Best Bolt Cutters For Padlocks

Best bolt cutters for padlocks. Automobile, construction, or boat owners have a variety of reasons to purchase bolt cutters, including in an emergency.

Hinges may need to be removed due to underwater rust from floods and wet climates, whereas other owners may need to remove bolts from storage sheds that are rusted in place.

Yet another reason would be if you want to remove the hinges of a gate that has been shut for too long to get it going again and get back on track with your yard work.

For these situations and more, bolt cutters can make quick work of even the most corroded bolts and screws.

Best of all, many models can handle several different types of fasteners, including metal cables and padlocks.

However, there are several features buyers should keep an eye out for before making their final decision on what type is best.

8 Best Bolt Cutters For Padlocks

1. TEKTON Bolt Cutter

tekton bolt cutter

The Tekton 3386 Bolt Cutter is impressively low-priced. It measures 8″ (20cm), although larger sizes are also available, up to 36 inches.

The jaws are hardened steel combined with a compound cutting action that allows for cutting materials up to 3/16 inches in diameter.

The tubular steel handles have been covered in soft rubber grips that ensure exceptional comfort and control, essential for exerting a lot of pressure when using the cutters on thick objects like bolts, padlocks, and wire etcetera.

Price does not guarantee the quality, but you’ll be surprised how many products you can get for the price – which is why we’ve decided to include it on our list of the best bolt cutters.

We want to remind anyone who buys this product from the internet to check if they’re buying genuine Tekton branded tools with all official parts to avoid receiving false or inferior copies at a much lower price.

2. KNIPEX Compact Bolt Cutter

knipex compact bolt cutter

The Knipex 7101200 is a pair of 8-inch bolt cutters that are very strong. The leverage action design helps increase the force applied by hand to 20 times the pressure you apply.

Allowing you to quickly deal with metal objects before they become too challenging for most other bolt cutters.

These best bolt cutters for padlocks are easy to use in tight places, and their size allows them to readily sit in tool belts for convenience and ease of transport.

They are compact enough to be used for cutting flowers, wires, or other delicate things with equal success.

While these bolt cutters may seem expensive, they’ve received many positive reviews because they can handle virtually any task a user asks of them once the necessary reading has been done on how best to make effective use of the tool itself.

3. Great Neck Bolt Cutters

great neck bolt cutters

Great Neck BC30 bolt cutters offer an enormous range of benefits. The fact that they are inexpensive and made from high-quality S2 steel makes them an absolute bargain, even if they tend to be made chiefly for cutting soft metals.

While it is true that these cutters aren’t suitable for padlocks or locks, they will easily slice through most hard metal objects such as wire, nails, bolts, and more.

Theese best bolt cutters for padlocks come in several sizes from 8 to 36 inches and have an extremely durable blade edge that ensures the cutters retain their cutting power over a long period.

The ergonomic comfort grip handles help ensure better comfort and reduces fatigue during prolonged use.

Although these bolt cutters are often praised for being fairly sturdy and solid despite their low price tag, some people find it uncomfortable to use the product due to its oddly shaped handles.

4. Olympia Power Grip Bolt Cutter

olympia power grip bolt cutter

The Olympia Tools 91-109 Power Grip Bolt cutters provide you with excellent cutting power in a compact form that can be stored away easily.

The bolt cutters come in various sizes, including the 18″ model. Furthermore, the 91-109 Power Grip Bolt cutters’ compound hinges and extra-long handles provide better leverage, offering a usable amount of force without applying much pressure to the instruments.

The 91-109 is sold reasonably and would be helpful as an emergency tool. If you regularly need the bolt cutter for light use, it will not offer enough comfort or stability to get the job done efficiently.

5. Capri Tools Mini Bolt Cutter

capri tools mini bolt cutter

The Capri Tools CP40209 Mini Bolt Cutter is an 8-inch set of bolt cutters. This item has Chrome Molybdenum blades that offer resistance and durability, making them ideal for extended use.

This best bolt cutters for padlocks features a high leverage design that should make it easier to get a grip on bolts or other stubbornly refusing devices to be removed from their place.

Ergonomic handles should also help ensure your hands don’t get too sore while using the tool. However, despite being quite expensive for cutters of this size.

They won’t cut through anything thicker than thin wire or possibly thin rods or bolts, depending on the material.

The ergonomic handles might be challenging to use if you have more fingers on your hand than usual.

The size of the cutters means that you have to apply a considerable amount of force if you want them to sever medium-sized wires. Thicker wires might not be affected by a minimal pair of bolt cutters.

6. WORKPRO 14-inch Bolt Cutter

workpro 14-inch bolt cutter

With compound cutting action and lightweight design, the W017007A from WORKPRO is ideal for working with medium-sized bolts like chain-link fences and prevents bending or fatigue.

Forged using high-carbon steel and CNC machined in a single piece, this three-jaw bolt cutter has precise blades that make crisp cuts in soft/medium rods of HRC< 35 and thin bars up to 550 N/m.

