Best 14 Inch Bandsaw

Best 14 inch bandsaw. One of the most versatile tools in any woodworking shop, a band saw is more than just another type of regular saw.

Some woodworkers compare it to a router tool in terms of versatility. Used to make clean cuts in wood and challenging curves and other non-standard cuts, it’s also used for all kinds of sizes.

From floor standing models and benchtop models to portable electric models that take batteries or electricity.

The best one will be powerful enough to handle whatever tasks you throw at it, as long as you understand its limitations (like the length of the blade)!

6 Best 14 Inch Bandsaw

1. Delta Steel Frame Band Saw

delta steel frame band saw

This Delta band saw is made with a durable steel frame and features a riveted, industrial black and gray finish with rubber feet to prevent it from sliding around.

Its 1HP power output ensures that this saw does the job you need to be done in no time flat. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a similar quality and performance product at this price range.

And with so many other options out there in terms of instruments of equal cost, we must say that this is one of the top models on the market!

You may have heard good things about other brands, but that’s because this company has so much experience creating terrific tools.

They have been at it for a long time, ensuring that there is always a fresh supply of high-quality products available to customers year after year.

The Five Blade cutting system in this best 14 inch bandsaw performs exceptionally well. It is also very affordable to ensure you get the best value for your money!

The more oversized insert makes it easy to see where things are while tracking and adjusting the cutting guides.

Roller feed belt tensioning ensures you can set up quickly and makes room for quick visual confirmation of tool adjustments without having to rely on any additional items!

Two-speed drive system with a spark-proof switch helps keep users safe from any injuries that might otherwise result from fluctuations in power delivery!

2. RIKON Deluxe Bandsaw

rikon deluxe bandsaw

This Rikon band saw model is suitable for most hobbyists and amateurs, mainly because it can sustain 2780 FPM, which may be much for some beginning woodworkers.

Compared to other models of band saws, this one seems more durable and sturdy, although using it for hours on end with 1200 watts might become tiring.

It adjusts quickly, and blades last long with lots of energy, but they might be difficult to change at times due to their weight.

This Rikon model could be a good option for professional users and people who enjoy doing shop projects or working on art projects at home!

This best 14 inch bandsaw is ideal for portable band saws. It’s lighter than other models like the Rockwell R907SPK or the KG -710 but still very stable and reliable.

The Rikon 10-305 comes with a heavy-duty frame, so you know that this lightweight model has got what it takes to withstand heavy shop use for its whole lifetime.

With a table that supports horizontal cuts in case you need to use it as a regular saw or a 6 5/8” blade which can cut through your boards quickly and evenly due to ball bearing and rip fence that keeps the wooden boards steady when being cut.

You’ll find no trouble with any of your projects whether they require connecting multiple pieces or making significant cuts on longboards.

3. WEN Benchtop Band Saw

wen benchtop band saw

Some people might argue that a band saw is more suited for an expert carpenter, but the WEN 3939 Two-Speed Band Saw proves otherwise.

With its 3 ½ Amp motor and easy functionality, this product is highly recommended for beginner woodworkers like yourself.

For example, the DeWalt d24000sb makes it easier to operate something as complex as a band saw with its low weight of 70 pounds, which helps prevent strain on both shoulders and arms during prolonged use.

This also gives you ample space for larger pieces such as tabletops or large cabinets. This model by JET comes with a 10-inch blade that can easily be adjusted to either 0 – 60 degrees or 0 – 5 degrees.

By comparison, WEN’s product comes with a 9-inch blade that can only be changed to either 0 – 45 degrees or 0 – 5 degrees.

We recommend choosing between these two products depending on your unique skill set and the scale of projects you undertake!

Compared to other leading models available in the same price range, JET’s product offers 2620 FPM cutting capacity compared to 1660 FPM for WEN.

It also features valuable features like a 3-in-1 dust port, stand, and work lights to help you get the best value for your money!

4. JET Deluxe Pro Bandsaw Kit

jet deluxe pro bandsaw kit

The well-known brand has a professional standard maintaining 14 inches bandsaw to help you deliver the art in your mind. From strength to service— it can give you everything.

