Best Shop Vac For Drywall Dust

Best shop vac for drywall dust. A shop vacuum while installing drywall is an absolute must. When you’re cutting or hanging drywall or sanding through it, the amount of dust created can be enormous.

In fact, these fine particles are so light that they tend to make their way into many places and things, including your lungs. This can have very dangerous consequences to one’s health.

If you don’t take measures to protect yourself with such harmful substances present in the air, you could end up feeling ill for a very long time indeed if not experience worse symptoms even life changing ones too!

As such, only the best shop vacuum for drywall dust collection will work here – and this will mean investing in proper respiratory garments like breathing filters and goggles too!

6 Best Shop Vac For Drywall Dust

1. Shop-Vac 5-Gallon 4.5 Wet Dry Vacuum

shop-vac 5-gallon 4.5 wet dry vacuum

When it comes to your household cleaning chores, you can’t get better at cleaning than cordless vacuums. A Shop-Vac Gallon Stainless Steel Wet Dry Vacuum is how many buyers define high quality.

Just like the Kleenex brand is associated with tissue paper and other types of facial tissues, so too is Shop-Vac associated with shop vacuums.

It’s a tried and tested brand that has been around for many years; millions of households own one of their products today.

If you want to get the best product, get a Shop-Vac. Its stainless steel tank is rugged and durable compared to other brands out there with plastic tanks.

Steel can be more hygienic and easier to clean and empty because it’s a material that can be cleaned manually or by using hazardous materials such as chlorine.

If you want another great U.S.A.-made product that has a universal appeal, then look no further than the original model – there is something for everyone no matter where they are in the country!

With the right HEPA or water filter, this solution can help drywall dust be easily cleaned up in a snap! This best shop vac for drywall dust has a 5 gallon steel tank and a 4.5 horsepower motor.

It has been said to have improved portability because of its maneuverable full circumference dolly, top & side carry handles and on board accessory kit.

This wet/dry vac includes 1.25 inch diameter accessories such as; a 7 foot hose, 3 extension wands, crevice tool, gulper nozzle, floor nozzle and filter cartridges which can be replaced.

2. Fein Turbo Dust Extractor Vacuum

fein turbo dust extractor vacuum

This Shop Vac is a professional vacuum cleaner designed with dry and wet pickup. Its noise rating of 66 decibels makes it quiet despite its high power ratings.

A hose storage area is located on the side so you can carry brushes and accessories in your tool box, although you can remove this feature if you prefer.

The included filter in this best shop vac for drywall dust is rated to 1 micron but if you love working with drywall then we recommend changing it for a HEPA filter as this type of filter will prevent fine airborne debris like drywall dust from leaking out of the blow port.

It’s fully mobile, featuring an auto-start feature when you start using it with a sander or another air tool for highly precise cleanups like removing sawdust from around doors or window frames.

The flat-top design creates extra space for mobile workstations that can easily fit into tight spaces or places where there isn’t much room to maneuver other types of vacuums!

The Fein is an expensive vacuum cleaner, but you’re getting excellent design to back it up. Users noted that unlike some of the older models, this vacuum had a stiffer hose, and many people use hoses from their old models with this one.

If you find that the hose is too rigid and making your vacuum hard to maneuver, then you can always buy an aftermarket replacement so that you have more flexibility when vacuuming larger rooms or spaces.

Since most users recommend for this model that you use other larger accessories such as power tools with it, if you need something you’ll be using all the time in addition to those large appliances then this excellent investment will be worth every penny because of its ability or suction and the quality of materials used in its construction.

3. Vacmaster Professional Wet Dry Vac

vacmaster professional wet dry vac

This powerful vacuum was built for any kind of dirt or debris, but in particular dust and other fine contaminants.

It has a capacity of four quarts and is equipped with HEPA certified filters, so you can clean up just about anything.

This best shop vac for drywall dust comes with multiple reusable filters and a variety of attachments which keep your working space clear at all times.

The plastic design makes it easier to move around with the ten foot power cord attachment and the five feet hose.

There are also several accessories included such as a crevice tool, upholstery tool, brush roll, wands, and much more for added ease when cleaning up your entire workspace.

The Shop Vac brand vacuum is a tool for general cleaning. You can use it for a number of different jobs and even in different locations with it’s 19 foot working range (10 feet of power cord, 7 feet of hose, 2 extension wands).

The suction power is strong enough to deal with all kinds of dirt and debris so you’ll never have to worry about something as pesky as an accident in the work shop.

This unit is powerful enough to suck everything up – including all sorts of water damage or even pet waste. If you’re looking for a vacuum cleaner that can get the job done no matter where you are, then this might just be the ideal one for your cleaning needs!

If you have other tasks for the vacuum that involve picking up potentially hazardous dust and small debris, then this vacuum is the best.

Another benefit to this particular machine is that it does not get overheated as quickly as some of its competitors do!

4. PORTER-CABLE 4 HP Wet Dry Vacuum

porter-cable 4 hp wet dry vacuum

This porter cable vacuum is a great choice for small and basic residential jobs. It comes in four and five-gallon capacities, has an overall weight of just shy of twelve pounds, which makes it easy to move around the house and transport, and there are three in one functions for versatility.