Switch easily between bolt sizes with the large ergonomic handles featuring rubberized grips for greater control without hand fatigue.

This tool also folds down to a manageable pocket size while boasting a lightweight of only 1.8 kg.

7. RIDGID S24 Bolt Cutter

ridgid s24 bolt cutter

The RIDGID Model S24 Bolt Cutters are a practical addition to any professional tradesman or DIY home repairer toolbox, whether you need to cut through the soft, medium, or hard metals.

Solid and sturdy hardened alloy steel jaws ensure maximum blade life and durability. You can expect an impressively accurate cutting performance.

This best bolt cutters for padlocks features a one-step internal cam mechanism that provides a quick and straightforward way to maintain precise blade alignment while cutting through different kinds of bolts.

The edge can easily power through stainless steel, spring wire, heat-treated rod, reinforcing rod, steel cable, and bolts without causing damage.

Designed for your comfort, the red metal handles have black rubber grips. You will experience greater leverage for crisp, controlled cutting of metal materials with the 24-inch bolt cutters by Rigid Tools!

8. Crescent 18-inch Bolt Cutter

best bolt cutters for padlocks in 2022

Having worked with many metalworking machinery – including sawing, grinding, and drilling machinery along with chain & bar machines, Crescent tools recognized a need for practical cutting tools that can provide added savings to the customer.

These innovative bolt cutters give way to an unmatched, new cutting pattern (similar to compound machinery).

After the initial rotation of 15° or so, a second rotating motion of around 10° is applied – resulting in multifold adding power by 10x.

This might not seem like much when looking at it alone, but when one factor in the starting position of this rotating force is right next to the primary handle and then moving down towards the other end where it meets with its counterpart.

Which results in multiplied original strength hewing out robust sockets while maintaining more control than what they had before. This makes these bolt cutters possibly the most potent bolt cutters on Earth today.

Buying Guide – Best Bolt Cutters For Padlocks


1. Handle

Comfort is such a key factor when purchasing a pair of bolt cutters. Often, you’re going to be using them for long periods, so if they aren’t comfortable, you’re going to make mistakes that can ultimately make the job harder instead of easier.

We would advise looking out for non-slip grips when selecting a pair of bolt cutters. This will prevent unnecessary slipping and potentially help the task get done quicker.

Also, consider that heavy-duty materials may require more force and leverage to be cut through. In this case, long handles are what you want since they will save you exerting yourself to give the bolt cutter the extra length needed to grip the material better and make your cuts.

This makes them safer and less prone to accidents and gives your arms some longer reprieve from having to constantly apply pressure or use their strength throughout the entire process.

2. Blade Quality

The type of action that you want your cutting tool to give is determined by the composition and hardness of the material used to create the tool’s cutting blade.

Steel blades are the preferred material because it helps achieve the most effectiveness from your cutting tool and will last a long time due to their precise composition.

Steel is mainly used for making top-quality cutters, although some manufacturers use higher quality crafted steel, which also depends on preference.

To optimize efficiency, you need a hard edge on your knife as it allows for more visual clarity and security. You also want an easy-clean blade not to prolong maintenance issues throughout its lifetime of usage.

3. Weight

Portable bolt cutters are used to cut bolts and rods. Generally, these tools tend to be designed so that they allow the user several options when it comes to working on various projects.

Some portable bolt cutter models have long handles. At the same time, others have short handles but are usually heavier – this will depend on your personal preferences and which can better suit your specific needs.

Suppose you’re using a portable bolt cutter. In that case, we highly encourage you to choose the one that best fits your requirements.

Consider how safe the device is for both you and anyone nearby and whether or not it is convenient for storage purposes so as not to clutter up your work area too severely.

4. Size

Bolt cutters come in a range of sizes, from small to large. The one you choose will depend on the size and amount of your task at hand, but other important factors influence your decision.

Small bolt cutters can be used for snipping wire ends or cutting around rebar, but they won’t be big enough for heavy-duty jobs such as slicing through fencing.

On the other hand, large models can slice through thick railings with ease, but trying to lift them into a vehicle could provide a challenge if you’re not secure in your grip because they can weigh up to 40lbs!

You may want two different-sized models to carry one along without struggling. When looking for a spring cutter or nipper, you should also know traditional bolt cutters made of hardened steel tend to cost more than smaller units explicitly drove for lighter work.


Best bolt cutters for padlocks. Commercial bolt cutters come in various shapes, but the more compact models allow you to sever locks and small chains, while the sturdier models are better suited to tough jobs such as cutting through large waves.

We have ranked these commercial bolt cutters by their different attributes, such as working size and construction material, to help show you which ones will best suit your needs. The WorkPro W017004A Bolt Cutter has our top recommendation as it features superior cutting power thanks to its muscular build and its ability to cut through harder metals.

In addition, the price for this unit is affordable, so if you’re on a budget, then this product may be the best overall option for your needs.

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