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Tiny Bugs In Bathroom That Jump

Tiny bugs in bathroom that jump. During the summer, tiny jumping bugs appear in the bathroom. At first there is just one of them but then, when the weather is good, they start appearing everywhere in your home.

How on earth can we get rid of these crazy insects? Usually, they are found inside our homes or apartments near windows or doors.

The most disturbing thing about them isn’t their annoying noise but how they jump and run around like they own our house. Well, keep reading to learn how you can stop these pain-in-the-neck bugs.

Tiny Bugs In Bathroom That Jump

tiny jumping bird

Tiny bugs in your bathroom are called springtails. They typically sneak into your bathroom at night, so you’ll only find them around the bathroom drain, your tub, and sink, among other places throughout the house during the day.

Springtails live in dark corners of your room or wet areas like the bathtub and sink within your home.

Their favorite places outside are mulch piles, compost piles, leaf litter, or anywhere that provides protection from desiccation for their eggs such as firewood logs.

These tiny bugs can cause a lot of damage if you let them on to your property because they can eat away at the roots of anything green like seedlings or plants before they ever have a chance to grow up to be trees.

Springtails are often known for spreading disease, as well as being a nuisance to most of us. The tiny little pests do spread disease and can cause mites and lice to roam around your home.

So it’s important that we take precautionary measures to prevent them from ruining the health of our family members and causing devastating damage to our homes.

Spraying down with pesticides may be harmful, so we need to take other methods more serious in ensuring our homes are springtail free.

How you can get Rid of Springtails in the Bathroom?

Taking care of the small things that get out of hand can be a rather pedestrian affair, especially when it comes to pest control; but on the other hand.

Taking care of your bathroom can also be pretty stressful, in addition to being rather dull at times. As such, we strongly encourage you not only to take extra time and care while cleaning but also to do some research so as to prevent nasty surprises from happening inside your home!

That being said, if you’re looking for an effective way to get rid of springtails without having to consume any dangerous pesticides or causing any damage whatsoever to your home and/or fabrics, here are few ways for you to try:

  1. Dry wiping cloth.
  2. Vacuum cleaner.
  3. Dehumidifier.
  4. Small pouch bag.

Before you begin, take these four things with you inside the bathroom and shut the door and windows. You’ll know exactly why in a minute.

Springtails thrive in wet areas, so it’s important to leave no dampness behind when it comes time to eradicate them.

To dry the room, take a cloth and swipe it across the entire bathroom floor until no moisture remains. Don’t forget about swabbing out not only the bathtub, but also the furniture inside your bathroom and shower.

How you can stop Springtails from Entering your Home?

stop springtails from entering your home

To keep springtails at bay, examine the exterior of your home for gaps and cracks.

Sealing those spaces with high quality caulk is the best way to protect yourself against pests that may be lurking about.

Weather stripping and door sweeps can help you prevent pests from easily coming in through your door.

You’ll also want to check for leaky water pipes, which lead to increased humidity levels around your home, attracting a range of different insects.

Condensation under your home’s foundation and anywhere else where you have plumbing creates an environment that’s perfect for insects looking for a place to lay eggs.

Can springtails bite?

Springtails are harmless but they jump and that might cause people to think that springtails bite like fleas. Though springtails do have mouthparts, they do not pierce the skin of the host to suck blood.

They use their mouthparts to eat dead plant matter rather than blood or flesh. However, if you are seeing a lot of them getting on your plants and damaging them.

Then it’s possible that you should start taking action about it in order to prevent your plants from being harmed too severely by these critters.


Tiny bugs in bathroom that jump. Springtails are tiny jumping bugs that can be mistaken for fleas at a glance. While they may look similar, springtails live in damp places which make them more active during the summer months when outdoor areas become drier.

Stepping into your bathroom after spending some time on the lawn will likely disturbs a few of these mobile little critters and unfortunately they have a tendency to move inside where they breed and multiply quickly. Of course this also happens easily if you have leaky pipes, plumbing or rotting wood somewhere in your house as well!

Sprinkle diatomaceous earth throughout your home, especially around problem areas like the yard! You can even get rid of springtails using boron products or moth. Remember, you want to make sure the source of the moisture is found otherwise it will happen all over again.

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