The vacuum works as an excellent drywall extractor, wet cleaner, and blower. It does have some drawbacks however; there is no additional accessory storage on board or with the product.

Additionally, if you do not like the hose/flexible dusting tool then you’re not going to be able to use either since it doesn’t work with other shop vacs.

This best shop vac for drywall dust is ideal for any size of project and is a great quality product that you’ll use again and again!

Not only does this vacuum work great on dust, but it’s also powerful enough to handle multiple other tasks right in the comfort of your own home or workspace.

The Porter-Cable 4 gallon, 4 peak horsepower wet/dry vacuum is an excellent tool that can come in handy for just about any do-it-yourself home improvement project.

It has a higher power motor which provides maximum suction to easily suck up all of the debris associated with working with wood or metal and it can even handle saw dust, dirt, paint chips and other messes you might encounter throughout your renovation, remodeling job or major building project.

5. Stanley Wet Dry Vacuum

stanley wet dry vacuum

This is an excellent shop vac from Stanley. It weighs only 8 lbs and has an ergonomic handle for better portability around the house, whether you’re doing any light-duty cleaning or if you need a quick clean up in your garage or workshop.

The max suction of this powerful shop vac is 85 CFM and comes equipped with a HEPA filter so that it can pick up more fine dust like drywall dust for example.

This best shop vac for drywall dust also comes with other accessories like nozzles, different length extension wands, and many more fun attachments which make it much easier to use than many other shop vacs on the market today.

Stanley Durable 12 Gallon Collection Tank is made to last. It offers 4 HP of power allowing for more efficient cleaning that’s ideal for picking up large messes and debris without overwhelming your vacuum.

Use the blower port on the vacuum to convert it into a powerful blower with ease, providing you with two in one versatility.

The power cord is longer than industry standard with up to 16 feet of reach so no matter how large the area you’ll be able to clean with a flexibility that allows for maneuverability so you don’t have to stop and reposition as much.

With a machine this strong, we know how important it is that there’s complete protection from any scenarios that could cause harm so we also included cleaning hoses and extension wands giving up to 6 feet of extra reach you can set as needed.

For wet or dry pick-ups, this tank is ideal for use with just about anything in your home including refrigerators, ovens, basements and garages; even your furniture!

6. Dustless Wet Dry Vacuum for Dust

best shop vac for drywall dust in 2022

This is by far the best vacuum for dusting. It’s idea for use in dusty basement and construction sites, where all you want to do is keep as much dust as possible from getting out into the atmosphere.

The Dustless Wet Dry Vacuum has a very effective 3-stage filtration system that makes sure no dust gets out of the machine when it’s operating.

This vacuum cleaner can even be used for cleaning up hard concrete messes, which are normally hard to clean because of their fine particles.

So if you’re removing cement or paint from an area and need a strong machine to handle it – this best shop vac for drywall dust is the one to get.

Its HEPA filters are designed to trap very small particles at a range of down to 0.3 microns. Durability is also a crucial aspect of any good drywall dust vacuum.

This unit comes with a powerful engine that enables the machine to last for ages and perform consistently at all times.

The hose, in particular, is made from strong material to ensure that it lasts as well. And furthermore, this unit has wheels that allow you to manoeuvre it with ease despite the unit’s weight.

Lastly, the attachments that come with this vacuum include 2 extension wands and have been highly rated for their effectiveness with drywall cleanup.

They are great at getting into hard-to-reach spaces like corners and ensuring total cleanliness once the job is accomplished!


What is the best way to vacuum up drywall dust?

When dealing with drywall dust, it’s important to use a vacuum with a brush attachment because you’ll want to be able to get all of the little particles that like to stick to your walls.

Once you vacuum your floors, if you sprinkled a little water onto the dust beforehand, try using an industrial-grade shop vac so that it does not clog your precious HEPA filters in the process.

Can you get sick from inhaling drywall dust?

Breathing the dust from drywall joint compounds can eventually lead to developing respiratory problems.

The accumulated dust over time or repeated exposure may cause one to develop chronic coughing, excess phlegm production, breathing difficulties and similar symptoms to that of asthma.

It is especially dangerous for those with existing conditions such as a chronic cough or anyone who smokes because it only makes things worse.

How long does it take for drywall dust to settle?

Picking up wallboard dust with a shop vaccuum is great for reducing indoor particles and takes less time than sweeping.

This method also collects airborne dust from the air, which pros say could take up to three days to settle.

It’s important to wait 15 minutes after vacuuming to allow the fine-particle irritants to settle down before proceeding – do not turn on ventilation or return furniture back inside until then!


Best shop vac for drywall dust. To wrap up, we hope that this article has helped you understand why a shop vacuum while installing drywall is an absolute must. Protecting yourself from the massive quantities of dust that are produced while cutting and hanging drywall is really important.

Especially if you don’t want to end up feeling ill or, even worse, get yourself in a situation where you might be in life-changing danger. We hope that our top pick for the best shop vacuum for drywall dust collection can help you out with this too!

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