Best Shop Vac With Hepa Filter

Best shop vac with hepa filter. HEPA shop vacs are great because they help you prepare the surface of your concrete nicely, especially if you’re planning to lay tile or boards down afterward.

Many will work with power tools as well. However, when it comes down to choosing a quality shop-vac for your own company, many people find themselves quite perplexed and taken aback by the overwhelming online information that contradicts itself.

We’ve seen this happen countless times, to the point where we decided to step in and do an honest review on different types of shop-vacs so people can learn more about each model without feeling too overwhelmed.

So look no further because all of the answers you seek are right here (in our humble opinion)! Join us in this article as we discuss features such as air movement, tank size, weight, water lift, and more.

7 Best Shop Vac With Hepa Filter

1. Makita Portable Vacuum

makita portable vacuum

The XCV11Z is our favorite cordless shop vac. It’s excellent at keeping water and other liquids contained while cleaning up spills or messes.

It features a lithium-ion battery which has an impressive capacity of 5-amps. The motor can’t burn out because it’s brushless, which brings us to another point: maintenance.

This best shop vac with hepa filter has a higher suction power than other comparable models, and it can reach blower speeds up to 2400 watts.

Weighing in at just 10.1 pounds, this is one of the most portable cordless shop vacs on the market because it comes with two straps that comfortably fit over your shoulders like a backpack.

Rest assured that you won’t lose work time when you have only five minutes left before the end of the day!

Because it doesn’t come with any accessories, you can purchase them separately or make your own if you already own some everyday household items and don’t want to spend money on them right away but are still interested in giving this vacuum a try.

2. Bosch Dust Extractor

bosch dust extractor

The Bosch VAC090AH Dust Extractor is our premium choice HEPA shop vac. This top-of-the-line vacuum features a 6.5 horsepower motor that can move 150 CFM and provide a 97-inch water lift.

The poky propylene tank won’t rust or corrode and has built-in L_Boxx integration for connecting to tools with exhaust ports like table saws and routers.

This best shop vac with hepa filter has a unique onboard automatic filter cleaner that cleans the filter every 15 seconds, so there is no reduction in pressure from a clogged filter.

Heavy-duty caster wheels make it easier to move the unit around, and it has a pace to wrap the hose and cord. You can also store your accessories in a vacuum.

However, it only comes with one nozzle. The Bosch VAC090AH is an excellent HEPA vac, and the only things we can complain about are the high cost ($349) and heavy (28 pounds) weight.

3. Vacmaster Pro Hepa Filtration Vacuum

vacmaster pro hepa filtration vacuum

The Vacmaster Pro Certified Hepa Filtration Wet/Dry Vacuum has a few issues and doesn’t provide enough suction, so it’s best to be used as a second vacuum or for minimal jobs.

We liked the design and that it’s easy to carry around, but we found that there was not nearly enough power in this model.

The 40-foot cord is too short for more than one room in the house at once, and the air hose is only 10 feet long. It seemed like it might handle two rooms total at most.

Online reviews stated that several parts were missing upon arrival and that the wet/dry vacuum would fall off balance constantly, making it unable to work as intended.

We recommend doing your research before committing to purchases to compare brands for quality rather than just price.

4. FEIN Turbo II HEPA Vacuum

fein turbo II hepa vacuum

The FEIN Turbo II HEPA Vacuum Cleaner Set is a sophisticated-looking vacuum cleaner. It has so much to offer! It has a potent motor that moves 151 CFM and creates a 98.4-inch water lift, one of the highest on this list.

A 13-foot hose and 18-foot power cable give you loads of range in your cleaning choices, and there is plenty of onboard storage for the hose, cord, and accessories.

The downside to the FEIN Turbo II is that it’s not quite durable enough for those demanding jobs, especially if you are trying to get rid of severe stains in places like your car seats or bathroom tile.

Still, this best shop vac with hepa filter might be suitable for small jobs and essential domestic cleaning duties such as your carpets.

The dust collection bag is tiny, and the elbow is brutal to remove from the hose because you need to press two pins that do not want to budge!

Maybe look at something else if you have challenging cleaning tasks lying ahead because this may break down under too much pressure.

