do for you, you would at least have researched extensively online and by consulting this comprehensive piece.

So here, you will learn more about what heat treatment is, how it works and whether or not it is an effective method of dealing with a home-based infestation of bed bugs

As well as other bits of information you might appreciate in your search for solutions on how to treat them effectively.

Does Heat Treatment Work For Bed Bugs

heat treatment for bed bugs

Bedbugs can be effectively killed by contact with 120 degrees Fahrenheit or above temperatures. If a home has become infested by bedbugs, residents need to contact a well-qualified pest control professional to monitor and treat the infestation effectively.

A standard heat treatment used to kill bed bugs is when professionals raise the temperatures of furniture such as couches, mattresses, and picture frames so that they reach at least 120 degrees Fahrenheit before returning them to the room.

Bedbugs are killed due to contact with the hot area and because they cannot cool down immediately when they return to the room.

Considering that some pest control companies may use pesticides or other chemicals when killing bed bugs, heating-only treatments are preferred by residents concerned about potential exposure to harmful toxins.

What Makes Bed Bugs Difficult To Treat?

Bed bugs are one of the minor pests in the world, and they’re almost impossible to see without a microscope.

However, just one-bed bug can lay 10-12 eggs every day somewhere in your clothing, furniture, and more! That is why it is essential to take steps before things get out of hand.

One way to avoid developing an infestation is by using traps. Bed bug glue traps use special formulation glue so that bed bugs can’t escape no matter where they try to go.

With time, these traps collect a lot of these pests, which you can dispose of safely without worrying about someone getting bitten or resorting to harsh chemicals or treatments.

What Should You Expect After Bed Bug Heat Treatment?

Things will be messy for a bit after fumigating your house. But you’ll have to bear with it because cleaning up isn’t an option.

Most people are advised to wait at least two hours until they can re-enter the premises safely, and some say one hour is enough, while others still claim that a day is sufficient.

Of course, it depends on the insecticides used during the fumigation process (if any). If more than one spray was used, it’s always safer to let the place stand empty for longer so that everything settles nicely.

Then, when things have paid, arrange your furniture back in its original position. Before placing your furniture and other items back into their spots, the only thing you should take care of is dusting them off well.

What To Look Out For When Hiring A Pest Management Company?

Many companies offer bed bug treatments for $199. Do not fall victim to the lure of cheap bed bug treatment. These entities never work, and they won’t ever work.

Make sure that you only hire reputable companies to do the job. If you’re hiring locally, make sure to check for their customer reviews and how many other homes they treat for bed bugs every month.

The more they go through, the better it is, and any established company should be able to vouch for its effectiveness.

Make sure that a proper inspection is done if any questions arise about what might require further attention or repair on your end before allowing them to do an initial treatment.

But also make sure that you keep things just as they are until the pest controller has had time to inspect so that you avoid spreading them further in other rooms.

While also making it easier on them as they try and understand what’s going on with your home so that they can begin treating everything in detail moving forward.


Does heat treatment work for bed bugs. Heat treatment for bed bugs is done in 5 steps. First, you need to find every nook and cranny where the pests could be hiding, see if your home needs chemical or heat treatment, make the house ready for heat treatment, and apply that heat to the areas where you saw the bed bugs and monitor the activities after heat application.

You also find separate tips about why chemical treatments are not used instead of heat at times. Finally, the pros and cons of heat treatment are provided, along with money-saving tips – so don’t forget to try them out if you’re on a budget. Bed bug treatments can be expensive, so do keep that in mind.

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