Best Retractable Air Hose Reel

Best retractable air hose reel. The air hose is one of the essential equipment you need around while working with and maintaining your car.

You won’t be able to change or repair your vehicle without the air hoses they require. If it’s that time to replace yours, do it right the first time and get yourself a retractable one – you will thank us later.

In today’s article, we are going to show you some of our favorite models (and there are many more) so that you can make an informed decision without having to go through the trouble of comparing these products from scratch all on your own.

We not only provide you with a few different models but also provide helpful tips and insights so as to help you purchase a model that best suits your needs.

6 Best Retractable Air Hose Reel

1. DEWALT Retraction Enclosed Air Hose Reel

dewalt retraction enclosed air hose reel

The DeWalt DXCM024-0345 Automatic Retraction Air Hose Reel is the best overall automatic retracting air hose reel.

This best retractable air hose reel uses a 50-foot hose that’s ⅜ inches thick and is suitable for use with most air compressors.

The air hose reel has a self-leveling system that allows for smoother hose winding, which means no tangles, which makes it easier to use.

The mounted hose reel has a ‘stop anywhere’ locking mechanism, allowing you to quickly start and stop the hose reeling process at any point you need.

You can mount this automatic retractable air hose on the wall or ceiling (although please be warned that doing so may void some of the manufacturer’s warranties), allowing you to get more done in less time since you won’t have to spend as much time winding it up again!

DEWALT’s 3/8″ x 50′ clip-on enclosed hose reel is the perfect accessory for any air tool or any air compressor that operates at 300 PSI or less.

Its automatic spring-powered drive feature means you don’t have to worry about getting your hands caught, and you’ll save time thanks to the ‘stop-anywhere’ locking mechanism that allows for quick removal whenever you need it most.

This product also comes equipped with a self-leveling system, which will allow you to wrap up your spinning hose in no time at all without hassle.

Another great feature of this product is its hybrid hose, which never kinks and helps avoid obstructions so you can complete each task on time without fail.

2. Goplus Retractable Air Hose Reel

goplus retractable air hose reel

The Goplus 101040140 Retractable Air Hose Reel is a great air hose reel if you’re shopping on a budget. The best thing about this particular product is its ease of use.

Simply automate the winding mechanism and you’ll be able to stop worrying about bending down to rewind your hose every time you use it.

If you’ve ever owned traditional reels, then you know that they can be quite frustrating at times since they often roll out more hose than needed (or there isn’t enough).

This best retractable air hose reel features an innovative locking mechanism which allows users to set their desired length of up to 8 feet, which means that you never have to worry about carrying around too much hose or searching around in your garage for hose that has rolled off somewhere – because it will simply stay where you left it!

This adjustable auto rewind hose reel features a quick and easy flex hose retraction that can be retracted to any length that is desired.

The locking mechanism allows it to lock at any of the eight lengths which makes this air hose reel extremely convenient and time saving.

The flexible rubber hose can meaningfully avoid the wear and tear with the bending restrictor included in this cordless hose reel.

This heavy duty metal air hose reel features a powder coat finish which is scratch resistant, making it able to last multiple years without any problems!

3. MaxWorks 50ft Auto Rewind Retractable Reel

maxworks 50ft auto rewind retractable reel

The MaxWorks 1331-25HRM 30′ Hose Reel is a 3/8″ diameter rubber hose reel that comes with a 4″ square heavy-duty steel mounting base and an extra strong internal spring made of alloy steel to fight off corrosion.

The reel is equipped with four sturdy non-slip rubber wheels that protect the hose by helping it roll smoothly through 12″ radius turns without getting damaged while also making it easy to retract and pull back again.

The durable rotationally molded polymer housing makes this unit both affordable and portable so you can easily move it around your garage, shop or warehouse setting.

Thanks to its multi-position ratchet release mechanism that would otherwise prove hard to use in cramped environments where space is at a premium.

The MaxWorks retractable air hose reel is highly durable and designed to provide you with 10 years of leak-free service life. It is made using high-quality materials including industrial grade solid brass fittings.

This best retractable air hose reel comes equipped with a hardy and time tested motor that runs on 3/4 HP induction motor which delivers a maximum airflow of 25 CFM’S.

This industrial equipment features out of the box convenience, making it ideal for garages, workshops, or warehouses.

The 4 inch mounting hub provides up to 9 setting option with its multi-position ratchet release which makes it easy to roll up the hose inside its large capacity housing. An abrasion resistant air hose handles up to 250 PSI without any malfunction.

4. Goodyear Air Hose Reel Retractable

goodyear air hose reel retractable

Goodyear is a leader in the manufacturing and distributing of rubber and pneumatic tires.

One of their top brands includes the L815153G retractable air reel, which comes with an extended 50-foot hose made from SBR rubber that can be used for either water, compressed air, or grease/oil.

Although this hose operates at a minimum temperature of -20C, it can withstand up to 212C. In addition, its base is built to fit a wide range of mounting surfaces to allow the user to choose the amount of hose needed for each job application.

This retractable air reel is able to offer twelve positions for quick and easy adjustments when moving from one point to another during your work day.