The first thing the professionals seek in a bandsaw is the versatility it can offer. As a woodworker, you will require different techniques to bring your artwork to life.

So whether it’s a detailed project or something as grand as potentially making furniture for an entire room all at once, this powerful tool can help you turn your vision from the imagination into reality!

This best 14 inch bandsaw was created focusing on this core factor. Your beautiful piece of wood or large lumber that you want to process finely with your hand can easily fit this band saw because of its 12-inch cutting height and 13.5 inches throat capacity.

Let’s all lumber slide through smoothly on the 15 x 15-inch worktable. While resawing, book matching, ripping, crosscutting, bevel cuts, and even miter cuts are possible; due to its robust build matching any hefty lumber.

It does a great job cutting not just wood but metal, plastic, and more. It has a dual-speed motor that gives it the power to cut through different materials without an issue.

This band saw can stand up to heavy use because it’s made from heavy-duty cast iron material.

The combination of this material plus the ball bearing construction helps this machine run smoothly for years without any problems occurring overtime whatsoever.

5. Shop Fox Bandsaw

shop fox bandsaw

You may need a good bandsaw for your wooden furniture or your construction needs. You can choose from many brands, but we recommend this Shop Fox W1706 14″ Bandsaw.

It is ideal for beginners and hobbyists, so it is pretty affordable yet valuable. The body is made of cast iron, which gives it the strength to deal with all types of work abuse you might subject it to.

Also, the ball bearing design does not produce excessive friction when in use. Its overall structure makes this saw durable for as long as possible, which means you’re getting a good value from the product that’ll give you years of service.

This saw has an average cutting capacity so it will be helpful for traditional carving. Even if you do resaw jobs often, you can purchase separate riser blocks to increase their maximum cutting capacity to 12 inches in height!

Accuracy is everything when it comes to working with wood, so having a saw like this comes in handy. It has a fixed inches scale for making accurate measurements.

Still, it also has a miter gauge and flexible rip fence that can assist you in getting precise bevel cuts as well!

The saw’s highly efficient motor delivers an impressive 1,725 blade speed, while its 1HP engine ensures sawing accuracy in your woodworking projects.

6. Grizzly Deluxe Bandsaw

best 14 inch bandsaw in 2022

This easygoing grizzly band saw is perfect for the DIYer who works with wood occasionally to craft furniture and other home accessories.

It has such high functionality that it will attract professionals, too – you can expect to see a sturdy structure in this Grizzly 14-inch band saw. The saw is made with due care to last long.

This best 14 inch bandsaw core components are designed specifically for durability, including the ball-bearing wheels that won’t wear out under any circumstances.

If you want accuracy more than all else, then this heavy-duty cast iron frame should help give you just what you’re looking for; it’s been carefully crafted to hold up to daily abuse so that everything arrives intact as it’s supposed to.

Be every time! You can cut things up to 6 inches high using the G0555LX bandsaw by Grizzly. Suppose you need to get through materials that are over 6 inches tall.

In that case, you’ll also need a riser kit which you can purchase separately. The bandsaw includes a Tilt of 45 degrees to the right and 10 degrees to the left so that you can make beveled cuts as well.

You have various gauges to help guide your work, including an inbuilt blade tension gauge. It also has a locking mechanism so somebody else won’t start up your saw at random during your break time or lunch.


Best 14 inch bandsaw. We hope you enjoyed reading our article about band saws and their incredible potential to help you with chopping through wood! Finding the right kind of band saw can be a bit of a challenge, given the different sizes and models on the market.

But it is well worth buying, depending on how frequently you will use it for wood-chopping projects. For instance, the Grizzly G0555XH was one of our favorites from the list of our top picks. It’s pretty big, powerful, makes a lot less noise than other products we tested, and super steady at all times as long as it’s set up correctly – which isn’t too hard if you follow all of the included manuals in their entirety!

The only thing that may stand in your way is whether or not you have enough space to comfortably fit this bench top model (it’s roughly 50x21x20 inches). If that’s not an issue, definitely go out and purchase this product before someone snatches up that last one off the shelf before you get to buy it!

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