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Waking Up With Bug Bites

Waking up with bug bites. This article reveals the highly irritating bug bites that wake up your child in the morning.

You’ll find out why your child is experiencing skin rashes and welts in the middle of the night, despite no signs of bugs. We also lay out solutions for stopping bug bites from coming back. Read on to find out more.

Waking Up With Bug Bites

bug bites on body

When mosquitoes aren’t around, human blood is what they want and will go to great lengths to get it. They even hide in luggage as you travel to new locations.

Once home, bed bugs choose warm spots away from the bed like along walls and behind baseboards. Bed bugs prefer their food at close range, so head for other rooms if the bedroom doesn’t work out.

Bed bugs travel by “hitchhiking” with you or your child’s belongings when you bring them back from a mosquito-free place.

And remember – they might show up anywhere in your house because they spread easily to anything that touches their favored food of ours.

Is It Possible For Ants To Bite Your Child At Night?

Your baby’s bed is often a place where food can collect, with play foods such as cereal or crayons littered around.

Sometimes the very liquids that sustain your child’s appetite are the same ones that attracted ants to your child’s room.

If this is the case, the ants will be able to find their way through your child’s toys and clothes to eventually reach her bed while she sleeps at night.

Some ants begin their activity in the wee hours of the morning, making it common for many parents to find signs of ant bites after they’ve put their children down for sleep at night.

Particularly aggressive species of ants that include carpenter and sugar ants may invade one’s home in search of meals and other sources of nourishment much like what might be found at a baby’s crib.

But only if there are easy points of insect entry by way of crevices or cracks within walls or between doors leading outside.

Is Your Child Being Bited By Mosquitoes At Night?

Mosquito bites are common among children and toddlers. They have proved to be the most annoying of all the biting insects in the world.

Even though there is a cleanliness maintained in your home, mosquitoes have been recorded to breed even inside homes.

Their breeding can be caused by different factors such as inadequate drainage systems or over watering of gardens, either way they prove to be irritating at moments.

On top of that, other things like old tires with water or water filled bins or uncovered swimming pools or even contents of catch basins can work as an excellent breeding spot for mosquitoes.

But don’t worry if you haven’t noticed any mosquitoes around your house then something else must be feeding on your child and it may come as a surprise.

In the following sections, you will find the bugs that are accountable for leaving mysterious bite marks on your child.

When Your Child Has Bite Marks But There Is No Sign Of Bugs?

We’ve seen it happen so many times and we still do, but why do people living in their homes still get bite marks on their skin? The first reason is because of bugs.

Bug bites can easily be mistaken for an allergy rash, while they’re typically caused by dust mites or other microscopic bugs that bite.

When it comes to bug bites, not only are allergies an issue, but also some seasonal allergies that even non-allergic people deal with such as those caused by pollen, flowers or mold.

Symptoms generally include redness and swelling in the area of the bite followed by rashes and scratching at the area.

The second reason one might experience bug bites has to do with their child’s skin condition, which may resemble a mask of bug bites on every square inch of exposed skin.

Ways of Preventing Bugs From Biting Your Child

  1. The Best Way To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Is To Hire An Exterminator.
  2. Your child’s bed should be steam cleaned to kill any hidden bugs.
  3. You should change your mattress, bed sheet, and pillow case.
  4. Mosquito nets can prevent your children from being bitten by mosquitoes.
  5. Install window shields to prevent bugs from flying into your home.
  6. Put essential oils around your child’s bed to repel bugs.


Waking up with bug bites. If your child is waking up with bite marks or insect bites, then you may want to consider whether there are pests in the house such as mosquitoes, bed bugs, fleas, ants or mites. Another reason for bite marks on your child’s body is a skin condition that looks like bug bites known as urticaria.

Urticaria is an allergic reaction triggered by simple contact and ultimately triggers the formation of hives – surrounded by redness and very similar to mosquito bites. In this guide, there’s a 6-step process that you can take right now to stop mosquitoes from biting your child at night.

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