The position gauge is also adjustable by 90 degrees allowing you always have full control over you system!

Goodyear L815153G Steel Retractable air hose reel is convenient for indoor and outdoor use. It’s great for operating in close quarters as well as inside a truck bed. Users can rotate a crank to wind the hose to and from its case.

The hose reel has an inlet connection that prevents leaks, keeping the workplace safe. A rubber cover secures the cover with no need to adjust the hose stops when cranking.

This clip utilizes a fully enclosed multiposition release ratchet spring locking at any desired length. A steel stamped adjustable single guide arm supports angular pull, while a L-shape mounting base with groove reinforcement lends stability to the apparatus when in use.

Two hose connections are included – one of which consists of four no-snag rollers which help reduce siphoning. Fully certified and BPA-Free, this device is an ideal fit for both water and air usage!

5. Cyclone Pneumatic Retracable Air Hose Reel

cyclone pneumatic retracable air hose reel

Cyclone Pneumatic is another manufacturer of retractable air hose reels in the market. Their CP3634 Retractable Air Hose reel is ideal when looking for high quality and durable reel.

It’s a solid brass reel with an extra-large diameter meant to prevent walk-up hose binging, featuring heavy-duty steel.

These reels are designed to serve you for a long time in your garage, home studio, workshop or auto shop.

Cyclone Pneumatic CP3634 Retractable Air Hose reel comes with a rubber hose of 25 feet and 3/8 inch diameter which is ideal for use at car wash sites, while driveway washing, etc.

The adjustable hose stopper in this reel prevents it from damage due to kinked or crushed hoses, allowing an effortless operation.

This Cyclone Pneumatic extension cord comes as a set including 1 power cord and 1 retraction cord. This Retractable Air Hose Reel is a really convenient way to keep your air hose easily accessible and where you need it.

The sturdy design of the Cyclone pneumatic reels will hold up to 50 feet of air hose depending on the hose diameter.

This best retractable air hose reel has roller guides, which means that the product can be mounted on an optional ceiling or floor position, or even left free-standing.

You’ll enjoy double O ring seals for leak prevention, making sure that your retractable air hose reel and your storage area stays free from any dust or dirt particles in the surrounding environment.

6. Campbell Hausfeld Retractable Hose Reel

best retractable air hose reel in 2022

Campbell Hausfeld is an air hose that’s perfect for making a mess! It has the power you need to prep your house or workshop in no time at all.

Campbell Hausfeld is great for a range of tough jobs including sanding, painting, and fastening works! Those looking to bulk buy should check out their awesome 50 foot pipe reel with reinforced PVC (that’s plastic).

It’ll last years even at high temperatures and pressures. So if you’re planning on working outside buy yourself a Campbell Hausfeld today.

The auto rewinding system will help to make sure you don’t get tangled up in any extra cables. This awesome hose can be used with most air compressors.

It is used with a two and a half foot leader hose so you don’t have to lug around the compressor everywhere you go! The case reel is made of quality durable PVC.

It self-winds and locks automatically in a very efficient way. Moreover, you can connect the hose with an air compressor using its 2 1/2 ft. heavy-duty leader hose.

That’s a real money saver! For easy ‘on the wall’ mounting, it arrives with swivel brackets. You can mount it on any flat surface such as the floor, the wall or ceiling for ease and comfort.

Campbell Hausfeld’s line of air hoses are trustworthy and will last for years to come. They boast a fire-resistant nylon covering which is perfect for preventing unnecessary wear and tear, as well as resisting abrasion in the case of accidents or sudden movements.


Which is better hybrid or rubber air hose?

Rubber is more malleable, lightweight, and strong when compared to the traditional PVC hose. It’s a lot like a grape vine; it will stay on the ground if a storm comes while PVC will blow all over the place.

Rubber is also much safer because it won’t cut you in your garden like PVC can do as easily. The hybrid hose is an attempt to capture the best of both industries!

What type of air hose lasts the longest?

There are also some hoses that come in higher psi and burst rating combinations. These hoses will outlast their competitors, as they can withstand higher pressures on a regular basis.

Most air compressor hoses are between 200 – 300 psi with a four times the pressure burst rating.

Is polyurethane air hose good?

When it comes to air hoses, PU hoses are popular for a variety of different applications. For instance, shops that need durable hoses to withstand the cold and extinguishing equipment will often find PU air hoses incredibly useful in these situations.

Another application that is important to consider is those involved in automotive repair who require high pressure and low abrasion performance with their hose.


Best retractable air hose reel. People working with air compressors in their businesses need retractable air hose reels that are strong and budget-friendly. Hose reels come in various designs, and you can get them made of aluminum or stainless steel, depending on your needs. They should be easy to mount on the floor, ceiling, or wall so you can use them anywhere.

There are two kinds of hose reels: compact ones for shorter hose, and larger ones for longer hoses. The best choice is one that works with a maximum working pressure at least 1000 psi (pounds per square inch). You should also choose a long hose reel – depending on your height, work space and movement – which won’t leave you needing to strain yourself to reach its end.

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