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What is A Shallow Bug

What is a shallow bug? Do you know that swallow bugs look a lot like bed bugs? Indeed, many people confuse the two.

Here in this guide, you might learn about what swallow bugs look like, where they come from and how to get rid of them for good.

What is A Shallow Bug

details about a shallow bug

A swallow bug is a parasite that latches onto the feathers of swallows, targeting specific bodies of water like ponds and lakes.

A swallow bug acts as a parasite to swallow birds, as they live in and around water nests made out of the mud.

Swallow bugs are blood-sucking insects that target nestlings within swallow birds’ nests.

They will make their home in organic materials like grass, hair, feathers, fur. The swallows use these natural elements to build their houses using mud pellets which allow them to conceal the swallow bugs well inside their nests without anyone being any wiser.

Many birds, especially cliff swallows, return to the same nest. Over half of them prefer to get back to their old nest than build a new nest entirely.

Swallow bugs can go without food (blood) for a year. So, they lurk and wait in the nests until another swallow bird shows up.

Today we’re going to discuss the most exciting fact they have – 2% of swallow bugs cannot multiply if they don’t drink blood!

However, once they drink the blood of swallow birds, this changes, and they reproduce; next, it’s time for their newborns to wait for another year before returning as adult insects again.

Lifecycle of a Swallow Bug

Female swallow bugs lay 20-30 eggs at a time, which take 30-40 days to reasonably incubate. The bug’s offspring, known as nymphs, takes two and a half months to mature into an adult.

Once this happens, a swallow bug can live for up to 2 years to consistently access fresh blood meals.

Female bugs lay 100 eggs in their lifetimes, yet they don’t reproduce as fast or as much as other insects because they feed off blood meals while other critters typically eat plants instead.

Ways of Getting Rid of Swallow Bugs in Your House

  1. Make sure there are no swallow bird nests around.
  2. Vacuum the places where swallow bugs hide.
  3. Steam Clean Your Soft Furnishings.
  4. Insecticide sprays can be used to kill swallow bugs.
  5. Protect Your Property from Swallow Bird Nests.

Is it possible for swallow bugs to fly?

The swallow bug does not fly. Instead, it has strong hind legs that permit it to crawl up on the roof of a house. It does not have wings.

Is it possible to have swallow bugs in your house?

Not if you want to swallow a bug. Okay, maybe not. Unless you live somewhere where swallows are common, and there’s a nest nearby (below or above your home or near the attic or air vents)

Then it’s unlikely that swallow bugs would get inside your house. Usually, swallow bugs will only inhabit homes when they have a nest on them.

Like in the case of one in Colorado at an apartment complex that is constantly plagued with swallow bug infestations as they directly fall from the nest into people’s living spaces as they come out during the mating season.

They usually enter through holes and gaps in older roofs or ceilings, though, most likely due to damage caused by storms.

Is it possible for swallow bugs to bite humans?

Yes, swallow bugs can bite humans if they’re inside homes where swallows aren’t residing. The main reason that swallow bugs bite humans is that their primary food sources, swallows, are no longer in their territories.

If the air is too cold or if it simply remains too dark for the swallow bugs to thrive and survive amongst us, then they might feel compelled to relocate and find new homes elsewhere.

And sometimes this places them in areas inhabited by humans who may be easily accessible when hungry.

To avoid being bitten by a swallow bug, make sure that you do everything to ensure that your home is protected enough to make them stay outside of it.


What is a shallow bug. Swallow bugs are crucial parts of the swallow bird’s natural ecosystem. Neighbors against the swallows often try to prevent them from building nests in their eaves because they don’t like the mess that swallows can sometimes leave behind. However, Swallow bugs won’t reproduce in your home if there aren’t any homes for swallow birds.

The problem with this is that if you make certain areas off-limits for the swallows, then – sans giving you an infestation of swallow bugs – you can cause issues in the stomach lining of nesting birds which can kill them or even spread a deadly infection which is harmful to other animals and plant life surrounding where the sick bird may have landed.

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