5. Dewalt Shop Vac

dewalt shop vac

If you need a top-notch shop vac, the Dewalt DCV581H is an ideal choice. Its cordless design is suited for cleaning both indoors and outdoors.

It works quietly, and it doesn’t add to the stress of dealing with too many noisy appliances around your house when all you want to do is clean up after dinner service.

The HEPA filter traps germs and allergens more than 99% of the time, making this machine especially handy for people living with asthma-like myself!

The reusable, washable filter comes with a 2-gallon tank allowing you to complete tasks without any interruption due to frequent changes in tanks or storage of used/dirty filters.

In addition, this heavy-duty vacuum cleaner hose isn’t easily breakable–it rarely, if ever, kinks, so you spend less time dealing with issues from bending over and more time cleaning.

Thanks to the attached storage compartment onboard the filter, this shop vac is also very easy to transport.

6. Milwaukee Shop Vac

milwaukee shop vac

The Milwaukee shop vac provides you with the capability to clear out all of the dirt and debris that might collect inside your vehicle.

It’s a battery-operated vacuum cleaner that makes it easy to clean hard-to-reach places in your car without worrying about connecting up to a power outlet.

This best shop vac with hepa filter vacuum motor provides superior suction and transitional airflow, which sucks even heavy debris like leaves and acorns out of your car with ease.

An added benefit is its onboard accessory storage for keeping things appropriately organized, so no parts are accidentally mislaid.

A hose can also be stored conveniently in its accessory box for careful transport and storage of the shop vac itself! So keep both your cab and engine looking spotless with a Shop Vac from Milwaukee.

7. Evereze Shop Vac

best shop vac with hepa filter in 2022

One of the essential qualities of any shop vac is a cordless design. This allows you to complete those tough cleaning jobs without a tangled, unplugged mess getting in your way.

With the Evereze EVC2001 Shop-Vac, you can enjoy up to 20 minutes of continuous use without stopping and recharging your battery!

This handy shop vac includes a powerful brushless motor that lifts even more dirt and water than most corded models. An anti-blowout ring works with your vacuum’s cyclone blower channel to direct particles toward the shop vac.

So you don’t have to worry about those small obstacles getting in your way! The handy two-in-one combo also comes with 12 different attachments, so it can turn into a blower when you need it to. T

his innovative technology gives you unprecedented versatility for many cleaning tasks.

Buying Guide – Best Shop Vac With Hepa Filter

1. Power

If you are looking for something that can be moved around the home quickly and offers a long runtime, you’ll most likely want to opt for DC voltage ones.

Now when it comes to DC cleaning power, the canisters have a limited usage time which means you will have to compromise on the amount of dirt or debris cleaned during an average cleaning cycle.

On the other hand, if you have AC output from your vacuum cleaner, it is ideal for cleaning up taller jobs like curtains.

2. Warranty

Verifying that a cleaning machine has an extended warranty can be brilliant. Using this feature, you won’t have to spend on repair maintenance costs or costly new replacements if your current machine fails on you before its time.

By simply getting an extended warranty package in place, you are helping extend your current device’s life and helping evades unnecessary future issues that may otherwise arise.

3. Noise Level

While this product has many positive features, such as being relatively inexpensive and effective in getting the job done, especially if you are cleaning up pet hair, it is a bit loud.

If you plan to use the product in a quiet area, perhaps near your bedroom or while watching television, it might be best to think of another solution since this vacuum makes quite a lot of noise.

Another thing that users have mentioned is that the quality of the product can worsen over time when bits and pieces start to fall off occasionally. Still, overall, these instances are few and far between.

4. Capacity

Your HEPA filter shop Vac will retain any dust, debris, and water it collects in the cleaning process within its tank.

To ensure that you do not have to empty it now and then, consider purchasing a higher-capacity dust tank machine.

For example, if it has a 10L capacity tank, do not expect this machine to function for more than 10mins maximum.


Best shop vac with hepa filter When choosing a Hepa Shop Vac, we highly recommend the Makita XCV11Z Portable Wet/Dry Vacuum, our pick for the best overall. This model has plenty of power, especially for a backpack, and produces a 27-inch water lift. It should get you through almost any small to medium-sized task around the house.

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